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Camps Life 



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Closing . .414 



■'■■•■■ ■•' 


i Junior College 

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. . ■ . ' ,.■■■■: ; 


Pride. The word rings loud and clear over the campus. 
Working, playing, or competing, Ranger Pride stands out in 
every aspect of Northwest Mississippi Junior College. 

It turns the dull into the glamourous, the weak into the 
strong and the mediocre into the exceptional. 

Most important, it causes students to raise their heads 
high in the air and proclaim — We ARE Northwest! 


R — A — N — G — E — R — S Goooo 

This familiar chant repeated after every Nor- 
thwest Point scored symbolizes the spirit of the 
mighty Ranger marching band, under the direction 
of Glenn "Daddy T" Triplett. 

From the Rangerettes to the drum majors and 
everyone in between, they are models of concen- 
tration, determination, and winning spirit put into 
everything done here at NWJC. The Ranger band 
— best in the land! 




An "ordinary college student" cannot be 
found on the Northwest campus simply 
because Northwest is not an ordinary 

Rangers stand together better than 
anyone because they stand out in so many 
different ways. They go to great lengths to 
be unique, which means you should always 
be ready for anything to happen. 

Crazy behavior develops in every student 
no matter how solemn or ordinary they 
might be and it provides the color and zeal 
needed to make it through the freshman and 
sophomore years of college. 




Rangers are champs 



Good friends are an important part 
of the successful Northwest student's 
life. Ranger friends stick together 
through thick and thin and provide the 
unity necessary to succeed in all fields. 
But whether we succeed or not, the 
friendships built in trying, make us 
champs in the true sense of the word. 



Pride, Determination, Spirit, Champions! 

"Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing." Vince Lombardi 

The desire to be the best in whatever you do originated 
thousands of years ago. 

From the first Olympic games held in Athens, the concept that 
excelling in physical skills would lead to excellence in everything 
has prompted countries to take great pride in their athletes and 
the individual sports for which they have become renown. 

Northwest is a shining example of just such excellence in all 

From the excellence of Northwest athletics have sprung words 
like pride, determination, spirit and champions. These words, in 
turn, are impressed upon the students prompting them to try a lit- 
tle bit harder, study a little bit longer, sweat a few drops more, so 
that they might continue what has already been 

When that little bit extra pays off and they also 
become the best, the cycle begins again and again 
and again like a snowball rolling downhill. 

After a couple of turns another word pops up, a 
word that carries the meaning of all others 

That word is tradition and once it has begun it 
will never do anything, but grow. However, tradi- 
tion doesn't just fall from the sky. It must be born 
from a love of the school and the determination to 
see it grow. 

Our athletes have reflected their love and deter- 
mination through their many victories. Our fans 
have reflected these same feelings through their 
tireless support and enthusiasm. Our faculty has 
reflected these feelings in a genuine concern for 
the well-being of all students. 

For the Rangers, tradition has begun, and every 
student who comes in contact with Northwest, now 
and forever, will be affected. 
After all. . . 






e're Living Here . . 


9^ « 

•ft *§** "** 



m * 


• >i^4i' —^* 



^^-.w— JMiif! 


f • *■■ ' - . - 





%rr ' Jl 


i k^. 



All Roads 
Lead to Class! 

A visitor may have a hard time getting to the parking lot 
if he follows the signs (which sign?), but students that ride 
the blue and whites have no problems. The buses are 
waiting for them every afternoon behind the Union. 

All Rangers manage to transport themselves to class one 
way or another, as demonstrated by Lisa Hughes on her 
electric cart. Some students park at the door and run in to 
class at the last minute, while others arrive early enough for 
a short nap before roll call. 

Rangers know that all roads lead to class! 

I - 



HUK^ ■ * ^ '~ ' 

• jt 

k fw-»-wih^adtftik " 

*\ A 


s^= = 

II 1 — 

«-~V ■- 

_.. - 






Dorms . . . 
Full of Life! 

The dorms at Northwest are full of life. From 
birthday parties to pillow fights, there is almost 
always something going on. 

Every dorm has its own clowns. They are 
always coming up with some kind of humor to 
break the monotony of classes and such. But, the 
best and most important part of dorm life is the 
forming of friendships; alot of that is done around 


A Letter 
From Home! 

You always see a smile on the faces of students when 
they pick-up their mail in the Post Office. 

A letter from home or a note from a friend is always 

Students often spend time browsing in the Bookstore 
for a book, card, snack, shirt, or supplies needed for 
class but, of course, the busiest time in the Bookstore is 
during registration when books and supplies are pur- 
chased. Although the line is sometimes long these items 
are a necessary part of education. 





Yummm! Yummmm! 

"Food for thought — but not for eatin'." 

That's a common joke among Northwest students, but all kidding aside, the Ranger Cafeteria provides quality food 
and service every day of the semester. Pilot Food Services handles the tough job of satisfying 1,000 hungry appetites 
each day by keeping in close contact with the needs and wants of every individual. The food service staff also joins in 
the fun of campus activities during Ranger Week and dresses for the occasion when holiday meals are served. 

Ranger cooking may not be as good as Mom's, but it's probably as close as your gonna get! 



Clowning Around! 

Here at Northwest, clowning around is generally 
widespread, however, the sophisticated person can 
seek culture and finesse while the easy-going student 
equally finds a friendly, carefree atmosphere. 

And whether your taste lies with preppy, casual, 
athletic or punk dress, we blend to create friendships 
with all those around us. 

Faculty, Students, Classes 







1 "W^" 1 ■ 

Prepare You for a Future Occupation 

^ ^» 


For Quiet Times 

/ -^ 




Pep Rallies! 

Pep rallies mean fun for the Rangers 
especially when the unexpected occurs, 
such as the Sinfonia pledges dancing with 
the Rangerettes. 

However, everyone's favorite pep rally 
was for Homecoming, when an excited 
group crowded around a large bon-fire and 
cheered for the Mighty Rangers! 


Game Room 


o May Be 



After a day of classes and sometimes between 
classes, students need a place to relax. Many 
students head for the Gameroom and play a quick 
fooseball game, get involved in a card game, or 
drop a few quarters in the video game machines or 
pinball machines. 

The busiest part of the Gameroom, however, is 
the billiard area. But, whatever your game, it can 
be fun in the Union Gameroom! 






Elections are held each year for class 
officers, SGA officers, Mr. and Miss 
NWJC, and the Homecoming Court. This 
year's elections, due to heavy voter 
turnout, were the largest ever held on 

After nominations are submitted, cam- 
paign activities begin, but deciding the 
homecoming court and queen is the most 
popular election. 




Jfa( at 

11 m MMw 1 



wra i 




Whether it's taking a break between classes, relaxing in the dorm, or just sitting in the sun, students can be recogniz- 
ed by the smile on their faces. 

Career Day! 

The MED from Memphis and a recruiter from Methodist Hospital were 
among the speakers that visited the Nursing Department on career day. Over 
30 health agencies from Central and North Miss, and West Tenn. were pre- 
sent to recruit nursing students for employment. 


Work study and outside jobs help 
students at Northwest discover the 
tough economic world surrounding 
them. Students work at varied 
employment in order to earn money 
for themselves and learn about 
business for the years to come. Work- 
ing provides the student with ex- 
perience in a tough business world 
that has been built by preceding 





Ranger Week 

Carnival Fun! 

Ranger Week provided activities for everyone. There was plenty of fun 
on Carnival Day for punk rockers and cowboys. 

Girls had the chance to find out about that special guy in their life by 
having their fortunes told. There were also chances to get a new facial by 
the various makeup artists on campus and a chance to get back at your 
friend by making her wait it out in the BSU's jail. 

Many students were given the opportunity to become stars when they 
were put in the movies by the Commercial Art class. 


Week of Memories! 

Carnival Day, a spirited bonfire, a pretty queen, a parade, and 
a hard fought game against Delta highlighted Homecoming 

Angela Nevels, DeSoto Center, was crowned Homecoming 
Queen, climaxing three weeks of campaigning by 30 nominees. 

The annual Saturday night Homecoming Dance was a fitting 
end to the week of long remembered memories. 



Fans Agree — We ARE Northwest! 


Rangerettes i 

Itlon with otht?! 
the state and nati 
Despite the great diversity though 
they i to all keep one thl 

common when competition 

• A 

4 1 










Seasons, Fads, Holidays — Come and Go! 

The seasons come and go at Northwest with endless consistency, bring 
in new fads, refreshing holidays and changing temperatures. 

Students adapt easily though, as they are constantly involved with new 
work and exciting activities that spur them on in the quest for excellence. 




Studying — 


Entertainment has always been a big 
part of the NWJC curriculum and 
students make sure it stays that way day 
in and day out. 

Whether providing the entertainment 
or sharing in it, Rangers always have a 
good time. When classes break and stu- 
dying is done they forget every word but 
one — FUN! 

Going, games, kids and cuddlin are 
some of the things which mean fun to 
Rangers and they try just as hard to enjoy 
themselves as they do in everything else. 

No matter where you go at NWJC you 
can hear the laughter of happy people. 
That's because at Northwest — WE ARE 




NWJC - The Place To Be! 



You Can't 
Take It With You! 

A Comedy in Three Acts by Moss Hart and George S. 

Kaufman, presented by the Theatre Department. 

Spring '83 

CAST — Penelope Sycamore, Teressa Donaldson; 
Essie, Sheridan Hope; Rheba, Mariquita Brown; Paul 
Sycamore, Jerald Wheeler; Mr. DePinna, David 
Sanders; Ed, Wade Lentz; Donald, Erlando Rene 
McDonald, Martin Vanderhof (Grandpa), Don W. Jones; 
Alice, Donna Waterbury; Henderson, Dabney Fontain; 
Tony Kirby, Mike Jones; Madame Kolenkhov, Rita 
Dulaney; Gay Wellington, Venessar Walton; Mr. Kirby, 
Ronald Wallace; Mrs. Kirby, Susan Neeley; Government 
Men, Erick Spears, John Laughlin; Grand Duchess Olga, 
Karen Echols; and Groucho, Cat Hepburn. 




- — 




Whether a face is hidden behind a mask 
or one in a group of clowning students, it is 
unique and tells you something about that 
person's feelings and thoughts. 

And one thing about Northwest students 
— they are not afraid to express their views 
or show their feelings! 


Beauty Review 

From a field of 43 competitors, five young ladies were chosen Northwest beauties by a panel of judges. 

Wanda Graham (center) was named most beautiful, along with (1. to r.) Pattie Crow, third alternate; Stacy Blair, first alternate; 

Graham; Renee Elmore, second alternate and Sharon Faulkner, fourth alternate. 



Giving blood, enjoying birthday 
parties, taking part in a jock raid, 
working on class projects, and 
presenting the first state flag ever 
to fly at an NWJC football game 
are a few of the many activities 
students participated in this year at 



■M fc'- m. - 


A Helping 

Trouble doesn't come often to the NWJC campus, 
but whenever it does you can bet the Northwest 
security force will not be far away. 
Comprised of sworn officers and intern students, 
they work together to enforce the rules and 
regulations of Northwest and the state, insure the 
safety of students, and preserve the general well- 
being of the college. 
They are friendly, concerned and helpful people 
lending assistance to students in every way possible. 
Northwest security — providing for your welfare. 


Soul Club Sponsors Ball 

Each year the SOUL Club highlights its activities with the Carnation Ball. 

SOUL Club memebers and their escorts dance and celebrate the year's accomplishments at the ball. 

The evening is capped with the election of Mr. and Miss Carnation Ball. 

Sophomores Kenneth Roberson and Yolanda Miller were named Mr. and Miss Carnation Ball in 1983. 


Roane State, 

No. 1 

Central Arizonia 



No. 2 




No. 3 

Sauk Valley 


Connors State, 

No. 4 

Barton County 

North Idaho 


No. 5 

Central Wyoming 


Santa Fe, 

No. 6 




No. 7 

North Iowa Area 


Gadsen State, 

No. 8 


Illinois Central 

MOST VALUABLE PLAYER — Angela Fletcher, Roane State 
OUTSTANDING COACH — Jim Davis, Roane State 

ALL TOURNAMENT TEAM — Rhonda Smith, Connors State; Kim Sims, Connors State; Rita Martin, McLennan; Angela Flet- 
cher, Roane State; Kim Bush, Roane State; Viki Streets, Santa Fe; Joyce Johnson, Moberly; Jarquetta Versher, Gadsden State; 
Angela East, Northwest; and Jackie Joiner, Northwest. 

HONORABLE MENTION — Marlene Flanigan, Central Arizonia; Jana Bottoms, Connors State; Debra Degrate, McLennan; 
Yolanda Anderson, Santa Fe; Julie Hendrickson, UND-Williston; Charlene James, Tyler; Irenetta Henley, Moberly; Cynthia 
Hargrove, Abraham-Baldwin; Felicia Brown, Lackawanna; and Gay Locke, Roane State. 


No One Told Them! 

What's the difference between being a winner and having a 
winning tradition? Read on. 

The Northwest Lady Rangers weren't supposed to have a 
good basketball team this year. After all, they had to replace two 
Ail-Americans from their 1982-83 national championship squad. 

But no one told them — so they won 19 regular season games. 

They sure weren't supposed to win the Region XXIII tourna- 
ment and with it a berth to the national tournament for the se- 
cond consecutive year. After all, three teams in the tournament 
ranked above Northwest in the NJCAA top twenty poll. 

But, no one told them — so they won it. 

OK, so they made it to the national tournament again. That's 
great, but they weren't supposed to survive the first game. After 
all, they were playing the second ranked team in the country, 
Tyler JC. 

But no one told them they were supposed to lose — so they 
beat Tyler 98-85. 

Well, they might have had one great game, but they would go 
absolutely no further. After all, Rhonda Mikes, the leading scorer 
on the team and in the nation (34 ppg) had fractured her arm 
against Tyler and would be lost for the tournament. 

But no one told them this — so they went all the way to the 
finals before finally running out of the seemingly endless supply 
of energy they had been playing on all week. 

When they were finally stopped by a tough Roane St. team 
they weren't supposed to be heartbroken, either. 

After all, they had beaten the odds all year long and had come 
within one victory of their second national championship in as 
many tries. 

But no one told them to be happy — so they wept with 

Have you found the difference between a winner and a 
winning tradition yet? 

It's really quite simple. 

You see, when you have a winning tradition you're already a 
winner, so no one bothers to tell you about odds, or better teams, 
or being happy when you lose. 

So it is with NWJC. No one is happy with any loss because 
everyone is used to winning. 

Northwest has already built it's tower of tradition — the 
phenomenal performance of the 1983-84 Lady Ranger basket- 
ball team simply added another story to it. 

Northwest — We ARE Champions! 


Basketball Appetites! 


This word describes each of the twenty-four teams that com- 
peted in the 1984 NJCAA National Tournament held March 19- 
24 at Northwest. 

No matter how they fared though, each team was already a 
champion simply because of their presence in the tournament. 

What better way then, to begin the Tournament than with a 
championship banquet. 

Held March 18 in Howard Coliseum, the banquet was attend- 
ed by coaches, administrative personnel, hosts and, of course, the 
several hundred young ladies that comprised the twenty-four best 
junior college women's teams in the nation. 

Guest speaker Fay Reid, a member of the Mississippi Coaches 
Sports Hall of Fame, provided a witty account of the boos and 
cheers of officiating, and at the same time, whet the basketball 
appetites of every person in attendance. 

During the tourney officials, coaches, and NWJC supporters 
were invited to the Hospitality Room. The delicious food and 
royal treatment won Northwest compliments from around the 
country by those who attended. 


After a Close Game, 
Lady Rangers No. 2 

This year's tournament provided even more excitement than 
last year's as the Roane St. Raiderettes of Harriman, TN, fought 
their way to the finals to face the defending national champion 
Northwest Lady Rangers. 

The game was close throughout the first half and the Raider- 
ettes owned a slim four point lead at halftime. 

The second half opened with a flurry for Roane St. however, as 
they scored nine unanswered points to take a commanding lead 
which they never relinquished, winning 69-53. 

Angela Fletcher led the Raiderettes to their first ever national 
title as she poured in 22 points and pulled down four rebounds. 
For her efforts she was named MVP of the tournament. 

The Lady Rangers stayed close thanks to Angela East's 14 
points and 12 rebounds and Lisa Campbell's 10 points and 5 
assists. East and Jackie Joiner were both named to the first team 
all-tournament squad. 

Roane St. defeated Sauk Valley, Santa Fe and #1 ranked Con- 
nors State to earn their spot in the finals, while the Lady Rangers 
whipped #2 ranked Tyler, Abraham-Baldwin and McLennan to 
make it to the finals for the second straight year. 


Study Habits 

% 3* 




The Northwest faculty and administration is 
a colorful group of individuals dedicated to im- 
proving the quality of education at Northwest 
year upon year. 

Their continued interest and participation in 
student's extracurricular activities better equip 
them to teach in the classroom. 


^^^ ^^g 



We ARE Faculty! 

That great Ranger pride doesn't just show in 
students. Faculty are also a shining example of 
the hard work and winning attitude that make 
Northwest what it is. No matter how high the 
paperwork gets, they always seem to greet 
students with a caring smile and helpful 

Northwest faculty — They care! 


»,.-**' *■■■ *- 


Northwest Farm! 

400 Beautiful Acres 

•'«*.* • 



•4. « v 

.*Hf" 'Mr** 


„»- *$ 

Cw^« V' p * 



Half ~" 
IjU- i '• 



• w «4 

First and Best! 

Keeping people in tune with the latest news and music is the 
job of WNJC-FM89, Northwest's 20,000 watt radio station. 

Located in the Lafayette Humanities Building, the station is 
operated by a full time staff of professionals and students under 
professional guidance. 

WNJC — Mississippi's first public radio station. 


• m 

* * 

E»r— "IDS 




,. i! o o a o o a 


"Hello, Mclba? Hey girl, whatcha doin tonight? Thought I'd give you a ring and see what's goin on! Gotta study for a big Lit. test huh? 
Too bad, we're havin this great party tonight. Well, I'll catch you later hun, I gotta go. Bye. Bye." 

Friends . . . visit on the phone, meet for a few minutes in the parking lot, study together in the library, spend time together in a quiet, 
secluded spot, and sometimes get "dressed" for an evening of fun in the dorm lobby. 



Are You Kidding?! 

A lonesome Northwest student, are you kid- 
ding? NWJC is hardly the place for shyness. 

Wherever you see one Ranger you know 
.another must be close by, because they stick 
together like only Northwest friends can. At 
NWJC it only takes two to have a majority so 
no one ever gets left out. 

Ranger friends are friends for life! 



We ARE Northwest! 

The sun slowly fades in the distance like dying sparks from pep 
rally bonfires which warmed the cold November nights of football 

Memories of the good times shared on campus crowd the mind, 
a fast-moving collection of the sights, sounds and emotions which 
have left a permanent impression on our lives. 

We are Rangers, full of pride for ourselves, our ac- 
complishments, our tradition and our memories. 

When we leave we carry with us all of this and more, and as we 
go out into the world to face the many great challenges of life we 
can smile to ourselves, knowing that we already have a big head 

Pride, Tradition, Determination — We ARE Northwest! 


We'll Always 

Remember . . . 



&Wi ,', 

>= ''A 



^ ~" 8 V iX<. ^) ,, ,',, 'I r ^ 






—- ■ ' ■"' •••^'' j; 



Hall of Fame 

Hall of Fame is the highest honor a student can achieve and is only bestowed upon sophomores. Faculty 
members nominate students they feel worthy of this honor, and then select them by popular vote. To be con- 
sidered for Hall of Fame, sophomores must have a 3.0 grade average. 




Hall of Fame nominees include: Ray Aldridge, Stacy Blair, Randy Darby, Don Gee, Andy Harrison, Ronnie 
Hill, Richie Howard, Paul Jobe, Bruce Lindley, Alan Martin, Glenn McElhaney, Carla McMaster, Sherry Mit- 
chell, Mark Robbins, Thomas Aaron Rose, Brian Smith, Gregory Steinman, Sharon Stroud, Wayne Thompson, 
Dwight Vick, Rhonda Waldo, Ken Waldrip, Cindy Whalen, and Shellie White. 




rwjjj Rg„. mm 

5 ai 

B • 1 
B S 

B H 

■"' HUH 

Bg« i fl^B 

L 8 

Hall of Fame 

Stacy Blair, Coldwater 
Accounting Major 3.25 

Phi Beta Lamdba; Senate representative 

Who's Who in American Junior Colleges 



Hall of Fame 

Paul W. Jobe, Water Valley 
Civil Engineering Technology 3.6 

Northwest Technical Association 

ASCET, Membership Committee, Who's Who, Outstanding Student in Civil Engineer- 
ing, Phi Theta Kappa, VFW, American Legion Member, Vietnam Veteran, Church 




Penny Mock 
Elementary Education 

Mardis Johnson 
Data Processing 


Outstanding Students 

Ray Aldridge 



Sherry DeFries 


Law Enforcement 


Ken Waldrip 



Annette Bell 




Outstanding Students 

Tammie Hunsucker 



Ken Ambrose 
American History 


Tony Lisenby 
Horn Lake 
Machine Shop 

Teresa Ross 
Political Science 


Outstanding Students 

Faye Evins 



James McPhail 




Sherry Stroud 
Renee Holden 
Commercial Art 

Judy Williams 


Outstanding Students 

Mary Bryson, 

John Reid 
Allied Health 


Terrie Harris 



Tim Holliday 




Outstanding Students 

fry. vi? vV 


Jimmy -Shorter 



Greg Steinman 
General Science 


Glen McElhaney 




Outstanding Students 

Natalie Sneed 
Olive Branch 
Secretarial Science 

Paul Jobe 
Water Valley 
Engineering Technology 


Fane McMillan 



Keith Scruggs 




Outstanding Students 

Sandra Ray 


Air-conditioning and Refrigeration 

Richie Howard 




Ray Aldridge 

Who's Who 

Among Students 

in American 

Junior Colleges 


Chuck Clift 

Stacy Blair 

Dean Boutwell 

Terry Cromwell 

Elizabeth Hamilton 
Water Valley 

Richie Howard 

Penny Jackson 


Andy Harrison 

Paul Jobe 
Water Valley 


Mardis Johnson 

Who's Who 

Among Students 

in American 

Junior Colleges 


Bryan McClain 

Bruce Lindley 

1 A? ** "' 

Alan Martin 
Holly Springs 

Carla McMasters 

David Moss 

Kenneth Roberson 
. Fernwood 

Melinda Skelton 


,::' ::: : 'S, 

" 1 1 ""^K^ 

'mJr ' 

^■P^VKji ' 

Robyn Ray 


Keith Smith 


Natalie Sneed 
Olive Branch 


Dwight Vick 


Greg Steinman 

Paula Stewart 
Hickory Flat 


I Ml If II | j. 


Ken Waldrip 

Teresa Wells 
Olive Branch 

Joe Willingham 

Mary Nell Bryson 
Judith Nell Coleman 
Bryan Crow 
Patricia Darnell 
Timonty Davis 

Who's Who 
Among Students 
in American 
Junior Colleges 

Kerin Glebus 
Wanda Glidewell 
Lynn Goodman 
Robin Greenwood 
Frank Hill 

Scott Hudson 
Nanci Jennings 
Cindy Joyner 
Patricia McKelroy 
Mark Anthony Robbins 

Vance Simmons 
Paula Spencer 
Suzanne Stewart 
Patricia Wooten 
Lea Lucille White 






■■ ■■ 





■ .'■-...'■■ " ' ■ ■ 

-■ </> . i >;• ■ ' . 















the Ch 


Homecoming Queen 
Angela Nevils 



Mortuary Science Major 


Homecoming Court 

The Homecoming Court was presented at halftime of the game with Miss Delta. The court included — Bottom, Left to Right: escort Johnny 
Nunnally and Thelma Lee; escort Charles Boston and Teresa Vaughn; Valerie Walker and escort Freddie Kramer; Mitzi Howard and escort 
Scott Hudson; Melodye Purdy and escort Bruce Lindley. Top, Left to Right: Escort Mike Glassman and Stacy Blair; escort Jack Peel and 
Suzanne Evans; escort Bryan Nichols and Homecoming Queen Angela Nevils; escort Greg Stewart and Paula Stewart. 





Most Beautiful 
Wanda Graham 



Computer Science Major 






































Miss Northwest Rebecca Minor 

Rebecca Minor of Horn Lake captured the title 
of Miss Northwest 1983 in the annual pageant 
held in Howard Coliseum. 

The contestants were judged in the following 
categories: evening gown, swim suit, talent, and 
personal interview. 

The list of finalists include — L. to R.: Yvonne 
Pinegar, third runner-up; Lacye Prewitt, first; 
Rebecca Minor, Miss Northwest; Patricia Crow, se- 
cond; and fourth, Stacy Blair. 

Rebecca Minor, Horn Lake 
Sophomore — Business Major 


Keith Williams 



Paralegal Majo: 



: - 


■ . ■ . : ' ■. " .■■ 




mini , 






I I 1 





] H ::i iv 





'.- ■ ■ ■" 

:-r:Vit-':7: ; ft5".;- : .i::';.\'.: :.> 

Henry B. Koon, President 





Under the leadership of President 
Henry B. Koon, Northwest has experienc- 
ed progress and growth, not only in 
academics and vocational — technical 
areas, but in all other phases of education 
and athletics. 

Since 1974, Mr. Koon has strived to 
meet the needs of the people of the 11- 
county Northwest district. With the open- 
ing of three branch centers and more on 
the drawing board, enrollment, facilities 
and curriculums continue to grow. 

With a feeling of pride and determina- 
tion to be the best in all areas of educa- 
tion, he is the first to say "We ARE 


\ AY 

Board of Trustees 





Every Month 

The Board of Trustees, the governing 
body at Northwest, meets the third 
Thursday of every month in the Union 
Building. The agenda is filled with school 
business and school policies. Committee 
meetings are called when necessary. 

Members of the board are (from top, 
left to right) James Aldridge, Quitman; 
Sam Allison, Tate; Douglas Autry, 
Benton; Lawrence Autry, Marshall; 
W. L. Brewer, Tallahatchie; Albert 
Broadway, Desoto; Donald M. 
Clanton, Tate; Dudley R. Davis Jr., 
Calhoun; Daniel Edwards, Quitman; 
Jimmy Eubanks, Tunica; William 
Gooch, Quitman; E. P. Grishman, 
Benton; O. D. Hamblin, Calhoun; Joe 
B. Hartley, Panola; Jamie Howell, 
Tate; B. H. Papasan, Benton; Dr. 
Michael Shaheen, Panola; Thomas 
Smith, Tate; Joe Tennyson, 
Tallahatchie; H. M. Wallace, Tate; R. 
T. Ward, Chairman, Quitman; Billy B. 
Williamson, Yalobusha; Henry 
Womble, Yalobusha; Ben Wynne, 
Tate; and William Roy Young, 
Lafayette. Not Pictured are: J. M. 
"Flick" Ash, Marshall; and Winston 
Bruce, Lafayette. 


In Charge of All 

The Administration is in charge of all 
student concerns on campus. 

Northwest Administration are (op- 
posite page, clockwise) Ken Lindsey, 
Director of Senatobia Campus; June 
Gardner, Vice-President; R. Price Dar- 
by, Vocational-Technical Dean; James 
Darby, Academic Dean; and Robert 
Brandon, Controller. 










Additional Northwest Administration are 
(opposite page, clockwise) Jim Anderson, 
Director of Physical Plant; Carolyn 
Ainsworth, Executive Assistant; James 
Mercer, Vice-President; Linda Jackson, 
Director of Continuing Education; Charles 
Barton, Director of Student Services; Michael 
Dottorey, District Director of Student Person- 
nel; Ann Lindsey, Administrative Assistant; 
and Lydia Davis, Title III Director; (this page, 
counter clockwise) Bruce Weigle, Vice- 
President; Donald Randolph, Dean of In- 
struction on Senatobia Campus; and Jerry 
Boutwell, Director of Public Relations. 



:: ■; ., ■ -^ ■ -■ ■ 

Northwest Faculty 

One of the Best 

Northwest is led by a group of the finest faculty, ad- 
ministration, and staff of any junior college in the state. 
Faculty are (top, left to right) Jo Adams, Chemistry; 
Brenda Baird, Secretarial; Gaylon Baird, Physical 
Education; Jane Baker, Foundations Dept.; Wilbert 
Beard, Math; Bill Beck, Electronics; Dottye Bell, Nurs- 
ing Director; Jackie Brown, Body and Fender; Willie 
Brown, Physical Education; Charles Bryant, Science; 
Mary Ann Burkhead, Physical Education; Bettina 
Caldwell, Child Care; Bob Campbell, Business 
Howard Carpenter, History; Jimmy Carr, Civil Tech 
Betty Carroll, Child Care; Jeptha Clemens, Paralegal 
Earline Cocke, Business; Dr. Greta Coger, English; Jo 
Ellen Cox, Speech; and Robert Cox, Law Enforcement. 


JL > 


More Than 100 
Courses Offered 

Faculty members also include (top, left to right) Pam 
Darnell, Business; Rosa Dottorey, Science; Harriet 
Drago, Commercial Art; Frances Evans, Science; Jill 
Ferguson, Home Ec; Lynette France, Psychology and 
Sociology; Constance Gallant, Liberal Arts; Deborah 
Gibson, Nursing; Keith Godbold, Business; Karen 
Gray, Physical Ed; Freddie Harmon, Auto Mechanics; 
Allen Holliday, Ag and Farm Manager; Jerry Hollis, 
Science; Carson Holloman, Dir. of Liberal Arts; Frank 
Houck, Tool and Die; William Hudspeth, Science; 
Denton Jackson, Business; Clinton D. Kent, Science; 
Deborah Kent, Music; Fredric Koeppel, English; and 
Mary C. Koeppel, Fine Arts. 




v ". 






The Name 

of the Game — 


Additional instructors are (left to right) Ellen 
Lomenick, Nursing; Mary Long, 
Cosmetology; Russell Lott, Business; Ferrell 
Lunceford, Asst. Band Director; Dr. J. T. 
McMillian, English; Curtis Mohundro, Ag. 
Equipment Tech.; Sturgis Monteith, English; 
Charisse Moore, Nursing; Deborah Moore, 
Business; W. Jean Moore, English; Wayne 
Newman, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration; 
Vicki O'Dell, Cosmetology; Vickie Parker, 
Nutrition; James Petrea, Data Processing; 
Gail Price Speech; Shelia Regan, Business; 
Joan Reid, Business; Sonia Robbins, 
Languages; Raymond Rogers, Social 
Science; Gladys Ross, Foundation Studies; 
and J. D. Ross, Director of Science Dept. 

1 ^ 



Faculty Displays 


The efficient instruction and genuine concern 
of the Northwest faculty for the students add 
up to a quality education in any phase of learn- 
ing. Northwest faculty — helping people to 
help themselves. 

Faculty are (fop, left to right) D'Layne 
Russell, Radio and TV Announcing; Sandra 
Rutherford, Nursing; Diane Sanders, Offset 
Printing; Robert Sanders, Welding; Robert 
Seay, Sociology; Rosemary Simmons, Fine 
Arts; Sandy Simpson, Nursing; William 
Sissell, Science; George Smith, Air Condi- 
tioning and Refrigeration; Virginia Sowell, 
Human Growth and Development; Marilyn 
Spears, Learning Resources; James Allen 
Strain, Asst. Band Director; Edgar Thomp- 
son, Liberal Arts; Glenn Triplett, Dir. of Fine 
Arts; Rebecca Triplett, Music; Lane Tutor, 
Art; Rebecca Twilley, Nursing; Jo Anne 
Van Every, Nursing; Mary Vines, Nursing; 
Kathleen Wait, Business; and Marilyn 
Walker, Business. 


4 ^ 

fck** •«0 m ^ 



Other faculty are (left to 
right) Patti Warren, Draf- 
ting and Design; Anita 
Wilborn, Math; Chad 
Williams, Science; Jane 
Williamson, Clerical; Ann 
Womble, Learning 
Resources; Jan Womble, 
Basic Skills; Everette 
Woolfolk, Math and Tech 
Ed.; Jac Young, Art; 
Lawrence Young, 
Agriculture; David Yount, 
Electronic Servicing and Auto 
Diesel Tech. 









Professional Staff 

The Professional Staff of Northwest is a group of 
dedicated people that direct special areas and pro- 
grams. Professional Staff are (top, left to right) 
Janice Barton, Counselor; Max Billingsley, Union 
Director; Steve Caldwell, Asst. Football Coach; 
Sandra Dandridge, Dir. of Special Services; 
Margaret Darby, Reading Media Specialist; 
Charles Davidson, Counselor; Robert Dettor, 
Bus Shop; Jeff Farese, Public Relations; Bobby 
Franklin, Head Football Coach; Joan Franklin, 
Asst. for Northwest Foundations; Roy Galloway, 
Asst. Dir. of Senatobia Campus; Polly Gordon, Dir. 
of Vo-Tech Education; Sam Guthrie, Asst. Football 
Coach; W. E. Hardin, Asst. Area Vo-Tech Dir.; 
Susan Hardy, LPN Instructor; Gregory Harrell, 
Security; Billy Jackson, Industrial Co-ordinator; 
Jim Miles, Baseball Coach; Curt Miller, Security; 
Chester Morgan, Financial Aid; Ronald Nichols, 
Asst. Basketball Coach; Ray Poole, Sr., Athletic 
Dir.; Ray Poole, Jr., Recruiter and Public Relations 
Asst.; Mike Robertson, Public Relations; Felix 
Robinson, Asst. Dir. of Vo-Tech Ed.; Donald Rose, 
Security; Jimmie Sanders, Cafeteria; Gayle 
Senter, Counselor; Hank Shows, Asst. Football 
Coach; Jimmy Simpson, Asst. Vo-Tech Ed.; Gary 
Spears, Counselor; Elaine Stewart, Dir. of Food 
Services; Charles Tarver, Counselor; and Ann 
Whitten, Counselor. 

Personnel Department 

The Personnel Department performs service functions for the college that 
are extremely critical. These people keep the "ball" bouncing for Northwest. 

Personnel (from left to right) axe Rose Baenke, Secretary — Fine Arts; 
Peggy Baker, Credit Union Manager; Bessie Blair, Registrar's Office 
Clerk; Mary Boling, Switchboard Operator; Anne Crockett, Accounts 
Payable Clerk; Bob Darnell, Library; Bobbie Darby, Financial Aid; Mike 
Davis, Registrar's Assistant; Patricia Davis, Vo-Tech Secretary; Patricia 
Dhority, Foundations Assistant; Jo Anne Dukes, Registrar; Gayle 
Ferguson, Secretary; Mae Bell Fly, Librarian; Cherie Hayes, 
Clerk/Typist; Shirley Maples, Adm. Asst. for Personnel; Marjean 
Mercer, Payroll Clerk; Nancy Patterson, WNJC Radio Station Manager; 
Jean Payne, Accounts Payable Clerk; Claire Puryear, Librarian; Angie 
Shows, School Nurse; Sandra Sultan, Secretary; Barbara Ward, 
Business Office Clerk. 




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v. ■ A- 

, ■ ■ .■ v. ..■■. 


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:, ."',f ; 











Promoting interest and training in areas of 
agriculture, the club meets regularly to plan special 
events such as field trips and naming the famed "Ag 
Club sweetheart." Advised by Allen Holliday and 
Bud Young, the organization meets the first Monday 
of every month. 

Officers are Tim Holliday, president; Susan 
Roberts, vice-president; Buck Duncan, treasurer; and 
Carla Bruno, secretary. 

Members include David Adams, Paula Biggert, 
Jodie Bledsoe, Don Blair, Glenn Burney, Jerry 
Burney, Britt Carrol, Greg Coker, Randy Crowe, 
Mike Davis, Fred Dean, Kenny Dean, Buck Duncan, 
Stacy Estheridge, Jim Evans, Mike Forrest, Mike 
Freely, Gaylon Gray, Ricky Guin, Lisa Harbour, 
Terry Hardin, Tim Holliday, Mark Houston, Jimmy 
Jackson, Eddie Jarrell, Charles Lewis, Scott Lewis, 
May Lindsey, Joe Lipsey, Micheal Lockett, Vicktor 
Martinez, Curtis Mohorundo, Tony Morgan, Rusty 
Pierce, Susan Roberts, Dawn Russell, Billy Scott, 
Jerry Selbye, Mark Standford, Reggie Taylor, Jason 
Tennison, Bo Thompson, Charles Toole, Curtis 
Vance, Paul Weathersby, Tim Webb, Micheal 
Wheeler, Bill White, Mike Whooten, Edmund Woods. 

Agriculture Club 


The BSU organization is a demoninational ministry on 
campus with the purpose of serving and helping to train 
students for effective Christian discipleship. It functions to 
remind students of their responsibility to Christ, their 
Church, their denomination, and their obligation as Chris- 
tian citizens to the world in which they live. The group 
meets on Tuesdays at 6 p.m. and holds daily devotionals at 
noon. Rick Alford (right) is director. 

Officers include Kiern Crosswhite, president; Donna 
Denny, secretary; Donna Davis, mission chairman; Bruce 
Lindley, publicity chairman; Rodney White, enlistment 
chairman; Rose Byers and Kent Rowsey, dormitory 
outreach chairmen; and Elizabeth Hamilton and Mike 
Berry, Noonday chairmen. Membership is open to all 

Baptist Student Union 


Comprised of commercial art and design majors, the club is dedicated to broadening the social and cultural 
background of the serious student. The group meets every second Wednesday at 3 p.m. and is advised by Harriet 

Members include sophomores Alvin Barksdale, Larry Bills, Tommy Brown, Dale Carrington, Wendy Fagan, Renee 
Holden, president; Lynn Shegog, Sharon Stroud, program coordinator; Claude Wilkinson, and freshmen Jeff Brownlee, 
Micheal Cupp, Jerry Davis, Bruce Gray, Sharron Guy, Ritchie Hooper, James Houston, Terry Jackson, Pernell Jones, 
Jill Lovelady, James Lawrance, vice-president; Elizabeth Mark, Jacqueline Massie, Marcia Schultz, Jerry Smith, and 
Vera Woods. 

Commercial Art and Design 


Cosmetology Club 

Striving for excellence in the profession, the 
Cosmetology Club builds good will and spirit for 
the student. Directed by Mary Long, the club 
meets on Friday at 9 a.m. and membership is 
limited to those in the department. 

Club officers are (right): Joan Hickey, presi- 
dent; Branca Bierman, vice-president; Laura 
Ashley, secretary; and Teresa Sowell, reporter. 

Members are (above) Laura Ashley, Rose 
Atkins, Tammy Barlou, Brenda Bierman, 
Debra Blackburn, Regina Bolding, Patricia 
Boyles, Cynthia Brown, Vedia Brunt, Melanie 
England, Rhonda Ferguson, Linda George, 
Joan Hickey, Boulos Jajoura, Micheal Lee, Lin- 
da Malone, Margaret Mason, Robin Middleton, 
Lula Milam, Faith Perry, Rhonda Putman, 
Kathy Reichert, Onia Renfro, Shirley Riley, 
Bessie Rudd, Renee Russell, Debra Scatis, 
Karen Shaw, Elana Smith, Patricia Smith, Son- 
ja Smith, Marsha Sowell, Teresa Sowell, 
Patricia Taylor, Lou Anne Thomas, Barbara 
Vickery, Thomas Walton, Judy Williams, and 
Mary Long, instructor. Vicki O'Dell, instructor 
is not pictured. 



Offering practice work with local business 
establishments, the Chamber of Commerce and 
other free organizations, Delta Epsilon Chi 
develops future leaders in marketing and distribu- 
tion. It helps create a sense of compentency, 
understanding and responsibility within the stu- 
dent. The group is advised by Dennis Fondren. 

DEC officers include (left) Eric Greene, presi- 
dent; Tonya Gregg, vice-president; Daron Cole, 
sec.-treas.; Dana Dones, Senate representative 
and Angelo Robinson, parliamentarian. 

Members are (below) Daron Cole, Marchell 
Gatewood, Eric Greene, Tonya Gregg, Gregg 
Maholm, Damon Nelson, Katherine Nesbitt, 
Angelo Robinson, Darnell Woodard, Dennis 
Young, and Dennis Fondren, advisor. 

Delta Epsilon Chi 


This organization concerns itself with 
publishing electrical conservation methods, 
specializing on home appliances. Comprised of 
air conditioning and refrigeration students, the 
club meets every Friday at 11 a.m. Wayne 
Newman and George Smith are advisors. Pic- 
tured at right are EEC's officers: Bill Callis, 
president; Kenny Lane, vice-president; Sandra 
Ray, treasurer; David King, co-treasurer; 
Harvey Lee and Greg Nobles, wardens; and 
Stanley Tendall secretary. 

Members inlcude: Ralph Alexander, Tim 
Bradley, Devi Brewer, Clarence Booker, Mac 
Burns, Tommy Bray, Richard Brown, Robert 
Campbell, David Clark, Randy Coleman, Chris 
Cox, Randy Curtis, Kelvin Davis, Sammie 
Halburton, Scotty Inman, Luke Jackson, Vann 
Mays, Micheal McManee, Lonnie Scott 
McMinn, Curtis Gwens, Paul Poole, Marshall 
Rich, Mike Sykes, Danny Tate and Douglas 

Energy Conservation Club 


Northwest Ranger Marching Band 

DRUM MAJORS — Jerry Eubanks and Marilyn Lawson. FLUTES — Kim Austin, Wanda Graham, Deenend Guyton, Gerald Thomas, Christopher O'Halloken, Tim 
Wright, Rose Mary Dennis. CLARINET — Julie Baecher, Robert Christian, Jeff Hauss, Cheri Moore, Sarah Edwards, Rose Rounds, Donna Norwood, Cynthia Hudson, 
Randa Pittman, Gwen Wright, Tray Howlett, Annette Williams, Dana Ray, Myra Ray, Karen Bellew, Jerita Walton. ALTO SAX — Sheri Nichols, Greg Skinner, Chris 
Minyard, Dwight Vick, Susan Burns, Kenneth Ambrose, Edmund Woods, Steve Grantham, John Cole, Teresa Spears. TENOR SAX — Regina Gray, Sandra Schneider, 
Kenneth Lane, Patrick Alford, Glenn McElhaney. FRENCH HORN — Susan Neeley, Valerie Newman, Martha Prewitt, Ron Mill. TRUMPET — Randy Barclay, Kevin 
Cockerall, Scott Craig, Micheal Dowdy, Rita Dulaney, James Hammond, Don Jones, Stan Sappington, Melinda Skelton, Roy Williams, Keith Williams, Glenn Hentz. Kenny 
Wright, Tim Bell, Rodney Brazeal, David Vick, Vicki Holloway, Carl Washington, Micheal Daniels, Bill Griggs, Lorie Blackwelder, Rickie Sanderson, Erlando McDonald. 
BARITONES — Robert Campbell, Terry Cromwell, Don Jackson, Adam Mickens, Mike Warren, Tim Brandon, Steven Holcomb, Micheal McNeil, Norris Fields, Charles 
Johnkin. TROMBONES — Ben Ayles, Billy Blakely, Steve Fowler, Tracy Mims, Lorenzo Young, Chris Beaver, Micheal Rice, Thomas Rose, Billy Scott, Kenneth Perry, 
Paul Gunter, Melvin George, Mark Best, Cindy Botto, Edgar McCorkle. BASSES — Thomas Embry, Richard Neeley, Paul Poole, Rodney White. Donald Wright, Bryan Mc- 
Clain. FLAGS — Eva Bolton, Cindy Denton, Lynn Dulaney, Suzanne Evans, Sharron Ramsey, Prescilla Townsend, Patricia Wooten, Patricia Lane, Mary White, Deborah 
Creasey, Teresa Moore, Vickie Bolen, Danna Jackson, Sherron Morris. RIFLES — Carol Enlow, Wanda Avant, Mary Creasy, Sandy Ashley, Wanda Graham, Randy 
Wright. PERCUSSION — Jimmy Marshall, Dennis Grant, Calvin Hibler, Ricky Micou, Robert Newson, Ronald Rossen, Robert Weekly, Lee Boyd, Charles Fondon, Gary 
Darby, Melvin Ross, Richard Morris, Victoria Conster, John Unguriat, Tommie Dorris, Gary Gordon, Terry Miller, Howard Peete, Tim Pruitt, Richard Roberts, Christopher 
Roberts, Shayne McCurdy, John Wiggington. 


Northwest Jazz Band 

They DO IT with JAZZ! 

The Northwest Jazz Band is reknown for its spectacular performances at the school basketball games, the Northwest 
Beauty Review, the Miss Northwest Pageant and other social functions within the district and Mid-South. Directed by Ferrell 
Lunceford, the group is comprised of band students. 

Members include: Ken Ambrose and Steven Grantham, alto saxes; Robert Christian, Kenny Lane and Jeff Hauss, tenor 
saxes; Roy Williams, Bill Griggs, David Vick, Melinda Skelton, Rita Dulaney, and Stan Sappington, trumpets; Bryan McClain, 
Paul Gunter, Ben Ayles, and Thomas Rose, trombones; and rhythum, Jimmy Marshall, John Wigginaton, Dennis Grant and 
Richard Morris. 


Players Club 

The Players Club is an organization through 
which students strive to generate interest in 
theatre. It aims to develop dramatic talents in all 
members. Mary Katherine Keoppel is advisor. 

Members pictured (left) include: Allen Appling, 
Teresa Barr, Marquita Brown, Lisa Bell, Victoria 
Conaster, Carol Joy, Talemadge Mills, Joe Moore, 
Missie Mills, Susan Neeley, Tim Pruitt, Sherri 
Roane, Shirley Stokes and Donna Waterbury. 

Officers are — Below, I. to r.: Donna Water- 
bury, president; Marquita Brown, secretary, 
Sherri Roane, historian; Teresa Barr, Senate 
representative; and Erick Spears (not pictured), 

To Be . . . 

Or Not 
to BE . . . 

That is 



Centering around cultural and social 
events for law enforcement majors, the 
club is sponsored by Robert Cox. The 
club meets at 3 p.m. the second Wednes- 
day of each month. The officers include 
(left) Ralph Smith, president; vice- 
president, Harold France; and Velma 
White, secretary-treasurer. 

Members include Ernest Bayno, Brett 
Bryant, Dennis Beverly, Dorothy Burn- 
side, Tracy Campbell, Harold France, 
David Griffin, Greg Hayes, Larry Hester, 
Paul Little, Mike Pickens, James 
Ridgeway, Jacqueline Roberson, Darrell 
Scott, Ralph Smith, Robert Smith, 
Charles Thompson, Terrence Thompson, 
Velma White, and Cynthia Williams. 

Law Enforcement Club 


Les Fauve promotes art in the surrounding area. The 
club yearly sponsors art exhibits and sales as well as 
campus beautification projects. Membership is open 
to anyone taking an art course. Meeting every third 
Monday, the advisor is Jac Young. 

Officers (right) are: Ken Ambrose, Senate 
representative; Dale Carrington, president; Annette 
Bell, vice-president; Lory Tarver, secretary-treasurer 
and David Glover, Senate representative. 

Members include Larry Bills, Bobby Byrd, Tommy 
Brown, Dale Carrington, Doris Davis, Wendy Fagan, 
Renee Holden, Norris House, Gary Hester, Gunnette 
Joyner, Annie Orange, Sharon Shroud and Theo 

Les Fauve 


Fellowship of Christian Athletes 

The Fellowship of Christian 
Athletes brings athletes together to 
worship. Directed by Micheal Dot- 
torey, the group is open to all 
students. Pictured above are Carla 
Bruno, Mike Bush, Greg Coker, 
Buck Duncan, John Lumpkin, Ray 
Kelley and Jane McCahan. Also 
pictured is Bud Young, Northwest 

Music Educator's National Conference 

The main interest concerning 
MENC is promoting professional 
musical development, especially in 
music education. The organization 
is open to both music and non- 
music majors and is advised by 
Rosemary Simmons, Rebecca 
Triplett, and Deborah Kent. 

Members include: Paul Gunter, 
vice-president; Brenda Murphree, 
Christel Schnieder, secretary- 
treasurer; Melinda Skelton, 
reporter; John Ungruait; and 
Richard Williams, president. 


The Society of Student Broadcasters proposes to 
associate members of different factions of broad- 
casting for the mutual benefit of all. The club spon- 
sors several reknown radio and television personality 
conferences for Northwest students. Membership is 
limited to broadcasting majors. The advisor is 
D'Layne Russell. 

Organization officers are, pictured Left to Right: 
Angela Lipe, Senate representative: Elizabeth 
Hamilton, vice-president: Gary Higgenbotham, presi- 
dent: and Dennis Grant, secretary. Members are 
Keith Scruggs, David Chumihusky, Angela Lipe, 
Gary Higgenbotham, Dennis Grant, Elizabeth 
Hamilton, Mel Carlock, and Gladys Hollis. 

Society of Student Broadcasters 



, w 

^^B '*: 9 

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1 JnL 

l<f*J H *w 


i/- A. 

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sp ■ : - : - 


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1 Hk 

,v . 

,:tlM.^Cfc ... — JHSHi 

H jS 





Winner of several regional and national 
awards, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is a national 
music fraternity promoting music on campus 
and in the surrounding area. Membership is 
limited to those who meet the national fraterni- 
ty requirements. The advisor is Glenn Triplett. 

Members are Pictured Above: L. to R., First 
Row: Scott Austin, Roy Williams, John Ungrait, 
Tim Pruitt, Kenneth Perry, Tracy Mimms, Jim- 
my Marshall, Don Jones, Calvin Hibler, and 
Thomas Embry. Back Row: Billy Blakely, Paul 
Poole, Ben Ayles, Jeff Hauss, Mike Warren, 
Richard Neeley, Thomas Rose, Greg Skinner, 
Randy Barclay, Bryan McClain, and Dwight 

Officers are L. to R.: Paul Poole, warden; 
Jeff Hauss, vice-pres.; Bryan McClain, sec; Bil- 
ly Blakely, treas., Richard Neeley, pres., and 
Thomas Rose, historian. 


Phi Theta Kappa 

Phi Theta Kappa is a national leadership fraternity for 
two-year colleges. Limited to full time academic students 
working toward a bachelor of science or arts degree, 
membership is open to all students receiving a 3.5 grade 
point average and maintaining a 3.0 after receiving 

Officers and sponsors are (right) Carla McMaster, presi- 
dent; Keith Scruggs, vice-president; and Forrest Lax and 
Constance Gallant, sponsors. Members are Mary Benson, 
Carol Cash, Lynn Elliot, Elizabeth Hamilton, Bruce 
LIndley, Bryan McClain, James McPhail, Debbie Moore, 
Frank Hill, Karen Pass, Robert Pate, Michelle Ray, Robyn 
Ray and Dwight Vick. 


The American Society of Civil Engineering Technology, or ASCET, is comprised of students in engineering technology 
fields, and keeps them informed of new opportunities in their respective fields. The group meets the third Monday of each 
month and is advised by Jimmy Carr and Everette Woolfolk. 

Members are Chris Ainsworth, Billy Armstrong, Darrin Bailey, Dave Davinear, Wesley Flint, Sharron Guy, Clint Harris, 
Lisa Harris, Andy Harrison, Ron Hill, Mar Hollett, Todd Hughes, William Kelley, Hoyt Logan, Paul Jobe, John Kennedy, Jay 
King, Tony McClarity, Glen McElhaney, Chris Minyard, Wayne Montgomery, Bryan Person, Larry Pride, Lisa Standard, Kel- 
ly Standard, Ricky Stifolter, Keith Smith, Steven Ward, Bemad Welch, and Keith Wilson. 



The Ranger Rocket 

The campus newspaper THE RANGER ROCKET, is composed of journalism majors and students interested in learning 
any phase of newspaper work. The purpose of the paper is promoting professionalism. The staff members gain practical ex- 
perience and learn the responsibilty of producing a bi-monthly publication. Advised by Diane Sanders, the group is reknown 
for its junior college awards. 

Editors of the newspaper include: Bruce Lindley, editor-in-chief; advertising and artwork editor, Dale Carrington; 
photography editor, Travis Martin; composition editor, Cynthia Greer; and production editor, Shellie White. Writers are: 
Danny Bradley, Barry Cox, Lisa Coughran, Brian Crow, Chris House, Scooter King, Missy Mills, Barry Nichols, Dwight Vick 
and Linda Welch. The production staff includes Alvin Barksdale, Jackie Henderson, Donna Lambert, David Lee, Micheal 
Patton, Fredrick Pegues, Sylvester Pegues, Ron Russell, Chris Scott, and Essell Thomas. Advertising and artwork members 
are Alvin Barksdale, Larry Bills, Tommy Brown, Wendy Fagan, Renee Holden, Mardis Johnson, Jim Martin, Lyn Shegog, 
Sherry Stroud, and Claude Wilkinson. 


Rodeo Club 

An affiliate of the National Intercollegiate 
Rodeo Association, the Rodeo Club promotes 
rodeo as an intercollegiate sport. Students com- 
pete against other Southeast college students 
for standard rodeo events. Meetings are held 
the second Monday of each month. Bud Young 
is advisor. 

Members are Scott Lewis, Mike Forrest, Tim 
Holliday, Eddie Jarrell, Billy Scott, Jimmy 
Jackson, David Adams, Mike Lipsey, Buck 
Duncan, Mark Stanford, Jody Bledsoe, Bill 
White, Randy Crowe, Mike Davis, Tim Webb, 
Susan Roberts, Ricky Guin, Scott Webb, Greg 
Coker, Terry Hardin, Dawn Russell, Mark 
Houston, Joe Lipsey, Rusty Pierce, Carla 
Bruno, Randy Coleman, Don Blair, Lisa Har- 
bour, and Jerry Selby. 

Officers include Left, L. to R.: Don Blair, 
president; Scott Webb, vice-president; and 
Buck Duncan, secretary-treasurer. 


Northwest Singers 

The Northwest Singers is composed of music and non-music majors who wish to broaden their musical knowledge in vocal 
arrangements. The group has performed in many high schools and churches across the Northwest District. A respected 
group at all junior colleges, Singers is directed by Deborah Kent and accompanied by Rebecca Triplett. 

Members include, First Row, L to R: Janice White, Lynn Dulaney, Sandy Ashley, Melodye Purdy, Fane McMillian, Mar- 
chelle Gatewood, Susan Neeley, Daphne Guy, Brenda Murphree, and Carol Enlow. Second Row: Missy Mills, Melinda 
Skelton, Margie Weeks, Chrystel Schnieder, Regina Gray, Martha Prewitt, Karen Bellew, Wanda Stokes, Christy Ashford, 
Sandra Brown, Paula Biggert. Third Row: Allen Appling, John Bentley Ungrait, Bryan McClain, Paul Gunter, Richard 
Williams, Ben Ayles, Warren Miller, Erick Spears, Ralph Williams, Jimmy Marshall and Robert Christian. 



The Senate is comprised of representatives from all campus organizations. This group helps arrange elections, approves 
new clubs and various nominations for the Student Government Association. 

Keith Williams (Above) is Senate President, Angela Lipe (above, left) is Senate secretary, while Shellie White (above, right) 
is vice-president. 


A national business organization, 
the Northwest chapter is devoted 
to training business leaders to meet 
the industrial demands of today. 
Students compete on state and na- 
tional levels with other college 
students in business. The faculty 
advisor is Bob Campbell. 

Officers are (left) David Henson, 
president; Nanci Jennings, vice- 
president; Marlene Hurt, secretary; 
Sandra Collum, representative; 
Stacy Blair, Senate representative; 
and Chuck Clift, treasurer. 

Members are below, first row: 
Sandra Collum, Marlene Hurt, 
Sherry Mitchell, Michelle Ray, 
Mark Jackson, Nanci Jennings, 
Amy McCullar, Genie Barnes, 
Angela Thompson, David Henson. 
Second Row: Chuck Clift, Jeff 
Huedes, Stacy Blair, Terry 
Flowers, Stephanie Morgan, Rhon- 
da Farrow, Allen Wilbourn, Terry 
Cromwell, and Allen Martin. 

Phi Beta Lambda 


Girls Ensemble 

Girls Ensemble Mixes Music with Business and Pleasure 

Comprised of the finest sopranos and altos in the Northwest Singers, Girls Ensemble is a new addition to the Northwest 
music department. Concentrating on secular as well as popular music, the group has performed at club conventions, high 
schools and churches across the Northwest District. 

Members include: Front Row, L to R: Christy Ashford, Martha Prewitt, Karen Bellew and Janice White. Second Row:, L to 
R: Susan Neeley, Margye Weeks, Fane McMillian, Regina Gray, Melodye Purdy and Missy Mills. 



The ROCKETEER, the college's yearbook, is staffed by students interested in recording the school year's events. The annual has 
received top awards for their 1981, 1982, and 1983 editions from the Mississippi Junior College Press Association. Advisor is 
Diane Sanders. 

Members seated are: Mardis Johnson, campus life editor; Travis Martin, editor-in-chief; Shellie White, faculty editor and co- 
branch center editor; and Mrs. Sanders. 

Members standing are: Essell Thomas; Bruce Lindley, sports editor; Dwight Vick, organizations editor; Chris House; Missy Mills, 
features editor; Talmadge Mills, honors editor; Thomas Roberson, and Jackie Henderson, branch centers editor; Bill Miller, 
photographer; Cynthia Greer, class editor; Melodye Purdy, photographer; Fane McMillian. 


Programming Committee 

Taking responsibility of all films 
and concerts, the Programming 
Board is comprised of students 
wanting to bring more life into 
Northwest with big-name stars, hit 
films, and well known singers. 

Pictured at left are, L to R: 
Shellie White, president; Thomas 
Embry, Senate representative; 
Angela Lipe and Rita Dulaney. Not 
pictured are Sherri Roane and Joe 
Moore, project coordinators. 

Physical Education Majors Club 

Working with campus intramural 
teams, the organization is limited to 
physical education majors. Meeting 
every fourth Wednesday of each 
month, Karen Gray is advisor. 

Members include Linda Bailey, 
Micheal Bell, Gunter Brewer, Linda 
Burt, Denny Chain, Carl Coleman, 
Richie Davis, David Dixon, Bob 
Dunaway, Anthony Ford, Andrea 
Gooden, Archie Gillism, Gary 
Harper, Mike Hargett, Sue Har- 
rington, Herbert Harris, Anthony 
Jackson, Van Reeves, Marcus 
Ross, Edward Sartain, Masharril 
Sanders, Shirley Taylor, Casey 
Tuggeles, Jennie Terry, and Perry 


The Society of Universal Love promotes black culture, 
politics, and entertainment on the Northwest campus. In 
order to encourage better relations, membership is open to 
all students. The group is advised by Wilbert Beard. Of- 
ficers include — Right: Precilla Townsend, secretary; 
Josephine Wadley, treasurer; Howard Peete, vice- 
president; Kenneth Roberson, president; Robert Weekley, 
parliamentarian; Jennifer Davis, assistant secretary; and 
James Townsend, reporter. 

Other members of the SOUL club are: Windolyn Avant, 
Teresa Barr, Edith Bridgforth, Marquita Brown, Dorothy 
Burnside, Rosie Burts, Carlean Collins, Jackie Draper, 
Deloris Epps, Norris Fields, Marchell Gatewood, Cynthia 
Greer, Scotty Harris, Regina Hawkins, Margie Hinkle, 
Patricia House, Katherine Howell, Shirley Hullette, Essie 
Jefferson, Lonnie Johnson, Mardis Johnson, Alan Martin, 
Sherri McKay, Adam Mickens, Margaret Mills, Tracy 
Mims, Sharron Morris, Annie Orange, Christine Reed, Wan- 
da Roland, Thomas Roberson, Deosha Sanders, Edward 
Sartain, Linda Wadley, Peggy Wells, Jackie White, Janice 
White, Troy White, Velma White, Keith Williams, Shirley 
Williams, and Lorenzo Young. 

Society of Universal Love 


The Student Association of Legal Assistants is an 
organization of paralegal majors and students taking or 
have taken two or more paralegal courses. The group spon- 
sors law-related campus activities, explores employment 
opportunities and demonstrates the work of legal 
assistants. Meeting the second Tuesday of each month, Jep 
Clements is the club advisor. 

Officers include left, 1. to r.: Richie Howard, vice- 
president; Robyn Ray, president; and Joy Downs, 
secretary-treasurer . 

Other members are: Margaret Lisa Cupp, Dianne 
Fugler, Mitzi Howard, Lisa Varner, Donna Vinson, Darlene 
Westmoreland, Linda White, Pearlie Mae Jones, Shirley 
Wilson, Janie Berryhill, Jennifer Browning, Reggie Elmore, 
Renea Freeman, Patricia House, Sherry Johnson, Janet 
Lassetter, Kim McNairy, Talmedge Mills, Jamie Vick and 
Keith Williams. 

Student Association of Legal Assistants 


Student Nurses Association 

Student Nurses proposes to aid in developing individual nursing students as future health professionals and to promote nur- 
sing as a profession. 

Students pictured are — L to R, Front Row: Gary Pratt, Randy Smith, Karen Parker, Cindy Parham, Pam Ashley, Scott 
Caples, and Thomas Rose. Second Row: Catherine Cole, Ann Fullerton, Tammy Caldwell, Jeanie Baker, Mary Henthorne, 
Sharon Poynor, Michelle Simmons, Debra Bryant, Sandra Quinn. Third Row: Robbie Casey, Terry Gabbert, Paula Howe, 
Alice Berry, Norma Rushing, Vivian Tucker, Jo Ann Henry, Tammy Sowell, Pam Selby, June McDaniel, Mary Carter, Bettie 
McGeptjom, Ellen Kitchens. Fourth Row: Emily Botters, Lisa Clements, Betty Henry, Terri Smith, Scarlett Miller, Lois 
Rooker. Fifth Row: Jacqueline Catron, Sue Martin, Robbie Williams, Becky Davis, Linda Azles, Amy Pounders and Lisa 


The Executive Branch of the Student Government Association works with the staff, faculty and administration of Northwest to 
enhance and improve campus life. The president of the branch is Dwight Vick. He serves as chairman of the executive committee 
and is a member of the activities committee. Kenneth Perry is vice-president and election commissioner. Senate president is Keith 
Williams. Bills are passed by this student body Williams leads. Tim Pruitt, judical president, directs the council. President of the 
Sophomore Class is Terry Cromwell and Ben Ayles is parlimentarian. Paula Stewart, secretary, keeps up-to-date minutes of all 

Student Government Association 


Science Club 

The Science Club is open to any student interested in science. Included in its program to supplement course work are 
seminars on various contemporary subjects. Meetings are held the fourth Wednesday of each month with Jerry Hollis as 

Members include 1. to r., first row: Fancine Westmoreland, Diane Adams, Vickie Carson, Terrie Harris, Pam Robinson, 
Lucy White and Allan Rone. Second row: Tracy Mims, Glenda Williams, Teresa Barr, Robin Hammond, Lori Cole, Ray 
Walters. Third row: Mike Glover and Jerry Hollis, advisor. 


This organization develops progressive leadership in industrial occupations with a competent education. Member- 
ship is open to all technical and vocational students. VICA offers prestige and recognition through a national pro- 
gram of awards and contests, thus broadening student involvement. Vickie O'Dell, Polly Gordon, Mary Long, Patti 
Warren, and Jimmy Carr are advisors. 

VICA officers include: Connie Gore, parlimentarian; Brenda Bierman, reporter; Marsha Sowell, secretary; Bill 
Callis, vice-president; Jerry Smith, president 
and Wesley Flint, treasurer. 

Members are Bill Dunaway, Bill Callis, 
David Cooper, Wesley Flint, Ron Hill, Jerry 
Smith, Keith Payne, Nickie Prince, Chris 
Ainsworth, Faith Perry, Rhonda Putman, 
Lou Anne Thomas, Kathy Riechert, Connie 
Gore, Marsha Sowell, Brenda Bierman, 
Tammy Barlow, Judy Williams, Laura 
Ashley, Sandra Ray, Cynthia Greer, Randy 
Darby, Lee Holland, Richie Stifolter, Hoyt 
Logan, James Gary, Micheal Lee, Toby 
Hagerty, Dennis Simpson, Glenn 
McElhaney, Dave DeVazier, Ralph Parks, 
Andy Harrison and Todd Hughes. Not Pic- 
tured: Rose Atkins, Patricia Boyle, Joan 
Hickey, Robie Micklleton, Thomas Walton, 
Shirley Riley, Teresa Sowell, James 
Hughes, Travis Martin, James Bell, Greg 
Boyles, Johnny Durbin, Jimmy Jackson, 
John Kennedy, Greg Stewart, Kevin 
Sullivan, Tony Lisenby and Bill Miller. 

Vocational and Industrial Club of America 







fl : '' 
















■' ■: .'■;.. .':-'.:'i^:" : .: , ".'-V 

: ' 

;;'■" ■••oi'r^'.'V;-.:.-r >■ > ' 



We've Got It! 
We Love It! 

Ask anyone on campus and they will tell you they've 
got it, love it, and won't give it up. 

What is it? It's SPIRIT! It can be found everywhere, in 
class rooms and dorm rooms, but mostly in sports' 

Where did they get it? At pep rallies, of course! 




Two Words Mean Many Things 

Ranger football. Two words that mean many things at Northwest. 

They mean excitement, which the explosive Ranger offense provided plenty of this season by averaging 
361.6 yards and 35.5 points per game. 

They mean pain, inflicted on opposing teams by a defense that allowed an incredible average of just 9.0 
points and 165 yards an outing, including FIVE shutouts. 

They mean victory, eight of them against only three losses giving Northwest a 20-3-1 mark over the last 
two seasons and its second consecutive North Division title. 

They mean respect, gained by a squad which produced sixteen All-State, six All-Star and six All-Region 

They mean excellence, developed through hard work, both on and off the field, of a dedicated coaching 
staff led by Head Coach Bobby Franklin, a former Ail-American at Ole Miss. 

They mean emotion, from the ecstatic happiness of a 600 romp to the empty, hollow sadness of an oh- 
so-close loss that snapped a nineteen game winning streak. 

They mean pride, instilled into each student and faculty member who followed Ranger football this 
season through its mountains and valleys and sang the fight song no matter what the game's outcome. 

These are but a few of the things which come to mind when one mentions Ranger football, for each per- 
son will also have other views. 

But no matter how it's described, Ranger football serves as the role model for a word growing in 
signifigance at NWJC — Tradition. 

It's big, bold, real and here to stay, so hang on because the best is yet to come. 

Oh Yeah, there is one more important thing brought to mind by the words Ranger football. Regret. As in 
the regret that opposing teams had in playing the Rangers in the first place — after all, We ARE 



1» ! ■ 1 

' ■ 


jr-'i> s 







*1# *' 













Offensive Backs 

Front Row: Luther Barksdale, TB; Shawn 

Wright, QB; Mark Robbins, QB; Daron Cathcy, 

TB; Peter Lane, QB. Second: Willie Reed, TB; 

Houston Agnew, TB; Cornelius Byrd, FB; 

Timmy Rodgers, FB; James Ladd, FB; Mike 

Bobo, FB. 

Offensive Backs 

Front Row: Gunter Brewer, WB; Ron Shegog, 

SE; Tommy Brown, WB; Greg Owens, WB. 

Second: Andrew Gooden, SE; Kevin Newton, 

WB; Robert Mullen, SE; Sammie Wilbert, SE. 

Offensive Line 

Front Row: Dale Williams, C; Cliff Young, G; 

Leonard Burton, C; Mike Arnold, T; Bill Oliver, 

T. Second: Damon Nelson, G; Ryan Murphy, C; 

George Milam, T; Danny Jones, T; Larry 

Mosley, G; Blaine Giddens, G. Third: Chip 

Inman, T; James Gordon, T; Richie Davis, TE; 

Anthony Hendrix, TE. 



^S^f^MJtit^ U2£»- S3£^ ' ^. 



'_C4Jft^ *m^ 

&"WL~.W3&* *± 

Defensive Backs 

Front Row: John Armstrong, CB; Curtis Harris, 
CB; Billy Armstrong, CB; Greg James, FS. 
Second: Charles Thompson, SS; Anthony 
Woods, CB. Third: Len Shegog, FS; Brock 
Foster, CB; Tracy Campbell, CB; Gary Chain, 

- •■•-•»- 


Defenseive Backs 

Front Row: Anthony Woods, CB; Anthony Ford, 
DE; Andrew Pegrim, LB; Bruce Tanner; LB. 
Second: Ricky Herring, DE; Lee Holland, DE; 
Michale Lockett, DE; Jerome Street, DE; Lloyd 
Jones, DE. Third: Carl McKay, DE; Matt Cox, 
DE; Ronnie Monaco, LB; Aaron Carter, DT; 
Craven Bullard, LB. 


Defensive Line 

Front Row: Perry Liles, NG; Don Draper, NG; 
David Dixon, NG; Stanley Crowder, DT; James 
Carter, DT; Walter Williams, DT; Richie Davis, 
TE; Joe Merrell, NG. 






The mighty Ranger football team is 
under the leadership of Head Coach 
Bobby Franklin, (kneeling). Assisting 
Coach Franklin is a dedicated staff: 
Mike Rowan, scout team coach; Ron 
Stark, defensive coordinator; Hank 
Shows, offensive coordinator; Steve 
Caldwell, offensive line coach; and 
Sam Guthrie, defensive coach. 

-tiiti A •**■ 

, i £rf 

-* »J 



1983 Ranger Team 



Nov. 12 

Ranger Schedule 


East Mississippi 

Miss. Delta (HC) 
Gulf Coast 

First Round State Playoffs 
Jones County 



















3 1 











Over AU Record 8 and 3 

John Armstong All American 



With Win 

The mighty Rangers picked up on their 
1983 opener right where they left off last 
year by thrashing Hinds Junior College 35- 
14 here on Sept. 1. 

Sophomores Cornelius Byrd and John 
Armstrong led the Northwest offense with 
two touchdowns and field goals respectively 
as the Rangers built up a 28-0 halftime 

Northwest scored only once in the second 
half relying on a tough defense to keep the 
Eagles in check until the fourth quarter. 

Freshmen Houston Agnew and Gunter 
Brewer also scored as the Rangers rolled to 
their sixteenth straight victory. 





24-0 Shutout 

Northwest traveled to Scooba for its se- 
cond game of the year against the Lions of 
East Mississippi Junior College Saturday, 
Sept. 10. 

Led by a swarming Ranger defense which 
allowed only 80 net yards, and forced six 
East Mississippi fumbles, Northwest tamed 
the Lions with a 24-0 blanking. 

Quarterback Mark Robbins teamed up 
with wide receiver Ron Shegog for two 
touchdowns as the Rangers recorded the 
first of five shutouts on the year and their 
seventeenth consecutive victory. 




i. WI*^-. » 

Bears Crushed 38-0 

It could have been a lot worse than it was for the Southwest Bears here Thursday 
night, Sept. 16. The Rangers crushed the Bears 38-0 behind three touchdown passes 
from Northwest's second quarterback, Peter Lane. But, had it not been for 8 fumbles and 
15 penalties the score might easily have been doubled. 

However, Northwest's defense turned in another sterling performance allowing 
Southwest only 53 yards total offense in gaining their second straight shutout, and leaving 
the fans yelling 'bout them Rangers!!! 

Keep on Rolling! 

Northwest scored their third shutout in four games in a 40-0 romp 
over Holmes Junior College on Ranger turf. 

Northwest led 21-0 after the first quarter as the Rangers scored 3 
touchdowns in just over two minutes. Ranger quarterback Mark Rob- 
bins scored on runs of 38 and 18 yards respectively and Houston 
Agnew scored his second touchdown of the night on a 10-yard run and 
Matt Cox returned a blocked 3 yards for a touchdown to end the 

Northwest improved to 4-0, while Holmes fell to 1-3. 

Them Rangers just keep on rolling! 


So Close! 

It had to happen. 

Sooner or later everyone knew the 
mighty Ranger football team would come 
up on the short end of the stick when the 
game's final horn sounded. 

But no matter how prepared everyone 
might have been for it, when the Rangers 
finally dropped their first game in nearly 
three years, a 17-14 decision to Copiah- 
Lincoln in Wesson Oct. 1, it hurt. 

After watching the Rangers put 
together perhaps their best drive of the 
year, a 79-yard march in the last four 
minutes of the game, only to see time run 
out with the ball literally on the goal line, 
the pill of defeat was especially hard to 

Following a fourth quarter Ranger fum- 
ble, Kevin Beazley booted a 25-yard field 
goal to put the Wolves on top with four 
minutes left in the game. 

Northwest then began their final drive. 
Peter Lane and Mark Robbins alternated 
at quarterback as the Rangers mixed the 
pass and run perfectly to move their 21 
to the Wolves' one-yard line. 

With a first down and the ball only a 
yard from 6 points, Northwest fans, 
coaches, faculty and players were 
already celebrating when Robbins took 
the last snap of the game, rolled right and 
tried to cut into the end zone. 

What looked like a sure touchdown 
became a nightmare, as the referees un- 
piled the stack to reveal the ball on the 
two inch line and the clock showing 00:00 

Co-Lin players rejoiced ecstatically 
while Ranger players large and small let 
their disappointment show. 

The Rangers led in first downs, 19-12, 
and total yards, 340-196, but it did them 
no good as they dropped to 4-1 on the 

Houston Agnew, who rushed 18 times 
for 123 yards on the night, accounted for 
both Ranger touchdowns on a 90-yard, 
game-opening kickoff return and a 14- 
yard jaunt in the second quarter. 



Awesome Rangers 
Down Tigers 60-0 

Would you want to fight a starving lion with your bare hands? 

It would probably be easier than playing the Rangers one week 
after they lost their first game in 20 tries. 

But that's what Coahoma had to do Oct. 8 and to make matters 
worse, it was the Tigers homecoming! 

Needless to say, Northwest spoiled the festivities with a 60-0 rout. 

Freshman sensation Houston Agnew led the blitz with three 
touchdowns on runs of 8, 2, and 65 yards respectively and tight end 
Anthony Hendrix, also a freshman, caught touchdowns of 10 and 17 

Mark Robbins, Ron Shegog, Timmy Rodgers and Cornelius Byrd 
also added touchdowns while Coahoma could muster just 4 yards 
rushing and 46 passing against the rugged Ranger defense. 




47-0 Contest Wasn't Much of a Contest 

The Rangers traveled to Booneville Oct. 22 for a divisional 
showdown with the Northeast Tigers. 

Both teams sported identical 4-0 division records and this con- 
test would determine the North Division Champions. 

Unfortunately for the Tigers, this contest wasn't much of a con- 
test as the Rangers romped to a 47-0 win, claimed their second 
consecutive North Division championship and firmly established 
themselves as the dominant football power among North 
Mississippi junior colleges. 

Once again, freshman Houston Agnew led the Rangers' offen- 
sive barrage scoring four touchdowns on runs of 1, 10, 4, and 4 
yards. Matt Cox, a sophomore from Olive Branch, speared 

another sparkling defensive effort which held the Tigers to an in- 
credible 6 yards total offense. 

Cox broke through Northeast's line late in the first quarter and 
dumped the Tiger quarterback in his own end zone for the 
game's first points. 

This seemed to snap the slumbering Rangers into life and they 
went on to total 374 yards and 12 first downs. 

Besides Agnew, Luther Barksdale also scored twice and Gregg 
James added a 21-yard field goal. 

With the victory, the Rangers upped their season mark to 7-1 
and 5-0 in division play. 



Robbins Completes 
12 of 13 Passes 

If anyone ever wondered about the passing abilities of Ranger 
quarterback Mark Robbins, their questions were answered when 
Northwest played host to the Itawamba Indians Oct. 29. 

The sophomore from Senatobia broke open a tight game by 
completing 12 of 13 passes for 230 yards and three touchdowns 
as the Rangers overcame a 10-9 second quarter deficit to win 

Ron Shegog and Anthony Hendrix were the principal targets, 
Hendrix setting up two scores with key receptions and Shegog 
catching nine passes for 186 yards and three touchdowns. 

Peter Lane also threw for two scores, defensive back John 
Armstrong returned a kickoff 87 yards and a punt 60 yards, both 
for touchdowns, and Greg James kicked field goals of 32 and 33 
yards to round out the scoring. 

The Rangers piled up 456 yards of offense while holding the 
Indians to 174 in another impressive performance. 


• . • > 

\..0* H 


Rangers Dealt Second Defeat 

Northwest took a number two ranking into Perkinston 
Nov. 5 in their annual clash with arch-rival Gulf Coast, 
Unfortunately for the Rangers, number two was as far as 
they would go as the Bulldogs won 28-20 thus erasing all 
hope of a second consecutive national 
championship for Northwest. 

Gulf Coast, ranked number 11 na- 
tionally, jumped out to a 20-0 lead in 
the first quarter and it looked as 
though the Rangers were headed for a 

They finally got things going, 
however, as quarterback Mark Rob- 
bins dashed in from 12 yards out with 
4:49 left in the second quarter to nar- 
row the gap to 20-6 at the half. 

Gulf Coast widened its lead to 28-6 
in the third quarter, but Northwest, 
led by the running of Houston Agnew 
and the passing of Peter Lane, scored 
two consecutive touchdowns to pull 
within eight at 28-20 with four minutes 
left in the game. 

The Rangers then held Gulf Coast 
on their ensuing possesion and got the 
ball back for one last attempt. 

It was not to be though as Peter Lane was intercepted 
off of a tipped pass and the Rangers were dealt their 
second defeat of the year. 


G-O-O-O Rangers! 

Still stunned by their crushing loss at the hands of Gulf Coast, Nor- 
thwest ended the season here Saturday, Nov. 5, with another set- 
back as they lost 21-14 to Jones Junior College. 

The Bobcats, who lost to Northwest in last years state playoffs, 
took advantage of the Rangers lack of spirit, even though Bobcat 
quarterback David Hooper was intercepted 5 times. 

Perhaps their most exciting game of the year, the Rangers never 
really got untracked offensively — with the exception of a Mark 
Robbins touchdown and Cornelius Byrd's 85-yard scamper for a TD. 

The biggest play of the day however, came with only seven 
seconds left in the game and the score tied at 14. 

After recovering a fatal Ranger fumble, Jones moved to the 
Ranger 27-yard line where quarterback Hooper dropped back to 
pass but instead found running room and dashed into the end zone 
for the winning touchdown. 

The loss dropped the Rangers to 8-3 for the year, a respectable 
mark for most junior colleges. Good also for Northwest 1 guess, but, 
after sitting through a 12-0-1 campain a year ago, somehow 8-3 just 
doesn't seem like winning. 

Sound spoiled? Maybe we are, but, think about it ... is being 
spoiled on winning really that bad? 

Until next year — G-O-O-O RANGERS!!! 


Marching Band Entertains With 

With a lot of school spirit and pride, the state's biggest and best 

junior college marching band supports the Rangers 100 percent. 

This lively close-knit, family group provides inspiration and 

excitement not only for the members but to fans as well. After 

every touchdown, the Ranger fight song fills the air along with 

cheers from the stands. But the highlight of the band's 

performance is the halftime show when they entertain the crowd 

with outstanding music and routines. 


Outstanding Music and Routines 


Rhythm and Cheers! 


Halftime at Northwest basketball games are always 
enjoyable as the Ranger cheerleading squad performs 
colorful pom-pom routines and precision cheers, follow- 
ed by the upbeat music of an excellent jazz band. 


Lady Rangers 



Coaching Staff 

The Lady Rangers coaching staff includes (clockwise) 
Ronnie Nichols, in his second season as assistant 
coach for the Lady Rangers; Don Edwards, in his first 
season as assistant to Adair and Robbins; and Head 
Coach Harry Adair, one of the most successful 
basketball coaches in the nation. 


Diane Allen — 33 

5-8, F, Fresh. 


Lisa Campbell — 23 

5-8, G, Soph. 

Memphis Tech 

Sue Harrington — 13 
5-9, F, Soph. 
Hickory Flat 

Joyce Berkley — 24 

5-11, C, Soph. 

Horn Lake 

Angela East — 11 

6-0, F, Fresh. 

Friendship, TN 

Jackie Joiner — 21 

5 9, F, Fresh. 

Memphis Woodale 



• • ' \ 

T™ - 

s. i 

•% ■ 


Linda Livingston — 10 
5-6, G, Fresh. 

Rhonda Mikes — 15 
5-7, G, Fresh. 
Chattanooga, TN 

Vanesta Reaves — 25 
5-9, F, Fresh. 

Paula Stewart — 12 
5-8, F, Soph. 
Hickory Flat 

Shirley Taylor — 14 
5-8, G, Soph. 
Hickory Flat 

Barbara Terry — 22 
5-6, G, Soph. 
Holly Springs 






Nov. 11 

Clarke College 




Southern Baptist Ark. 








Miss. County Ark. 







Dec. 1 









Miss. Delta 




Phillips County Ark. 



Jan. 16 





East Miss. 















Feb. 2 





Miss. Delta 








East Miss. 








2 in 



Lady Rangers Boast 
Excellent Record 

Northwest Lady Rangers — Defending NJCAA National 
Basketball Champions. 

That title might have meant a lot to some people this year, but 
to the 1984 Lady Rangers basketball team it only served notice 
that every game played would be a major struggle. 

Much like the 1984 Ranger football team learned, this year's 
Lady Rangers' squad found that when you are at the top 
everyone tries twice as hard to knock you off. 

But, displaying the character only real champions have, the 
ladies faced all challengers in '84 and compiled an 18-2 regular 
season record. 

Aided by three talented freshmen, the Lady Rangers raced out 
to an early-season 5-0 record with victories over Clarke, 
Southern Baptist Arkansas, Utica, Miss. County Arkansas, and 

The ladies then suffered their first loss of the season at the 
hands of a tough Northeast squad, but quickly rebounded by win- 
ning five games in a row to earn a No. 8 national ranking. Victims 
of this streak were Coahoma, Miss. Delta, Itawamba, East Miss., 
and Holmes. 

The ranking served only to fire up Meridian, the ladies' next 
opponent, as they ambushed Northwest 101-97 to avenge an 
early season loss and drop the Lady Rangers to 12-2. 

Northwest then went on another roll, winning six consecutive 
games over Northeast, Coahoma, Miss. Delta, East Miss., and 
Holmes, to end the regular season at 18-2, a mark easily good 
enough for state and regional competition. 

After being defeated in the North-Half tourney by Northeast, 
the Lady Rangers came back strong as Region XXIII champs and 
bowed only to Roane State in the national competition finals. No. 
2 in the Nation! Lady Rangers — We ARE Champions! 



Exciting, fast paced! 

Faced with the task of replacing two junior college Ail- 
Americans off of last year's championship team, Coach Harry 
Adair and his staff responded with two future superstars in 
freshmen Ronda "KK" Mikes and Jackie Joiner. 

Pint-sized Mikes (5-7) of Chattanooga, TN proved that 
dynamite does come in small packages by leading the Lady 
Rangers in scoring. During her phenomenal year in which she was 
the top scorer in every game, she had high games of 37, 39, 40 
and 46 points! 

Joiner, a 5-9 forward from Memphis, caught enough of Mikes' 
dazzling passes to rank second in scoring and was a powerful 
inside force for the Lady Rangers. 

These two super freshmen combined with one other 
newcomer, Angela East of Friendship, TN; and sophomore 
returnees Lisa Campbell and Joyce Berkley to provide an 
exciting, fast-paced team that was truly a thrill to watch! 




Coaching Staff 

The Ranger basketball team is under the direction of 
Head Coach Kenneth "Cat" Robbins, (below) the 
winningest basketball coach in Mississippi and possibly 
the nation; 

Gaylon Baird, (upper right) who assumed his duties 
as assistant Ranger coach in 1979; and 

Don Edwards, who is in his first season as assistant 
to Adair and Robbins. 



Ricky Barrett — 44 

6-1, G, Fresh. 

Memphis Mitchell 

James Burkley — 42 

6-4, G, Soph. 

Middlston, TN 

Joe Faulkenbery — 52 

6-0, G, Soph. 

Gray Academy 

Auther Fondren — 22 
6-2, G, Fresh. 
South Panola 

Herbert Harris — 41 

6-0, G, Fresh. 


Derwin Jackson — 21 

6-2, G, Soph. 



Johney Jackson 
6-4, C, Fresh. 


Sam Logan — 24 
6-5, F, Soph. 
Lafayette County 

Walter Miller 
6-2, G, Soph. 


Ronnie Rankin — 40 
6-3, F, Soph 

Lonnie McGhee 

Darnell Anderson 


Michael Sykes 

Danny Bradley 


Rangers and Lady Rangers 

l( Date 






Clark Jr. College 




Southern Baptist 








Mississippi County 





















Phillip County 





Phillip County 




Itawamba Jr. College 




East Mississippi 





















Itawamba Jr. College 




East Mississippi 





Regular Season 

Overall Record 18-1 




Rangers Boast 20 Consecutive Wins! 


That's a word best describing this 
year's Ranger basketball team. 

Despite a couple of disappointing 
losses in the district and state tour- 
naments, the Rangers still qualified for 
the region XXIII playoffs by compiling an 
impressive 20-3 record over the season. 

After a two point opening-season loss 
to Clarke College the Rangers reeled off 
20 victories to establish a new school 
record for consecutive wins. 

Virtually every junior college in the 
north half of the state bowed to North- 
west during their four month tear, along 
with a couple of out of state colleges. 

The Rangers defeated Southern Bap- 
tist Arkansas, Utica, and Phillips County 
Arkansas once each and Miss. County, 
Meridian, Northeast, Coahoma, Miss. 
Delta, Itawamba, East Miss, and Holmes 
all twice. 

Northwest then carried a 19-1 record 
into the district playoffs where, after 
dumping Itawamba in the opening round, 
they lost a thriller to the Northeast 
Tigers, 86-85. 

Not to be discouraged however, the 
Rangers set their sights on the state tour- 
nament and their first round opponent, 
Utica; a team they had beaten 79-66 
earlier in the year. 

The Bulldogs apparently had this on 
their minds as they eliminated Northwest 
with a 70-50 drubbing. 




for Win 


We Are Successful! 

The 1983-84 Rangers made up for a lack of height with a lightning 
quick fast-break and relentless pressure defense. 

Freshman guard Ricky Barrett of Memphis led the Rangers blazing 
backcourt as he improved with every game, climaxing his year with 36 
points against Northeast on Feb. 3. 

Sophomore Ronnie Rankin of Hernando, last year's leading scorer, 
overcame a preseason knee injury and picked up right where he left off. 
Rankin proved to be not only the team leader, but also the man the 
Rangers went to, when the game was on the line. 

Derwin Jackson, Sam Logan and James Burkley were the three other 
regulars and each one played a significant role in the success of this year's 

Freshman Steve Harris and Auther Fondren provided Northwest with 
reliable bench help as they came on to spark several victories. 

Overall, this year's 'team ball' concept plus hard work and dedication 
from all the Ranger players and coaches proved to be the key ingredients 
for Coach Kenneth "Cat" Robbins second straight plus 20 wins season. 

Ranger Basketball — We ARE Successful! 


t * 

m W 9** 

^ HV » 



191 1 1 

v l v> « ■ 


1 1 




■ ■ 

■ ■ I 

• ■ 




Goal's Good! 

The ladies' team in the intramural basketball program 
showed a lot of fierce competitiveness as they scrapped 
for the 1984 title. 

Four teams took the court and provided onlookers 
with some exciting action, proving that the men weren't 
the only ones who could play ball! 



Intramural Football 



Ten Teams Compete 

Northwest Intramural Football, under the direction of Coach Willie Brown, started the season 
with a field of 10 competitors. 

The "A" team, The Miracles, The Memphis Tigers, the "B" team, The Shockers, The Windjam- 
mers, BSU, The Rockers, The Bombers, and Sugar Hill III competed for the intramural 

The Sugar Hill Gang III led by team coach, Teddy Fondren, won the 10-team double-elimination 
tournament by downing the Memphis Tigers with a final score of 12-6. 

Sugar Hill was presented a trophy and the title of 1983 Intrumural Champions. 


Intramural Champions! 

"Sugar Hill" 
Members of the "83" Champion 

Team Are: 

Front Row, L to R: Ray Goolsby, Thomas Mitchell, Bruce Hostins, Thomas Wells. Second Row, L to R: 
Brian Dowdy, Richard Brown, Brian Pearson, Joe Willinghan, Ray Pearson, and Russell Fondren. 


When Northwest students get tired of just being 
fans in the stands and want to get in some sports 
action of their own, they can always suit up for in- 
tramural basketball. 

This year's program consisted of ten men's 
teams competing for trophies and bragging rights. 

Intramurals — We ARE Competitive! 



The "Branch" 
Captures Title 

The intramural softball tournament, held the last two weeks in 

April, 1983, was one of the largest and wildest in history. 

Olive Branch took the crown with a hard fought 7-6 victory 

over Men-at-Work. 

The "Branch," as they called themselves, went through the 

tournament undefeated due mainly to a tough defense. 

Eight teams vied for the title of Intramural Softball Champs, 

but only one came out on top — Olive Branch! 



Intramural Softball 


Members of the "Branch" are — Front Row, L. to R.: Don Dickerson, Jack Collier, 
Danny Taylor, Mark Aldridge. Second Row: Steve Niblett, Tim Davis, Blair Sneed, 
Chris Shinstock. Third Row: David Johnson, Tim Crowley, Bernard Welch, and Jeff 

"Olive Branch" 




h^Hfc i* *" 

" 1 - 



L J 

H & •• 




. r i?A 


. j, 

.• ■ 




The Northwest Rodeo 
competes in Ozark 
Regional competition. The 
states included in the com- 
petition are Mississippi, 
Arkansas, Tennessee, 
Kentucky, Missouri, and 
Northeast Louisiana. Ap- 
proximately 20 schools 

Excitement for Rodeo Fans! 


Ranger cowboys participate in such events as calfroping, bareback bronc riding, steer wrestling, 
saddle bronc riding, team roping and bullriding. 

Cowgirls try to beat the clock in barrel racing, goat tying, break away roping and team roping. 








Track - 1983 

State and Region XXIII 


Team members include Front Row, L to R: Maurill Powells, Dewayne 
Gooden, Bill Grillet, Victor Smith, Pat Chism. Second Row, L to R: Greg 
Jackson, Leonard Bueton, Percy Garner, Tim Patrick, Coach Richard 
Blackmore, Robert Williams, Ron Shegog, Cedric Lancaster, and Eric Fant. 



National Meet — Fourth Place 400-meter relay 




Rangers defeat Bulldogs 

The 1983 Ranger baseball team continued Northwest's 
dominance in the sport by capturing its second consecutive state 
championship and advancing to the regional finals before bowing 
to Delgado CC of New Orleans. 

In claiming the state crown, the Rangers had to travel to 
Perkinston and play a tough, best-of-three series against Gulf 

Freshman Mike Glover allowed only six hits while upping his 
record to 6-1, as Northwest took the first game 9-2. The Bulldogs 
got even however, by taking the second game 6-2 before Nor- 
thwest finally pulled out a 9-6 win highlighted by freshman Jack 
Peel's grand slam in the seventh inning. 

Next, the Rangers hosted the Region 23 finals where they end- 
ed their season with two straight losses to a strong Delgado team. 
Northwest led in both games, but each time the Dolphins 
somehow managed to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. 

The Rangers ended the season with a fine 28-11 record and a 
host of championships and individual awards. 

Freshman David Moss led the squad in batting with a .363 
average, while sophomore Tommy Carroll took the homerun 
crown with 12 roundtrippers. Glover led the pitchers with a 6-1 
record and an ERA of 1.67. 

1983 State Champions 



1983 Baseball Schedule 




March 5 

Meridian Jr. College 



East Miss. Jr. College 



Hinds Jr. College 



Lewis & Clarke Com. College 



Northeast Jr. College 



Utica Jr. College 



Coahoma Jr. College 



College of Dupage 



Holmes Jr. College 



Jackson State Com. College 



Oakton Com. College 



Itawamba Jr. College 



Shelby State Com. College 



Moraine Valley Com. College 



Jackson State Com. College 


April 1 

Shelby State Com. College 



Northeast Jr. College 



Coahoma Jr. College 



Itawamba Jr. College 



Holmes Jr. College 



Miss. Dela Jr. College 



East Miss. Jr. College 



Miss. Delta Jr. College 



North Division Playoffs 
2 out of 3 


State Playoffs 
2 out of 3 South Division 



£& Jit 

- J9W} Z\ 

Head Coach 

Jim Miles 

'Coach of the Year" 

Assistant Coach 
Don Castle 

Plates — Mates 

Left to Right: Cindy Hadskey (Coldwater), Leigh Bryan (Batesville), Rebecca 
Minor (Horn Lake), Dana Bryan (Batesville). Not Pictured: Laura Winter 
(Bruce) and Paige Parker (Calhoun City). 

83 State Champions 

The 1983 State Champions included (I. to r., top to bottom) John 
Baldinger, Outfield/Pitcher; Bentley Browning, Outfield, All-State; Tom 
Carroll, Outfield, Captain, All-State, All-Star Game; Gene Clarke, Pitcher; 
Lou Correale, Pitcher; John Crider, Pitcher; Jamie Dunlap, Outfield; 
Mike Glassman, 3rd Base; Mike Glover, Pitcher, All-State, All-Region, 
Leading Pitcher; Clint Harris, Pitcher; Bob Hunter, 3rd Base; Todd 
Joyner, Outfield; Steve Kidd, Shortstop; "Skooter" King, Catcher; 
Tommy King, Pitcher; Gary Laureles, Pitcher; Chris Lindsey, 1st Base, 
All-Star Game; Jeff Martin, Catcher; Randy McMinn, Pitcher; David 
Moss, 2nd Base, All-Star, Leading Hitter; Tommy Nasce, Pitcher; Jack 
Peel, Pitcher; Mark Schultz, Outfield; Jamie Sims, Outfield; Jim Sisco, 
2nd Base; Rick Sommers, Shortstop; Keith Stribling, Catcher, All-Star 
Game; Barry Tindall, Pitcher; Scott Treadway, 1st Base; Craig Yancey, 
Pitcher; and David Henson, Manager. 


















.. . , .,.-,..., ,<s<* ~?7? .T* . . . 

: '-::'-'t-^ -Vw '■■■■ - o^tft'V 

'"■■.". ' L -. ;"-- .•■":-—" 

Terry Cromwell 
Class President 



Houston, Agnew, Forrest City, AR 
Chris Ainsworth, Senatobia 
Ray Aldridge, Marks 
Donnie Ales, Batesville 

Gayla Alford, Marks 
Jacqueline Allen, Lamar 
William Allred, Sardis 
Majorie Anderson, Holly Springs 

Shelia Anderson, Batesville 
Patrick Archie, Oxford 
John Armstrong, Pittsboro 
Phyllis Armstrong, Hernando 

Randy Armstrong, Bruce 
Smiley Arrington, Coffeeville 
Beverly Ash, Ports Camp 
Theresa Atchley, Southaven 

Donna Austin, Lambert 
Julie Baecher, Calhoun City 
Kathy Bailey, Charleston 
Bettye Baker, Sardis 

Gaines Baker, Batesville 
Melissa Baker, Calhoun City 
Ricky Sanderson, Holly Springs 
Alvin Barksdale, Holly Springs 

Eugenia Barns, Marks 
Teresa Barr, Oxford 
Ricky Barrett, Memphis 
Spencer Beckley, Bruce 

Karen Bellew, Senatobia 
Jackie Beloate, Southaven 
Larry Bills, Horn Lake 
Chris Benjamin, Southaven 


Alice Berry, Senatobia 
Mike Berry, Southauen 
Janie Berryhill, Hernando 
Lisa Blackburn, Southauen 

Joyce Blackmond, Holly Springs 
Wess Blackwood, Water Valley 
Don Blair, Nashville 
Stacy Blair, Independence 

William Blakely, Senatobia 
Renee Blankenship, Olive Branch 
Searlett Blankenship, Como 
Barry Bland, Sledge 

Johnny Blann, Senatobia 
Rhonda Blount, Horn Lake 
Barry Blue, Hernando 
Angela Bobbitt, New Albany 

Sarah Bobo, Sardis 
Bobbie Bolding, Crenshaw 
Keith Bolen, Batesville 
Eva Bolton, Coldwater 

Gerald Booker, Coffeeville 
Georgia Bowen, Byhalia 
Kimberly Bowler, Memphis 
Angela Boston, Chattanooga, TN 

Margarett Boston, Oxford 
Johnny Boyle, Coffeeville 
Patricia Boyle, Como 
Thomas Boyles, Ba(esui//e 

z *■■* 



Tim Bradley, Senatobia 
Tommy Bray, Hernando 
Edith Bridgeforth, Holly Springs 
Paula Biggert, Como 

Cindy Brown, Sarah 
Jeff Brown, Batesuille 
Jerry Brown, Oxford 
JoAnn Brown, Grenada 

Joey Brown, Bruce 
Linda Brown, Taylor 
Loretta Brown, Holly Springs 
Marquito Brown, Taylor 

Richard Brown, Taylor 
Ronald Brown, Sarah 
Tommy Brown, Batesuille 
Bentley Brown, Memphis 

Jennifer Browning, Oxford 
Brett Bryant, Coldwater 
Leah Bryant, Marks 
Bessie Bryson, Holly Springs 

Mary Bryson, Michigan City 
James Burkley, Hickory Valley, TN 
Vivian Burkley, Sardis 
Amy Burnett, Hernando 

Dorothy Burnside, Senatobia 
Rosie Burt, Oxford 
Terri Burt, Senatobia 
Leonard Burton, Memphis 

Micheal Butts, Batesuille 
Rose Byers, Byhalia 
Cornelius Byrd, Dundee 
James Caldwell, Como 


Cyneitha Campbell, Memphis 
Robert Campbell, Horn Lake 
Shelley Campbell, Batesville 
Wayne Campbell, Memphis 

Carol Carlisle, Sarah 
Melvin Carlock, Nesbit 
Curtis Carpenter, Byhalia 
Harold Carpenter, Coldwater 


William Carr, Hernando 
Dale Carrington, Charleston 
James Carroll, Germantown 
Aaron Carter, Caithersburg, MD 

James Carter, Tunica 
Jeffie Cathey, Coldwater 
Virginia Cato, Holly Springs 
George Chandler, Bruce 

Melvin Chandler, Batesville 
Pam Chaney, Hernando 
George Chunn, Batesville 
David Clark, Bruce 

Marie Clark, Enid 
Gene Clarke, New York City 
Stephanie Clayton, Coldwater 
Clyde Cobb, Batesville 

Kevin Cockerell, Memphis 
Daron Cole, Hernando 
John Cole, Jr., Holly Springs 
Connie Coleman, Coffeeville 


Carolyn Coleman, Crenshaw 
Judy Coleman, Sardis 
Randy Coleman, Coffeeuille 
Jack Collier, Cockrum 

Carlean Collins, Holly Springs 
Danny Collins, Tunica 
Shelia Collins, Lambert 
Sandra Collum, Independence 

Allen Cook, Oxford 
Jimmy Cook, Oakland 
Joy Cooke, Hoi'/y Springs 
Jackie Cooper, Lake Cormorant 

Louis Correale, Germantown 
David Corrothers, Oxford 
John Cotter, Coldwater 
Clint Cox, Courtland 

Lisa Cox, Hickory Flat 
Mack Cox, Crowder 
Marty Cox, Potts Camp 
Matt Cox, Olive Branch 

Robert Craig, Memphis 
Everlyn Crane, Holly Springs 
Sandra Crane, Holly Springs 
Mary Crawford, Holly Springs 

Debby Creasy, West Memphis, AR 
Mark Crockett, Senatobia 
Terry Cromwell, Memphis 
Ian Cross, Oakland 

Elwin Crosswhite, Coldwater 
Brian Crow, Hernando 
Pattey Crow, Hernando 
Dwight Crowe, Oxford 


Stan Crowder, Memphis 
Lee Crump, Batesville 
Carmella Cummings, Bvhalia 
Rocky Daffron, Coldwater 

Stuart Daffron, Coldwater 
Randy Darby, Southaven 
Sandra Darby, Batesville 
Patricia Darnell, Coldwater 


Dorris L. B. Davis, Walls 
Donna Davis, Quitman 
Dwayne Davis, Senatobia 
Kelvin Davis, Nesbit 

Lisa Davis, Senatobia 
Tim Davis, Olive Branch 
Gwen Dawson, Tunica 
Gwyn DeLoach, Sardis 

Joseph Dempsey, Southaven 
Brenda Denio, Coldwater 
Cynthia Dennis, Hernando 
Sherry Detries, Southaven 

Dave Devazier Jr., Batesville 
Doris Dew, Robinsui//e 
Donald Dickerson, Olive Branch 
Tina Dickerson, Senatobia 

Christina Dillion, Hernando 
Cynthia Dinton, Calhoun City 
Danny Dishmon, Tunica 
Carl Dockery, Hernando 


Demetric Dockery, Senatobia 
Charlie Doolie, Bruce 
Linda Douglas, Hernando 
Bryan Dowdy, Covington, TN 

Mike Dowdy, Byhalia 
Joy Downs, Oxford 
Jacqueline Draper, Batesuille 
Chris Drugger, Batesuille 

Melinda Duncan, Crenshaw 
Mike Duncan, Southauen 
Robert Duncan, Inverness 
Lynne Dulaney, Marion, AR 

Rita Dulaney, Marion, AR 
Dawn Durrett, Olive Branch 
Tammie Dye, Senatobia 
Sherry Edlin, Memphis 

Robert Edmonds, Hernando 
Romaro Edwards, Senatobia 
Monica Eisenman, Bruce 
Karole Elam, Hernando 

Deronda Ellis, Sardis 
Julia Ellis, Water Valley 
Chris Elliott, Ashland 
Reginald Elmore, Victoria 

Thomas Embrey, Independence 
Michael Estes, Oxford 
Altheia Evans, Holly Springs 
Suzanne Evans, Memphis 

Dorothy Exson, Oakland 

Wendy Fagan, Oxford 

Sandra Lynn Farrow, Independence 

Joe Faulkenberry, Benton 


Rhonda Ferguson, Coldwater 
Tom Ferguson, Hernando 
Travis Ferguson, Senatobia 
Wesley Flint, Nesbit 

William Floyd, Charleston 
Lisa Flaherty, Nesbit 
Varnessa Folson, IVater Valley 
Russell Fondren, Oxford 



Steve Fowler, Sardis 
Cheryl Frazier, Marks 
Michael Freely, E//iort 
Cynthia Freeman, Senatobia 

George Freeman, Hernando 
David Frost, Batesville 
Diane Fugler, Horn Lake 
Tod Fuller, Coldwater 

Terry Gabbert, Hickory Flat 
Feddy Garcia, Senatobia 
James Garey, Southauen 
Jackie Gates, Como 

Janeise Gatewood, Holly Springs 
Sharon Gatewood, Holly Springs 
Don Gee, Pleasant Grove 
Kerin Glebus, Senatobia 

Shelley Gilbert, Senatobia 
Gerry Gilbert, Hernando 
Wanda Glidewell, Senatobia 
David Glover, Holly Springs 


Melanie Glover, Coldwater 
David Goff, Tunica 
Jerry Goodman, Coldwater 
Lynn Goodman, Oxford 

Maudie Goodrum, Como 
Alan Goodwin, Batesville 
Betty Goodwin, Hickory Flat 
David Goodwin, Water ford 

Connie Gore, Cofjeeuille 
Author Govan, Holly Springs 
Barbara Govan, Holly Springs 
Grail Gail, Hernando 

Dennis Grant, Horn Lake 
Rosemary Grant, Batesville 
Ben Graves, Batesville 
Charles Gray, Coffeeville 

Patricia Gray, Holly Springs 
Robin Greenwood, Senatobia 
Eric Green, Pope 
Cynthia Greer, Harmontown 

Tonya Gregg, Vardaman 
Leora Gregory, Byhalia 
Jennette Griffis, Pope 
Sharon Griffis, Pope 

Susan Griffis, Water Valley 
William Grilliette, Horn Lake 
Daphanie Guy, Hernando 
Sandie Guy, Hernando 

Deneend Guyton, Memphis 
Robert Hagerty, Southaven 
Fredonia Hairston, Oxford 
Elizabeth Hamilton, Water Valley 


Donna Hammond, Horn Lake 
James Hammond, Cordova, TN 
Vivian Hammond, Senatobia 
Patricia Haney, Horn Lake 

Betta Hankins, Senatobia 
Greg Hankins, Southauen 
Stephanie Hankins, Southauen 
Connye Hanna, Memphis 

/* If 




Sammy Hanna, Ohue Branch 
Dawn Hannah, Holly Springs 
Jill Hansen, Byhalia 
Lisa Harbour, Cojjeeville 

John Harrell, Ripley 
Susan Harrington, Hickory Flat 
Scotty Harris, Cojjeeville 
Steven Harris, Holly Springs 

Andy Harrison, Cojjeeville 
Earnie Harrison, Oxford 
Jeff Hauss, Germantown 
Regina Hawkins, Hernando 

Dennis Hays, Marks 
Glynn Hays, Memphis 
Alison Heafney, San Diego, CA 
David Henson, Olive Branch 

Wanda Helms, Bruce 
Susan Heliums, Tunica 
Jackie Henderson, Coldwater 
Lee Henderson, Booneville 


Sam Henderson, Crenshaw 
Mary Henthorne, Southauen 
David Herod, Abbeville 
Chuck Herring, Bruce 

Rickey Herring, Tunica 
Jim Herron, Batesville 
Larry Hester, Crowder 
Calvin Hibler, Senatobia 

Garry Higginbotham, Bruce 
Beth Hill, Senatobia 
Beverly Hill, Hernando 
Frank Hill, Seldge 

Margie Hinkle, Holly Springs 
Tammy Holcomb, Coldwater 
Renee Holden, Senatobia 
Lee Holland, Tunica 

Edna Holliday, Senatobia 
Tim Holliday, Senatobia 
Acie Hampton, Glendora 
Bruce Hopkins, Byhalia 

Florence House, Batesville 
Patricia House, Oakland 
Mark Houston, Tillatobia 
Paula Howe, Arkabutla 

Calvet Howell, Waterford 
Frances Howell, Lambert 
Sandra Hudson, Ashland 
Scott Hudson, Senatobia 

Sharon Hudson, Batesville 
Richard Howard, Coldwater 
Todd Hughes, Coffeeville 
Veanna Hughes, Byhalia 


Brenda Hunt, Como 
Dorothy Hunt, Ashland 
Jeanette Hunt, Holly Springs 
Jeff Hunt, Senatobia 

Willie Hunt, Como 
Marlene Hurt, Independence 
Jim Huestis, Coldwater 
Anthony Jackson, Memphis 



Belinda Jackson, Crowder 
Dennis Jackson, Tutwiler 
Derwin Jackson, Nesbit 
Harold Jackson, Southaven 

Mariss Jackson, Oxford 
Penny Jackson, Charleston 
Boulas, Jarjoura, Senatobia 
Connie Jenkins, Holly Springs 

Joy Jenkins, Sardis 
Susan Jenkins, Sardis 
Paul Jobe, Water Valley 
Charles Jones, Batesville 

David Johnson, Olive Branch 
Kathryn Johnson, Southaven 
Ken Johnson, Memphis 
Lonnie Johnson, Cojfeeville 

Mardis Johnson, Coffeeville 
Patricia Johnson, Charleston 
Perry Johnson, Dundee 
Robbie Johnson, Batesville 


Sherrion Johnson, Byhalia 
Vanessa Johnson, Coldwater 
Cynthia Jones, Hernando 
Don Jones, Southaven 

Ervin Jones, Coldwater 
Linda Jones, Senatobia 
Loyd Jones, Holly Springs 
Mark Jones, Independence 

Milton Jones, Tillatobia 
Pernell Jones, Oxford 
Regenia Jones, Oxford 
Rodney Jones, San Deigo 

Sandra Jones, Quitman 
Susan Jones, Senatobia 
William Jones, Olive Branch 
Carol Joy, Oxford 

Cindy Joyner, Batesuille 
Todd Joyner, Germantown 
William Keen, Water Valley 
Dorothy Kelly, Marks 

Larry Kelson, Crenshaw 
Mark Kelso, Lake Cormrant 
Mike Kerby, Halls. TN 
Aubrey King, Memphis 

Cindy King, Batesuille 
Joel King, Water Valley 
James Kisner, Lafayette 
John Kruse, Germantown 

John Ladd, Batesuille 
Raymond Ladd, Como 
Juliana Lamar, Como 
Donna Lambert, RobinsonuiZ/e 


Cedric Lancaster, Memphis 
Willie Lane, Senatobia 
Dolores Lantrip, Sardis 
Gary Laureles, West Helena, AR 

Janet Lassetter, Indianola 
Betty Lawrence, Holly Springs 
Ronnie Ledford, Stray/horn 
David Lee, Coldwater 


Harvey Lee, Hernando 
Michael Lee, Hernando 
Daphlyn Leeper, Southaven 
Victor Leon, Water Valley 

Susan Leonard, Horn Lake 
Robert Levis, Memphis 
Jeanette Lewis, Sardis 
Perry Liles, Calhoun City 

Angela Lipe, Walls 
Joe Lipsey, Nesbit 
Walter Lipsey, Marks 
David Little, Vardaman 

Rolando Lizano, Venezuela 
Betty Logan, Hernando 
Cynthia Logan, Hernando 
Hoyt Logan, Cojjeeville 

Mary Logan, Southaven 
Sam Logan, Abbeville 
Jeff Long, Hernando 
Lisa Lord, Olive Branch 


Bruce Lindley, Memphis 
Laura Luther, Holly Springs 
Regina Luther, Oxford 
Laura Maddox, Southaven 

Florida Marion, Waterford 
Gwendolyn Marion, Waterford 
Jimmy Marshall, W. Memphis 
Alan Martin, Holly Springs 

Marty Martin, Enid 
Mike Martin, Senatobia 
Ollie Martin, Hernando 
Regina Martin, Byhalia 

Travis Martin, Coffeeuille 
Tami Masow, Oxford 
Jacquline Massie, Nesbit 
Cathey Matthew, Como 

Edwin Maxwell, Nesbit 
Van Mays, Coldwater 
Laurie McCammon, Southaven 
Glena McCollin, Enid 

Nathenial McCook, Hernando 
Jacqueline McDonald, Lambert 
June McDaniel, Courtland 
Carla McMasters, Nesbit 

James McElhaney, Coldwater 
Laura McElroy, Senatobia 
Chester McEwen, Oxford 
David McEwen, Oxford 

Lonnie McGhee, Memphis 
Laura McGowen, Nesbit 
Trisha McKelroy, Grenada 
Phillis McKinney, Hernando 


Tony McLarty, Independence 
Christopher McMasters, Como 
Fane McMillan, Lambert 
James McPhail, Pope 

Kimberly McNairy, Ashland 
Adam Mickens, Senatobia 
Tonia Medlin, Olive Branch 
Chris Mimyard, Sumner 

Ricky Micou, Charleston 
Charles Miles, Water Valley 
Margaret Mills, Pope 
Talmadge Mills, Ports Camp 

Charlotte Miller, Senatobia 
Walter Miller, Bruce 
Tracy Mims, Summer 
Barry Miner, Water Valley 

Sameul Minor, Coldwater 
John Mitchell, Waterford 
Peggy Mitchell, Holly Springs 
Sally Mitchell, Waterford 

Wayne Mitchell, Memphis 
Rita Mobley, Oliue Branch 
Kenneth Montgomery, Sarah 
Robert Montgomery, Sarah 

Cheri Moore, Independence 
Debbie Moore, Memphis 
Glenda Moore, Quitman 
Vincent Moore, Walls 


^t w © 


A. Morgan, Hernando 
Tony Morgan, Vardaman 
Charles Morris, Marks 
Mericka Morris, Memphis 

Sherron Morris, Batesville 

Tracy Morris, Batesville 

Valorie Morton, Tunica 

Valeria Mothershead, Pleasant Grove 

Brenda Murray, Coffeeville 
Tommy Myles, Big Creek 
Douglas Myron, Charleston 
Lisa Nabors, Holly Springs 

Terry Nabors, Holly Springs 
Damon Nelson, Vardaman 
Rhonda Newcomb, Charleston 
Lee Newman, Calhoun City 

Lucy Newson, Cermantown 
Marsha Newson, Hernando 
Ricky Newson, Byhalia 
Robert Newson, Independence 

Glenda Newton, Hernando 
William Newton, Enid 
Lacy Neyland, Lambert 
Steve Niblett, Olive Branch 

Angela Nichols, Horn Lake 
Barry Nichols, Flint, MI 
Bryan Nichols, Flint, MI 
Phelan Nichols, Olive Branch 

Sheri Nichols, Olive Branch 
Sally Nickle, Holly Springs 
Brenda Nicks, Abbeville 
Greg Nobles, Senatobia 


Emator Oaiya, Senatobia 
Theresa Oglesby, Senatobia 
Clement Olgbokie, Nigeria 
Peter Olgbokie, Africa 

Bill Oliver, Coral Springs, FL 
Pamela Oliver, Hernando 
Paula Oliver, Holly Springs 
Johnie Olizilo, Memphis 



Ann Owens, Oxford 
Callie Owens, Senatobia 
Jeff Palmertree, Batesuille 
Craig Parker, Holly Springs 

John Parker, Southaven 
Vickie Parker, Byhalia 
Ralph Parks, Senatobia 
Pamela Parris, Vardaman 

Karen Pass, Holly Springs 
Sharon Pass, Holly Springs 
Robert Pate, Coffeeuille 
Timothy Patrick, Horn Lake 

Jeannie Payne, Holly Springs 
Keith Payne, Hickory Flat 
Mark Payne, Horn Lake 
Scott Peddephalt, Memphis 

Paul Pearson, Southauen 
Jack Peel, Memphis 
Andrew Pegrim, Memphis 
Anna Pemon, Oxford 


Donna Denny, Tutwiler 
Lisa Perkins, Nesbit 
Mike Perkins, Senatobia 
Nancy Perkins, Holly Springs 

Kenneth Perry, Humboldt, TN 
Debra Person, Water Valley 
Susan Pettengill, Senatobia 
Larry Pettis, Oxford 

Bobby Phelps, Batesville 
Amy Phelphs, Crenshau; 
Kathy Phillips, Tutwiler 
Michael Pickens, Darling 

Bennie Poe, Sarah 
Jerome Pokes, Webb 
Sharon Pollard, Batesville 
Benetha Poole, Lambert 

Cyranna Poole, Lambert 
Gussie Porter, Byhalia 
Jean Powell, Grenada 
Rhonda Putman, Batesville 

Tim Pruitt, Senatobia 
Sharon Ramsey, Coldwater 
Todd Randolph, Waterford 
Ronny Rankins, Hernando 

Gary Ray, Horn Lake 
Janet Ray, Horn Lake 
Phyllis Ray, Coldwater 
Robyn Ray, Sardis 

Sandra Ray, Olive Branch 
Sandra Ray, Coldwater 
Jacqueline Rayborn, Nesbit 
John Reed, Sardis 


Vernell Reynolds, Waterford 
Richard Riales, Sardis 
Marshall Rich, Byhalia 
Keith Richard, Coldwater 

Sandra Riley, Byhalia 
Shirley Riley, Senatobia 
Sherrie Roane, Nesbit 
Mark Robbins, Senatobia 


Angelo Robinson, Memphis 
Cindy Robinson, Batesville 
Debbie Robinson, Holly Springs 
Kenneth Robinson, Hernando 

Lee Christian Robert, Walls 
Sharon Rodgers, Memphis 
Alan Rone, Hernando 
Becky Roop, Hernando 

Marcus Ross, Coldwater 
Ronald Rossell, Memphis 
Carrie Rounds, Calhoun City 
Brent Rowsey, Enid 

Kent Rowsey, Courtland 
Keith Roziar, Hernando 
Lorretta Rucker, Marks 
Bessie Rudd, Rosa Fort 

Helen Russell, Calhoun City 
Deosha Sanders, Hernando 
Donald Sanders, Crenshaw 
Nancy Sandford, Batesville 

? JL 9 f 


Tony Sandridge, Coldwater 
Joyce Satcher, Batesuille 
Carl Schultz, Senatobia 
Stan Sappington, Memphis 

Mark Schultz, Southauen 
Annie Scott, Oakland 
Keith Scruggs, Senatobia 
Norris Seay, Holly Springs 

Dena Sesson, Byhalia 
Karen Shaw, Holly Springs 
Jeanetta Shegog, Pope 
Len Shegog, Batesuille 

Ronald Shegog, Batesuille 
Kathy Shipley, Independence 
Jimmie Shorter, Sardis 
James Shirey, Senatobia 

Liz Sigler, Walls 
Jim Sisco, Germantown 
Melinda Skelton, Hernando 
Steve Skelton, Holly Springs 

Greg Skinner, Ohue Branch 
Albert Smith, Coldwater 
Arnita Smith, Walls 
Bettina Smith, Southauen 

Betty Smith, Southauen 
Brian Smith, Sledge 
Claudia Smith, Water Valley 
Elana Smith, Southwest 

Laura Smith, Batesuille 
Mona Smith, Lake Center 
Morris Smith, Southauen 
Ralph Smith, Batesuille 


Rebecca Smith, Senatobia 
Teri Smith, Senatobia 
Greg Smith, Oxford 
Danny Smith, Sardis 

Denise Smith. Oxford 
Natalie Sneed, Olive Branch 
Gary Smart, Independence 
Richard Snyder, Sardis 


Ricky Sommer, Southaven 
Donna Sowell, Hernando 
Lynda Sowell, Tunica 
Malinda Sparkman, Coldwater 

Erick Spears, Sardis 
Paula Spencer, Strayhorn 
Denise Stanford, Batesuille 
Diane Stanford, Holly Springs 

William Stanford, Nesbit 
Paulette Stark, Nesbit 
Angela Starks, Pittsboro 
Greg Stewart, Hickory Flat 

Maribeth Stewart, Batesuille 
Paula Stewart, Hickory Flat 
Suzanne Stewart, Senatobia 
Rick Stifolter, Walls 

Greg Steinman, Senatobia 
Wanda Stokes, Water Valley 
Karl Stone, Water Valley 
Diann Storey, Hernando 


James Storey, Hernando 
Regina Story, Hernando 
Gloria Street, Senatobia 
Sharon Stroud, Walls 

Annette Stroupe, Senatobia 
Robert Sturdivant, Tillatoba 
Stephen Sutton, Coldwater 
Ricky Swindle, Batesville 

Ronald Swinney, Oxford 
Michael Sykes, Memphis 
Danny Tate, Coldwater 
Marilyn Taylor, Harmontown 

Martha Taylor, Oakland 
Robin Taylor, Senatobia 
Shirley Taylor, Hickory Flat 
Jason Tennyson, Charleston 

Barbara Terry, Holly Springs 
Angela Thomas, Tunica 
Donald Ray Thomas, Waterford 
Rose Thomas, Dundee 

Sherri Thomas, Robinsonuille 
Alonzo Thompson, Water Valley 
Charles Thompson, Water Valley 
James Thompson, SaidU 

Wayne Thompson, Millington. TN 
Ben Threadgill, Calhoun City 
Deedie Thweatt, Memphis 
Charles Toole, Grenada 

Adrain Threadway, Germantown 
Donna Tucker, Holly Springs 
Vivian Tucker, Senatobia 
Casey Tuggles, Holly Springs 


Amy Turner, Batesuille 
Janet Turman, Sardis 
Julia Turner, Grenada 
Nellie Turner, Independence 

Pennie Turner, Oakland 
Prescilla Townsend, Batesuille 
Sharon Troxler, Coldwater 
Laura Tyson, Southaven 


B. G. Vaughn, Crenshaw 
Dwight Vick, Coffeeville 
Jamie Vick, Oxford 
Philip Vick, Memphis 

Linda Wadley, Abbewille 
Pastsy Wages, Coldwater 
Rhonda Waldo, Cojfeeville 
Thomas Waldrip, Sardis 

Eric Walker, Forrest City 
George Walker, Independence 
Geraldine Wallace, Marks 
Dianne Walls, Sardis 

Russell Walters, Nesbtt 
Cynthia Walton, Batesuille 
George Walton, Southauen 
Kathryn Walton, Coldwater 

Linda Ward, Oxford 
Teresa Ward, Abberville 
Vivineese Ward, Hernando 
Douglas Warren, Southaven 


Harry Warren, Horn Lake 
Oliver Washington, Darling 
Sherry Washington, Sardis 
Donna Waterbury, Southaven 

Cathy Webb, Senatobia 
Dianna Webb, Senatobia 
Lucille Webb, Sardis 
Scott Webb, Nashville, TN 

T. W. Webb, Memphis 
Robert Weakley, Charleston 
Bernard Welch, Olive Branch 
Peggy Wells, Victoria 

Teresa Wells, Olive Branch 
Darlene Westmoreland, Sardis 
Francyne Westmoreland, Bruce 
Cindy Whalen, Senatobia 

Michael Wheeler, Columbus 
Bowius White, Hernando 
Janice White, Hernando 
Lucy White, Byhalia 

Rodney White, Batesville 
She Hie White, Bruce 
Velma White, Oxford 
Danny Whitsell, Southaven 

Alan Wilburn, Water Valley 
Jeannette Winfrey, Memphis 
Andrea Williams, Tyro 
Brenda Williams, Holly Springs 

Callie Williams, Holly Springs 
Celisa Williams, Coldwater 
Dewayne Williams, Batesville 
Glenda Williams, Walls 


Juanita Williams, Bruce 
Keith Williams, Memphis 
Luc Williams, Senatobia 
Pamela Williams, Batesville 

Patsy Williams, Water Valley 
Ralph Williams, Coldwater 
Walter Williams, Senatobia 
Joe Willingham, Oxford 


Keith Wilson, Oxford 
Michael Wilson, Tunica 
Howard Winston, Oxford 
Debra Woodard, Water Valley 

Charles Woods, Oxford 
Kenneth Woods, Nesbit 
Linda Woods, Olive Branch 
Spencer Woody, Coldwater 

Dee Woolfolk, Senatobia 
Patty Wooten, Pittsboro 
Jeffery Wortham, Oxford 
Angie Wray, Courtland 

Sheryl Wright, Senatobia 
Cheryl Young, Oliue Branch 
Peggy Youngblood, Coldwater 
Ricky Zinn, Bruce 




Jimmy Marshall, Ricky McCou, 
and Charles Fondon practice on the 
keyboard in their piano class. 

Data processing major Sandra 
Farrow gains experience by work- 
ing in the Registrar's office. 


Chris House, 
Class President 
Dawn Russell, \ 
Vice President 



Bennie Abram, Nesbit 
Alan Adam, Hernando 
David Adams, Tillatoba 
Mattie Adams, Darling 

Virginia Adams, Coffeeville 
Patricia Alexander, Holly Springs 
Ralph Alexander, Grenada 
Margaret Alford, Batesuille 

Patrick Alford, Charleston 
Tommy Alford, Nesbit 
Harville Alice, Pope 
Cynthia Allen, Senatobia 

Diane Allen, Senatobia 
Gracie Allen, Southaven 
Michael Allen, Olive Branch 
Penny Allgood, Red Banks 

Ken Ambrose, Byhalia 

James Anderson, Holly Springs 

Mark Anderson, Hernando 

Allen Appling, West Memphis. AR 

Bill Armstrong, Bruce 
Lucinda Armstrong, Coffeeville 
Malcolm Arnold, Charleston 
Mike Arnold, Batesville 

Christy Ashford, Water Valley 
Laura Ashley, Southaven 
Sandy Ashley, North Wilkesboro, NC 
Rose Atkins, Senatobia 

Allen Austin, Lambert 
Karen Austin, Darling 
Kimberly Austin, Germantown 
Patrick Austin, Senatobia 


Randy Austin, Darling 
Windolyn Avant, Senatobia 
Benjamin Ayles, Oxford 
Linda Azlin, Southaven 

Jeff Bechel, Hernando 
Darron Bailey, Crowder 
Ester Bailey, Bruce 
James Bailey, Water Valley 


Linda Bailey, Coffeeville 
Sammie Bailey, Coldwater 
Jeanie Baker, Senatobia 
Martha Baker, Courtland 

John Baldinger, Germantown 
Dora Balfour, Holly Springs 
Delia Barham, Independence 
Bobby Barksdale, Holly Springs 

Henry Barksdale, Holly Springs 
Lisa Barksdale, Curtis 
Luther Barksdale, Batesuille 
Tammy Barlow, Coldwater 

Marilyn Barnes, Oxford 
Eric Barker, Red Banks 
Cindy Batto, Southauen 
Deventa Beals, Sledge 


Jeff Beasley, Hickory Flat 
Betty Beavers, Sardis 
Chris Beaver, Hernando 
Teresa Belfour, Holly Springs 



Barbara Belfoure, Holly Springs 
Annette Bell, Dundee 
James Bell, Water Valley 
Leazer Bell, Sardis 

Michael Bell, Holly Springs 
Michael Bell, Oxford 
Timothy Bell, Marion, AR 
Frank Beloate, Southaven 

Patricia Bennett, Senatobia 
Mark Best, Batesville 
Dennis Beverly, Webb 
Millie Billingsley, Senatobia 

Brenda Bierman, Hernando 
Arnetta Black, Sardis 
Brenda Black, Como 
Pam Black, Sardis 

Sandra Black, Como 
Deborah Blackburn, South Panola 
Clara Blackmon, Chulahoma 
Lorie Blackwelder, Calhoun City 

Mike Blackwood, Ripley 
Debra Blair, Byhalia 
Dorothy Blair, Byhalia 
James Bland, Crowder 

Kenneth Bland, Quitman 
Jodie Bledsoe, Greenville 
Robert Bledsoe, Grenana 
Michael Blount, Bruce 

Mike Bobo, Crossuille. AL 
Timothy Bobo, Tunica 
Emily Boytters, Memphis 
Charles Booker, Tunica 


Clarence Booker, Tunica 
L. T. Booker, Tunica 
Eloise Bowen, Hernando 
Tammy Bowen, Hernando 

Mack Bowen, Tunica 
Lee mar Boyd, Independence 
Curtis Bradley, Hickory Flat 
Michael Bradley, Looxahoma 


Rick Brandon, Independence 
Timothy Brandon, Independence 
Scott Brand, Marks 
Tim Brasel, Olive Branch 

Rodney Brazeal, Hughes, AR 
Gunter Brewer, Columbus 
Jolynne Bright, Starkuille 
Authur Brisendine, Walls 

Charles Britt, Charleston 
Sharon Brooks, Holly Springs 
Stanley Browell, Senatobia 
Melinda Brower, Vance 

Annette Brown, Senatobia 
Charlie Brown, Como 
Pricilla Brown, Byhalia 
Sandra Brown, Charleston 


Tammie Brown, Batesuille 
Tony Brown, Bruce 
Virginia Brown, Water Valley 
Walter Brown, Jr., Harmontown 


Gerald Browner, Atlanta. GA 
Jeff Brownlee, Senatobia 
Janie Bridges, Robinsonuille 
Carla Bruno, Tula 

Vedia Brunt, Senatobia 
Debra Bryant, Lake Cormorant 
Karen Buchanan, Bruce 
Andy Bouchillon, Senatobia 

Frank Buck, Southaven 
Renee Buckley, Potts Camp 
Willie Buford, Oxford 
Mary Burnette, Independence 

Robert Burney, Coffeeuille 
Mack Burns, Coffeeuille 
Susan Burns, Oakland 
Linda Burt, Oxford 

Danny Burt, Oxford 
Danny Butler, Lamar 
Leroy Butler, Lambert 
Shelia Butler, Senatobia 

Gwendolyn Byers, Holly Springs 
Sylvester Byers, Holly Springs 
Carla Byford, Coffeeuille 
Ernest Byno, Senatobia 

Ron Bynum, Water Valley 
Robert Byrd, Memphis 
Cheryl Cade, Water Valley 
Domingo Calabro, Venezuela 

Tammy Caldwell, Senatobia 
Steve Calvert, Crowder 
Tracy Campbell, Tutwiler 
Keith Cantrell, Bruce 


Ruth Cargile, Senatobia 
Marie Carothers, Water Valley 
Patrick Cary, Coldwater 
Carolyn Carruthers, Coldwater 

Vickie Carson, Senatobia 
Barry Carter, Oxford 
Larry Carter, Oxford 
Marsha Carter, Tunica 


Carol Cash, Holly Springs 
Jimmy Cathey, Coldwater 
Willie Causey, Tunica 
Robbie Casey, Senatobia 

Lillie Certion, Oxford 
Gary Chain, Horn Lake 
Michael Chalmers, Horn Lake 
Robert Chamberlin, Hernando 

Anita Chandler, Coffeeuille 
Holly Chapman, Water Valley 
Renea Childress, Byhalia 
Chris Chrestman, Crowder 

Janet Churchill, Potts Camp 
Delane Clark, Senatobia 
James Clay, Coffeeuille 
Tena Clay, Marks 

Theresa Clay, Como 
Lisa Clayton, Coldwater 
Roger Clayton, Senatobia 
Lisa Clements, Calhoun City 


Brad Cline, Nesbit 
Terri Cochran, Nesbit 
Greg Coker, Ashland 
Catherine Cole, Batesuille 

Cathy Cole, Coldwater 
Danny Cole, Batesuille 
Eric Cole, Colewater 
Lori Cole, Holly Springs 

Marcieta Cole, West Tallahatche 
Pamela Cole, Olive Branch 
Scott Cole, Coldwater 
Carl Coleman, Sardis 

Ken Collier, Batesuille 
Evelyn Conley, Tunica 
Cindy Conner, Oxford 
Shelia Conrad, Como 

Billy Cook, Sledge 
Chuck Cook, Charleston 
John Cook, Batesuille 
Randy Cook, Courtland 

David Cooper, Horn Lake 
Lezlye Cooper, Lambert 
Vanessa Cooper, Crenshaw 
Raymond Coppage, Oxford 

Gwen Cosby, Batesuille 
Pennie Cosby, Batesuille 
David Cotten, Charleston, 
Lisa Coughran, Hernando 

James Covington, Water Valley 
Lori Cowsert, Bruce 
Barry Cox, Memphis 
Thomas Cox, Holly Springs 


Brenda Craig, Senatobia 
Leslie Craig, Senatobia 
Wayne Carter, Oxford 
Faila Crawford, Walls 

Lynn Crawford, Tillatobia 
Mary Crawford, Lambert 
Mary Creasy, West Memphis, AR 
Arthur Crider, Southaven 


John Curbo, Olive Branch 
Lisa Cupp, Holly Springs 
Michael Cupp, Holly Springs 
James Curtis, Charleston 

Gale Dandridge, Coldwater 
Phyllis Daniel, Memphis 
Verneice Daniel, Tunica 
Gary Darby, Como 

Kelsey Darnell, Senatobia 
Michael Davidson, Senatobia 
Mike Davis, Memphis 
Denna Davis, Batesville 

James Davis, Tunica 
Jennifer Davis, Holly Springs 
Jerry Davis, Holly Springs 
Kelly Davis, Senatobia 

Kevin Davis, Independence 
Marshall Davis, Senatobia 
Rebecca Davis, Holly Springs 
Robert Davis, Holly Springs 


Richard Davis, Oxford 
Shirley Davis, Sardis 
Jerry Day, Holly Springs 
Sherry Dean, Looxahoma 

Joseph Delbert, Holly Springs 
Ronald Daniels, Bruce 
Patricia Dennis, Oxford 
Vanessa Dennis, Hernando 

Mary Dettor, Batesuille 
David Dixon, Walls 
Carolyn Dockery, Olive Branch 
Renee Dockery, Tunica 

Margaret Dodson, Waterford 
Dana Doles, Calhoun City 
Jeff Donaldson, Banner 
Ken Donaldson, Enid 

Linda Doolin, Water Valley 
James Dorr, Sardis 
Tammie Dorris, Crowder 
Steven Douglas, Hernando 

Verna Douglas, Tunica 
Betty Dover, Lambert 
Theresa Dover, Pontotoc 
Berneal Dorse, Michigan City 

Henry Dowery, Memphis 
Renne Downs, Oxford 
Billie Drake, Bruce 
Don Draper, Oxford 

Robert Duke, Charleston 
Brenda Dukes, Hernando 
Robert Dunaway, Lake Cormorant 
William Dunaway, Lake Cormorant 


Ray Duncan, Byhalia 
Linda Dunlap, Senatobia 
Patrice Durdin, Independence 
David Durhan, Batesville 

Billy Easley, Hernando 
Angela East, Friendship, TN 
Cassandra Echol, Memphis 
Joseph Echols, Holly Springs 

Janice Edwards, Memphis 
Priscille Edwards, Lake Cormorant 
Sandra Elan, Hernando 
Lynn Elliot, Ashland 

John Ellis, Batesville 

Pattie Ellis, Sledge 

Renee Elmore, Lake Cormorant 

Larry Eloby, Clarksdale 

Melanie England, Wyatte 
Carol Enlow, Hernando 
Delois Epps, Senatobia 
Stanley Etheridge, Charleston 

Hal Ervin, Memphis 
Jerry Eubanks, Senatobia 
Jimmy Evans, Charleston 
Faye Evins, Crenshaw 

Karen Fair, Sledge 
Patricia Falkner, Potts Camp 
Angie Farmer, Batesui7/e 
Connie Farrow, Coldwater 





Rhona Farrow, Independence 
Sharon Falkner, Southaven 
Jimmy Ferguson, Senatobia 
Russ Ferguson, Hernando 

Norris Field, Memphis 
Leana Finley, Holly Springs 
Larry Fisher, Batesville 
Susan Fleming, Sard's 

Calvin Floied, Coffeeuille 
Charles Fondon, Water Valley 
Freda Fondren, Oxford 
Anthony Ford, Holly Springs 

Janine Ford, Senatobia 
Brock Foster, Bruce 
Harold France, Hernando 
Roger Franks, Horn Lake 

Sid Franklin, Tunica 
Carlton Freeman, Southaven 
Melissa Freeman, Senatobia 
Patty Frossard, Aberdeen 

Tammy Fuller, Oxford 
Kathy Fullerton, Senatobia 
Donna Garner, Holly Springs 
Janet Garrett, Senatobia 

Sandra Garrett, Senatobia 
Sandra Garrett, Hernando 
Dexter Garrett, Tunica 
Micheal Garrison, Holly Springs 

Wanda Garrison, Coldwater 
Laurie Gee, Pleasant Groue 
Melvin George, Sumner 
Vernon German, Jackson 


Beverly Gibbs, DunDee 
Phyllis Gibbs, Coldwater 
Darrell Giddens, Senatobia 
Archie Gilliom, Oxford 

Illean Gilliom, Oxford 
Goston Glover, Holly Springs 
Lisa Glover, Holly Springs 
Chris Goode, Hazlewood 

Andrea Gooden, Tunica 
Charolette Goodson, Bruce 
John Goodwon, Rosa Fort 
Willie Goolsby, Oxford 

Gray Gordon, Moorehead 
Gregory Gordon, Tunica 
James Gordon, Bruce 
Bryant Graham, Independence 

Michael Graham, Senatobia 
Sonja Graham, Independence 
Wanda Graham, Abbeville 
Enda Grant, Sardis 

Steve Grantham, Overton 
Bruce Gray, Batesville 
Leigh Gray, Senatobia 
Gaylan Gray, Coffeeville 

Samantha Green, Senatobia 
James Greene, Memphis 
David Griffin, Horn Lake 
Gwen Griffin, Batesville 


Julia Griffin, Batesville 
Sheley Griffin, Batesville 
William Griggs, Forrest City 
Beatrice Guest, Bald Knob, AR 

Cody Guin, Olive Branch 
Emily Gullett, Holly Springs 
Paul Gunter, W. Memphis, AR 
Lewis Gurley, Marks 

Amy Guthrie, Senatobia 
Constance Guy, Olive Branch 
Patricia Guy, Sledge 
Sharron Guy, Tunica 

Tammy Haley, Holly Springs 
Julia Hall, Lambert 
Lee Halliburton, Tunica 
Annie Hamer, Michigan 

Angela Hamilton, Calhoun City 
Debra Hamilton, Tunica 
Timothy Hamilton, Vardaman 
Lyndra Hammond, Senatobia 

Robin Hammond, Senatobia 
Thomas Hammond, Senatobia 
Karen Hannah, Holly Springs 
Chuck Harding, Southaven 

James Hardin, Nashville, TN 
Rebecca Harbin, Gore Springs 
Gregory Hardy, Byhalia 
Michael Hargett, Charleston 

Clyde Harper, Ashland 
William Harper, Memphis 
Craig Harris, Cojfeeville 
Herbert Harris, Hernando 


Lynn Harris, Sardis 
Terrie Harris, Sardis 
Tony Harris, Sardis 
Dewitt Harrison, Cojfeeville 

Glenn Hassell, Coldwater 
Rose Hawkins, Tunica 
Shirley Hawkins, Tunica 
W. H. Hawkins, Tunica 


Gregory Hayes, Hernando 
Stephen Hayes, Coldwater 
Verner Hayhurst, Senatobia 
Myron Haynes, Lam-ert 

Tim Haynie, Abbeville 
Cynthia Helmes, Batesville 
Bobby Henderson, Potts Camp 
Rodney Henderson, Crowder 

Paul Hendrix, Vardaman 
Betty Henry, Nesbit 
Rodney Hentz, Courtland 
Kelly Herring, Sledge 

Lorin Herring, Southaven 
Carla Herron, Enid 
Gary Hester, Batesville 
Tim Hester, Nesbit 

Gail Hibbler, Sarah 

Joan Hickey, Memphis 

Celestine Hicks, Marks 

Teresa Higgenbottom, Independence 


David Hightower, Lexington 
Pamela Hightower, Bruce 
Patricia Hill, Oxford 
Winford Hill, Como 

Michelle Hillhouse, Mt. Pleasant 
Jean Hodge, Enid 
Dean Holcombe, Crowder 
Steve Holcombe, Marion 

Angie Holden, Como 
Mary Hollingsworth, Crowder 
Gladys Hollis, Cascilla 
Tim Holloway, Derma 

Vickie Hollaway, Hernando 
Sameul Hollowell, Oxford 
Carol Holmes, Holly Springs 
Tony Holmes, Coldwater 

Alex Holcombe, Crowder 
Jerdean Holmon, Oxford 
Loretta Holts, Senatobia 
Lisa Hood, Senatobia 

Ritchie Hopper, Hickory Flat 
Michael Houpt, Water Valley 
Christopher House, IV. Memphis, AR 
Norris House, Holly Springs 

Stafford Houston, Nesbit 
Mitzi Howard, Coldwater 
Terry Howard, Tunica 
Thomas Howard, Byhalia 

Ronald Howe, Sarah 
Catherine Howell, Holly Springs 
Ellen Howell, Hernado 
James Howell, Holly Springs 


Janice Howell, Waterford 
Suzanne Howlett, Hesbit 
Jeanette Hoyle, Holly Springs 
Laura Hoyle, Holly Springs 

Troy Harty, Senatobia 
Patsy Huckaby, Banner 
Cynthia Hudson, Tutwiler 
Will Hudspeth, Senatobia 



Billy Huffstatler, Oliue Branch 
James Hughes, Water Valley 
Shirley Hullette, Senatobia 
Annette Humphery, Marks 

Barbara Humphreys, Senatobia 
Carlotta Hurt, Holly Springs 
Linda Hurt, Sardis 
Jennifer Hutchison, Coldwater 

Lisa Hutchison, Oliue Branch 
Debbie Hutton, Memphis 
Shela Ingram, Holly Springs 
Barney Inman, Sardis 

James Inman, Lambert 
Scotttie Inman, Bruce 
Robert Irby, Memphis 
Johnny Island, Tunica 

Tina Ivey, Senatobia 
A. B. Jackson, Senatobia 
Betty Jackson, Hernando 
Betty Jackson, Senatobia 



Clinton Jackson, Oxford 
Dianna Jackson, Horn Lake 
Dorothy Jackson, Senatobia 
Ester Jackson, Hernando 

Freddie Jackson, Senatobia 
Hazel Jackson, Senatobia 
Jimmy Jackson, Brandon 
John Jackson, Charleston 

Mary Jackson, CojfeeviUe 
Patrica Jackson, Marks 
Sharon Jackson, Tutwiler 
Vincent Jackson, Nesbit 

Virginia Jackson, Oxford 
Greg James, Charleston 
Jan James, Ashland 
Tony James, Hernando 

Shirley Jamison, Oxford 
Eddie Jarrell, Coffeeuille 
Alonzo Jeans, Hernando 
Clint Jeffries, Southaven 

Charles Johnkins, Glendora 
Alan Johnson, Walls 
Antoniette Johnson, Coldwater 
Brenda Johnson, Lambert 

Cora Johnson, Tunica 
Debbie Johnson, Pope 
Dorothy Johnson, Water Valley 
Linda Johnson, Oakland 

Phyllis Johnson, Courtland 
Richard Johnson, Batesville 
Rodney Johnson, Batesville 
Sandra Johnson, Coldwater 


Terence Johnson, Marks 
Bettie Joiner, Water Valley 
Jacqueline Joiner, Memphis 
Charles Jolley, Walls 

Chester Jones, Coffeeuille 
Danny Jones, Nesbit 
Debra Jones, Batesuille 
Debra Jones, Holly Springs 

. ■ -. 


Joyce Jones, Hernando 
Lou Jones, Batesuille 
Mamie Jones, Holly Springs 
Mary Lou Jones, Sardis 

Myra Jones, Forrest City, AR 
Oliver Jones, Water Valley 
Patty Jones, Marks 
Penny Jones, Byhalia 

Randale Jones, Michigan City 
Ricky Jones, Holly Springs 
Rose Jones, Nesbit 
Ruby Jones, Tuncia 

Shirley Jones, Holly Springs 
Tina Jones, Holly Springs 
Vincent Jones, Robinsonville 
Ronald Jones, Vardaman 

Beverly Kahlor, Senatobia 
David Kelly, Quitman 
William Kelly, Senatobia 
Pam Kendall, Charleston 


Kirk Kimmett, Water Valley 
Karen Kincaid, Senatobia 
Ann King, Coldwater 
David King, Horn Lake 

Ray King, Holcomb 
Jerry King, Walls 
Robbie King, Bruce 
Sherry King, Sledge 

Sherry King, Marks 
Stacy King, Lambert 
Tammy King, Bruce 
Ellen Kitchen, Southauen 

Kim Kizziah, Evans Mills, NY 
Susanne Klepzig, Abbeville 
Beth Knight, Nesbit 
Cheryl Kopf, Holly Springs 

Fred Kraner, Foxmill, VA 
Keith Kueter, Sardis 
James Ladd, Pope 
Kathleen Lafever, Holly Springs 

James Lahmon, Southaven 
Alice Lamar, Sardis 
Kenneth Lane, Grenada 
Patricia Lane, Grenada 

Karl Lathan, Marks 
Zandra Lauderdale, Hernando 
Cedric Lawrence, Coldwater 
Dorothy Lawson, Batesville 

Marilyn Lawson, Grenada 
Angela Leake, Hernando 
Antoinette Lee, Hernando 
Linda Lee, Hernando 


Willie Leep, Senatobia 
Bryon Legge, Batesuille 
Michael Lemmons, Oxford 
Ketrina Lester, Batesuille 

Joyce Lesure, Holly Springs 
Brenda Lewis, Coffeeuille 
Colletla Lewis, Tuncia 
Dana Lewis, Marks 


Jackie Lewis, Tuncia 
James Lewis, Charleston 
Joe Lewis, Oxford 
Julia Lewis, Philip 

Larry Lewis, Como 
Lynn Lewis, Senatobia 
Edward Liggins, Holly Springs 
Lavetta Liggins, Holly Springs 

Audry Liles, Bruce 
Max Lindsey, Sarah 
Mike Lipsey, Nesbit 
Paul Little, Webb 

Linda Livingston, Oxford 
Joe Lloyd, Memphis 
Sandra Lloyd, Lambert 
Michael Lockett, Senatobia 

Angela Lofton, Batesuille 
Gaal Long, Sardis 
Julie Long, Oxford 
Anthony Love, Water Valley 


Eugene Love, Pope 

Patricia Love, Coldwater 

Jill Lovelady, Oxford 

Thomas Lovelady, Water Valley 

Robert Lawrence, Coffeeuille 
Virginia Lucas, Victoria 
Gina Luellen, Lamar 
Elizabeth Mack, Holly Springs 

Ray Mack, Senatobia 
Malvin Mackey, Como 
Gregg Maholm, Holly Springs 
Linda Malone, Coldwater 

Phil Maness, Lake Cormonant 
Joan Marascalco, Grenada 
Sandra Marshall, Batesuille 
Edith Martin, Memphis 

James Martin, Southauen 
Morgan Martin, Holly Springs 
Robyn Martin, Hernando 
Roosevelt Martin, Marks 

Michael Martindale, Courtland 
Victor Martinez, Arecibo. PR 
Jacqueline Mason, Senatobia 
James Mason, Holly Springs 

Margaret Mason, Sardis 
Lori Massey, Batesuille 
Sterling Massey, Water Valley 
Carol Massey, Coldwater 

Debra Masterson, Batesuille 
Carla Mayo, Crenshaw 
Janet McCaleb, Southauen 
Kay McCarley, Batesuille 


Amy McCullar, Water Valley 
Cedric McClinie, Forrest City, AR 
Leslie McClain, Hernando 
Shayne McCurdy, Grenada 


James McDermott, Hernando 
Edgar McDaniel, Holly Springs 
James McDowell, Batesuille 
Norma McDowell, Memphis 



Greg McFarlin, Coldwater 
Allen McGee, Coldwater 
Sandra McGowen, Hernando 
Micheal McNamee, Ashland 

Carl McKay, Coldwater 
Sharry McKay, Tunica 
Ethel McKinney, Sardis 
Tina McKnatt, Olive Branch 

Bridgette McLain, Sardis 
Walter McLaurin, Oxford 
Stephen McLendon, Tillatoba 
David Scott McMinn, Water Valley 

Angie McNail, Senatobia 
Linda McMinn, Batesuille 
Kerry Metts, Oxford 
Stacy Mertz, Columbus 

Angela Merriman, Batesuille 
Hughey Melton, Sarah 
Robin McNeil, Holly Springs 
Michael McNeil, Southauen 


Patricia Middleton, Hernando 
Robie Middleton, Independence 
Harriet Milam, Coldwater 
Ladora Milam, Coldwater 
Gwendolyn Milan, Holly Springs 

George Milaw, Olive Branch 
Betty Miller, Sardis 
Scarlett Miller, Senatobia 
Scott Millet, Memphis 
Terry Miller, Summer 

William Miller, Horn Lake 
Melanic Miller, Potts Camp 
Melanie Mills, Hickorv Flat 
Ronnie Mills, Hickorv Flat 
Keba Minga, Oxford 

Trudy Minor, Olive Branch 
Teresa Mister, Vardaman 
Chrystal Mitchell, Batesville 
Gary Mitchell, Tavlor 
Thomas Mithcell, Tavlor 

Victory Mithcell, Clarksdale 
Linda Mize, Senatobia 
Terry Modica, Senatobia 
Penny Mock, Senatobia 
Ron Monaco, Hamden 

Richard Montgomery, Stravhorn 
Annie Moore, Tunica 
Lionell Moore, Red Banks 
Rhonda Moore, Enid 
Teresa Moore, W. Memphis 

Steve Morgan, Bruce 
Sandra Morton, Tunica 
Norris Morris, Charleston 
Pam Morris, Tuncia 
Larry Mosley, Coldwater 

Wayne Mullen, Vardaman 
Ryan Murphey, Tippo 
Brenda Murphree, Enid 
Gregory Murphree, Hernando 
Patsy Murphy, Bvhalia 


Maxinc Musgrove, Batesville 
Perry Myrick, Water Valley 
Aretha Nash, Lambert 
Joseph Nardozzi, Batesuille 

Pamela Neal, Bruce 
Johnny Nelson, Olive Branch 
Robert Newman, Charleston 
Kelvin Newton, Webb 



Marsha Newson, Holly Springs 
Travis Newson, Germantown 
Marie Nickson, Tunica 
Don Nix, Bruce 

Betty Norton, Ahsland 
Valeria Noramore, Coldwater 
Lily O'Bryant, Grenada 
Lisa Odom, Water Valley 

Fred Ogg, Coldwater 
Chris Ohalloran, Memphis 
Bridget Oliver, Hernando 
Timothy Oliver, Holly Springs 

Annie Orange, Senatobia 
Betsy Osborn, Southaven 
Lisa Osborn, Southaven 
Chris Ostrander, Water Valley 

Curtis Owens, Oxford 
Greg Owens, Grenada 
Tim Oglesby, Senatobia 
Patricia Paige, Ashland 


John Palazzolo, Grenada 
Cindy Parham, Southauen 
Bobby Parks, Jackson 
Wilburn Parks, Darling 
San Parks, Olive Branch 

Henry Parker, Holly Springs 
Larry Parker, Bruce 
Randall Parris, Batesuille 
Jeryl Pass, Holly Springs 
Michael Patton, Batesuille 

Sharon Poynor, Bruce 
Howard Peete, Memphis 
Sylvester Pegues, Holly Springs 
Fredrick Pegues, Holly Springs 
Cajewel Pegues, Holly Springs 

Patricia Pegues, Holly Springs 
Linda Penson, Vardaman 
Mamie Perkins, Holly Springs 
John Perkins, Senatobia 
Alecia Perry, Sledge 

Terry Perry, Lamar 
Patricia Person, Southaven 
Mary Pettis, Oxford 
Guyton Phillips, Columbus 
Nellie Phillips, Oxford 

Russell Pierce, Sardis 
Christine Pighee, Hernando 
Teresa Pinner, Hernando 
Randa Pittman, Tutwiller 
Ken Pittman, Senatobia 

Nancie Pittman, Panola 
Margaret Pitts, Coldwater 
Curt Pollan, Scobey 
Amy Pounders, Batesuille 
Jacqueline Poplar, Michigan 

Ron Powell, Bruce 
Carolyn Powers, Hernando 
Martha Prewitt, Nesbit 
Michael Prewitt, Grenada 
Larry Pride, Crenshaw 


Donald Pride, Batesuille 
Timmy Pruitt, Abbeville 
Odis Pruitt, Holly Springs 
Paul Pulliam, Waterjord 

Melodye Purdy, Coffeeville 
Larry Quarles, Oxford 
Shannon Ramsey, Holly Springs 
Keith Rankins, Memphis 

Dana Ray, Horn Lake 
Martha Ray, Senatobia 
Casey Rayborn, Nesbit 
Donna Rayford, Sledge 

Christine Reed, Memphis 
Fannie Reed, Philadelphia 
Kathy Reichert, Marks 
Paul Reinking, Walls 

Michelle Reliford, Holly Springs 
Carol Reynolds, Senatobia 
Michael Rice, Hernando 
Page Richardson, Tunica 

Tommy Richardson, Hernando 
Curtsy Riley, Lambert 
Lee Riley, Hernando 
Mack Riley, Lambert 

Michael Riley, Water Valley 
Rose Riley, Lambert 
Apel Roberts, Eads. TN 
Susan Roberts, Crenshaw 

P* O ft 




Richard Roberts, Southauen 
Venail Roberson, Coldwater 
Sandra Robertson, Hernando 
Dorothy Robertson, Batesuille 
Jackie Robertson, Hernando 

Shelia Roberts, Hernando 
Linda Robinette, Hernando 
Jeannette Robinson, Hernando 
Pam Robinson, Como 
Scott Robinson, Charleston 

Ivetta Robrinzine, Sledge 
Andrew Rogers, Byhalia 
John Rogers, Hernando 
Rose Rogers, Coahoma 
Timmy Rodgers, Senatobia 

Wanda Roland, Coffeeville 
Lois Rooker, Batesville 
Gloria Rooks, Holly Springs 
Thomas Rose, Hernando 
Anne Ross, Coffeeville 

Melvin Ross, Hernando 
William Rowe, Charleston 
Hozelda Rowsey, Oxford 
Cedric Ruby, Memphis 
Wanda Rudd, Batesville 

Ronnie Rummels, Sardis 
Norma Rushing, Tunica 
Dawn Russel, Crowder 
David Russel, Oxford 
Laundelle Salter, Sardis 

Kerri Salvaggio, Columbus 
Fred Sanders, Batesville 
Marilyn Sanders, Senatobi'i 
Theresa Sanders, Enid 
Gary Sansom, IVater Valley 

Jeffrey Savage, Coldwater 
Danny Sawyer, Hernando 
Chris Scallorn, Independence 
Gary Scarborough, Bemis, TN 
Deborah Scates, Sardis 


Linda Schmitz, Water Valley 
Sandra Schneider, Mandeuelle. LA 
Paula Schoggen, Senatobia 
Marcia Schultz, Senatobia 

Allison Scott, Hernando 
Anita Scott, Como 
Billy Scott, Coldwater 
Jeraldine Scott, Batesmlle 


Steve Scruggs, Batesville 
Carla See, Courtland 
Jeri Selby, Charleston 
Pam Selby, Charleston 

Micheal Self, Batesville 
Symelle Semmemon, Batesville 
Steve Serpas, Independence 
Pammie Shackleford, Southaven 

Lee Shankle, Charleston 
Eone Shannon, Hernando 
Daniel Sharp, Memphis 
Dianna Sharp, Memphis 

Richard Sharp, Chulahoma 
Richard Sharp, Southaven 
Alonzo Shaw, Harmontown 
Joseph Shaw, Parkin 

Larry Shaw, Pope 
Phyllis Shaw, / larmontown 
Susan Shaw, Cojjeeville 
Barbara Sheeks, IVater Valley 


Rob Sheets, Grove City. OH 
Sadie Shegog, Courtland 
Hugh Shelton, Tunica 
Michael Sherrod, Memphis 
Eddie Shield, Tunica 

Daniel Simmons, Tunica 
Frederick Simmons, Charleston 
Kimberly Simmons, Sledge 
Linda Simmons, Grenada 
Robert Simmons, Charleston 

Stacye Simmons, Como 
Dennis Simpson, Southauen 
Thomas Sisk, Oxjord 
Benjamin Smith, Parkin, AK 
Betty Smith, Lambert 

Carlenease Smith, Ashland 
Daniel Smith, Parkin, AK 
Donna Smith, Sardis 
Henry Smith, Como 
Jerry Smith, Water Valley 

Kip Smith, Senatobia 
Leotis Smith, Coldwater 
Lisa Smith, Coldwater 
Marcel Smith, Oliue Branch 
Randall Smith, Senatobia 

Patricia Smith, Summer 
Patricia Smith, Sardis 
Preston Smith, Oxford 
Renee Smith, Senatobia 
Robert Smith, Holly Springs 

Russel Smith, Oxford 
Sonja Smith, Southauen 
Jerry Smith, Coldwater 
Terry Smith, New Orleans. LA 
Jacqueline Smith, Senatobia 

Virginia Smith, Sumner 
Walter Smith, Tunica 
Willie Smith, Tunica 
Jeanine Smithson, Water Valley 
Keith Smithson, Water Valley 


Queen Snow, Holly Springs 
Anita Sowell, Coldwater 
Marsha Sowell, Coldwater 
Tamera Sowell, Olive Branch 

Teresa Sowell, Coldwater 
Terrence Spears, Sardis 
Cynthia Spencer, Sarah 
Jon Stafford, Senatobia 


Kelly Standard, Enid 
Lisa Standard, Enid 
Randy Standard, Pope 
Mark Stanford, Senatobia 

Sherry Stanford, Marks 
Bobby Stanton, Hickory Flat 
Stephen Stanton, Crowder 
Annie Stevenson, Sardis 

Alton Stewart, Marks 
Anita Stewart, Marks 
Billy Steward, Vicksburg 
Chris Stewart, Olive Branch 

Joan Stewart, Batesville 
Trina Still, Pope 
Leroy Stitts, Tunica 
Walter Stockton, Hernando 

Shirley Stokes, Crenshaw 
John Strange, Coldwater 
Dorothy Street, Holly Springs 
Jerome Street, Courtland 


James Strickland, Ashland 
Catherine Sturdivant, Oxford 
Connie Sturdivant, Oxford 
Howard Summerford, Walls 
Ann Sutton, Pope 

Glinda Swan, Sledge 
Kenneth Swan, Sledge 
Jobie Swift, Memphis 
Denice Talley, Sardis 
Earline Tallie, Lamar 

Helen Tanksley, Senatobia 
Bruce Tanner, Huntsvilla, AL 
Ruth Tate, Hernando 
Sherry Tate, Water Valley 
Becky Taylor, Senatobia 

Betty Taylor, Enid 
Darin Taylor, Horn Lake 
Johnette Taylor, Banner 
Kathryn Taylor, Olive Branch 
Mary Taylor, Oakland 

Rachel Taylor, Coldwater 
Roberta Taylor, Potts Camp 
Rosa Taylor, Oakland 
Stephen Taylor, Lamar 
Tina Taylor, Senatobia 

Rusty Tedford, Marks 
Emily Teel, Mt. Pleasant 
Lisa Teel, Mt. Pleasant 
Janice Terry, Ashland 
Annette Thomas, Tunica 

Crystal Thomas, Hernando 
Cynthia Thomas, Sardis 
Donnie Thomas, Holly Springs 
Gerald Thomas, Memphis 
Jean Thomas, Lambert 

Kellye Thomas, Batesuille 
Stacilyn Thomas, Charleston 
Terrence Thomas, Memphis 
Theria Thomas, Tunica 
Angela Thomas, Senatobia 


Charles Thompson, Webb 
Sandra Thompson, Batesuille 
Sharon Thompson, Horn Lake 
Charles Thornton, Covington. TN 

Sharon Todd, Coldwater 
Annette Todd, Hernando 
John Toole, Ittabena 
James Townsend, Oxford 



Anita Tribble, Charleston 
Lee Troutt, Oakland 
Valeria Tucker, Holly Springs 
Annette Tuggle, Hernando 

Shelia Tuggle, Nesbit 
Emily Tunstall, Olive Branch 
Micheal Turner, Charleston 
Sandra Turner, Batesuille 

Stacy Turner, Crowder 
Joe Underhill, Memphis 
Anne Underwood, Southauen 
Kristie Uptain, Aberdeen 

Marie Usher, Bruce 
Curtis Vance, Charleston 
Darrell Vann, Memphis 
Kim Vanzandt, Lambert 

Lisa Varner, Oxford 
Robert Vawter, Como 
David Vick Senatobia 
Barbara Vickery, Memphis 


Kay Vinson, Shannon 
Josephine Wadley, Hernando 
Gail Wages, Senatobia 
Phyllis Wait, Senatobia 
Patti Walker, Grenada 

Valerie Walker, Elliot 
Lisa Wallace, O/iue Branch 
Louise Wallace, Sledge 
Tommy Wallace, Enid 
Ray Walters, Nesbit 

Jerita Walton, Senatobia 
Thomas Walton, Tuncia 
Larry Ward, Sardis 
Steve Ward, Sardis 
LaSonya Ware, Pope 

Rose Ware, Enid 
Melanie Warner, Crowder 
Carl Washington, Tallahatchie 
Sherrye Washington. Potrs Camp 
William Washington, Darling 

Henry Watson, Holly; Springs 
Marvin Watson, Sledge 
William Watson, Memphis 
Robert Weatherall, Hickory Flat 
Paul Weathersby, Marks 

Donna Weaver, Olive Branch 
George Webb, Hernando 
Patricia Webb, Hernando 
Stanley Webb, Sardis 
Margie Week, Pittsboro 

Brandi Welch, Sarah 
Cary Welch, Askew 
Patsy Welch, Preston 
John Wellington, Tunica 
Richard Wells, Clarksdale 

Susan Wells, Independence 
Theo Wesley, Coffeeville 
Luella West, Robinsonville 
Debbie Wheatley, Sardis 
Michael Wheeler, Charleston 


Area White, Hernando 
Jackie White, Oxford 
Johnny White, Tunica 
Kenneth White, Senatobia 

Linda White, Senatobia 
Missy White, Hernando 
Keith White, Marks 
Toney White, Rosa Fort 


Troy White, Water Valley 
Diane Whitehead, Oxford 
Dorothy Whitfield, Coldwater 
James Whiting, Como 

Wyneth Whitman, Nesfait 
Angie Whitsell, Batesville 
Malcolm Whitten, Cascilla 
Teresa Whitworth, Batesville 

John Wiginton, Water Valley 
Sammie Wilbert, Tunica 
Jeffery Wiley, Tutwiler 
Cynthia Williams, Darling 

Cynthia Williams, Tutwiler 
David Williams, Hernando 
Euncie Williams, Abbeville 
Frank Williams, Palm Beach. FL 

James Williams, Tunica 
Rachel Williams, Pope 
Rhonda Williams, Southaven 
Richard Williams, Como 



Richard Williams, Senatobia 
Robbie Williams, Holly Springs 
Shirley Williams, Lamar 
Stanley Williams, Michigan City 
Wanda Williams, Crowder 

William Williams, Crenshaw 
Linda Williamson, Holly Springs 
Sharyn Williford, Oxford 
Johnny Willis, Coffeeuille 
Bedeliah Wilson, Courtland 

Ronald Wilson, Hernando 
Tracy Wilson, Nesbit 
Katie Windless, Sledge 
Shelly Wood, Hernando 
Darell Woodard, Tuncia 

Anthony Woods, Nesbit 
Doris Woods, Tunica 
Emund Woods, Colt, AR 
Gloria Woods, Holly Springs 
Vera Woods, Tunica 

Shelia Woody, Coldwater 
Donna Woolfolk, Senatobia 
Jennifer Work, Hernando 
Micheal Wooten, Coffeeuille 
Sandra Wrenn, Detroit 

Gay Wright, Coldwater 
Gwendolyn Wright, Earle 
Kennedy Wright, Coldwater 
Randy Wright, Senatobia 
Rickey Wright, Memphis 

Shawn Wright, Walls 
Stanley Wright, Coffeeuille 
Sylvia Wright, Hernando 
Troy Wright, Sledge 
Kelly Wylie, Memphis 

Dave Yarbrough, Paris 
Jennifer Yarbrough, Atlanta 
Alice Young, Batesville 
Carol Young, Holly Springs 
Cliff Young, Senatobia 


Denise Young, Victoria 
Lorenzo Young, Holly Springs 
Winfred Young, Hotiy Springs 
Willie Zinn, Robinsonville 

Delinda Mitchell, Waterford 




Campus Activity 

Renee Holden, (Left) spends many hours a day working on projects in the 

Commercial Art Department. 

Strolling across campus is a welcome break from class for Wendy Garrison and 

Angie Holden. 

Dawn Russell, (Below) also enjoys being outside when not in class. 


4* tr^l \ 

Lectures in the nursing department, tests in all areas, or time out for a visit with man's best friend are all part 
of campus life. 











^MV 1 














.'■v. : ' ; \ v >■■■'' 3":- : . . ,:'■'. \K''£ ■' 

Vv-sr-. -:■■-:>>-.-■.;-', ?.•;'>!":"■";, ■■ -■::-^-- -;-■;.■: ^-.-'"".v." ■>■:-< . 


DeSoto Center is located in Southaven, MS at the Tenn. State line. There are approximately 500 
students who attend classes here. The campus provides a pleasant environment in which students can 



,* ■• 

*■ ^ ... **.■ 


V w 

' w 

„>*M* : ' 

' ' a ^ f : 



The campus covers 17% acres and is one of the most beautiful campuses in the south. Many night classes 
are offered at DeSoto Center, as well as the regular day classes. This is in an effort to meet the needs of all 
the people in the surrounding area. 


Mr. and Miss DeSoto Center 

I iii i nil ii «.» '■ <«■"■ • -r vmr^-mmsmmim^im 


Wally White 
Major: Business 
Southaven, MS 

Babette Watts 

Major: Dental Hygiene 

Southaven, MS 


Homecoming Queen 


Angela Nivels was elected DeSoto Center's 
homecoming representative for two consecutive 
years and this year the mortuary science major was 
crowned Homecoming Queen on the main campus. 

The queen and her escort, Bryan Nichols are from 


Saturday, Oct. 15 




This year two clubs received new names, which were DELTA EPSILON CHI, for DECA, and 
SIGMA PHI SIGMA, for Mortuary Science. 

These two fraternities serve to create professionalism in students and better acquaint them with 
the business world they are to enter. 


yg .^f 




Club members are: 
Bubba Braswell 
Elnora Burton 
David Berryman 
George Gillespe 
Gene Henry 
Terrance Jensen 
Charlie Moss 
Tom Nelson 
Karl Oliver 
Sandra Pruett 
Bob Rosson 
Joe Shaw 
Robert Shaw 
Ronnie Shaw 
Ben Smith 
Dan Smith 
Dave Watson 

Officers and Executive Board 
John Wise — President 
Alonzo Sanders — Vice President 
Robin Tyler — Secretary 
Kenny Estes 
Kenneth Roberson 
Kenneth Perry 
Ben Smith 


S v >; 




Members include Ruth Adkins, Brian Carmon, Jim Darnell, Harold Davis, Karen Davis, John Estes, Bubba 
Games, Tommy Nichols, Gloria Westbrook, and Teresa Williamson. Sponsors are Sally Askew and Charles 





Club Members include: 



Lisa Collums 

Gloria Woods 

Karen Hannah 

Leslie McKay 

Janice Bogard — Secretary 

Kaye Elam 

Thomas Roberson — President 

Mechelle Rediford 

Dana Doles 

Not Pictured: 

Kimmie Graham — Vice-President 

Monica Mitchell — Reporter 

Virgil Brandon — Parliamentarian 


Getting Involved . . . 

DeSoto Center is not only a place where students learn, instructors teach, and ad- 
ministration takes care of business; it is a place where everyone joins together and par- 
ticipates in various events, to help serve the Southaven community. 

The Delta Epsilon Chi (DECA) participated in the Great American Smoke Out which 
was held on November 17, 1983, to try and encourage people to stop smoking for 24 

Phi Theta Kappa sold donuts, cookies, and coffee to help raise money for victims who 
reside in the Southaven area who needed liver transplants and victims whose homes 

Each semester the psychology classes, along with other students and instructors, take a 
trip to Ellisville State School, a school for the mentally retarded and handicapped. This 
gives the students an opportunity to get to know and understand the retarded as in- 
dividuals and not as stereotypes. 

DeSoto Center, not only a school where students study English, accounting, typing, 
etc., but a place where students care about others and work together to provide a better 
outlook on life. 



Outstanding Students 

Selected by Instructors 


i - 1 


Jimmie Carmer 
Secretarial Science 


John R. Estes 

Debra Williams 

Gloria Westbrook 


Thomas Roberson 
Fashion Merchandising 

Rcgina Hatlcy 
Fashion Merchandising 

Sabra Johnston 
Hotel-Motel Restaurant Management 

Judie Wilson 


Outstanding Students 

Ann M. Honeycutt 

Kelly Ray 
Accounting Technology 

»v. ' «.*•; 



Kate Rushing 
History /Business /Speech 

Lawanta Sylvester 



if 4 


Who's Who Among Students 
in American Junior Colleges 

Kenny Roberson 
Fernwood, MS 

Kenneth Perry 
Humboldt, TN 


A Mirror Image! 

You can easily see the difference between 

NWJC Senatobia campus and NWJC 

Southaven campus but, if your look at the 

people, any differences are tough to find. 

Though the Desoto Center is quite a bit 

smaller than its big brother school, the students 

there reflect the same friendly, easy-going, 

aim-for-the-top attitudes of any Ranger. 

Desoto Center students prove that the size of 

the campus has no effect on the quality of the 

student. They too work hard, study diligently 

and make good use of their free time. 

DeSoto Center students — We ARE also 




DeSoto Center 



DeSoto Center students reflect the warm, happy smile 

that only comes from a satisfied student. 

Northwest is constantly striving to meet the needs of 

todays working college student along with all others. 

Courses of study at the center range from clerical work 

to mortuary science with a wide variety in between. Its 

ideal location provides hundreds of students the 

opportunity to live and work close to home, while at the 

same time pursuing a college degree. 

Classes can usually be arranged to fit each students' 

schedule according to specific needs. 

Students respond to this flexibility with the positive, 

hard-working attitudes that earn them better grades and 

make DeSoto Center a top branch center. 

DeSoto Center — We ARE responding to students 





Centers of Activity 

The spacious library and comfortable lounge are always buzz- 
ing with students studying, relaxing or just piddling around be- 
tween classes. 

The sounds of crunching chips, busy pencils, hushed whispers 
and bubbly laughter can be heard all year. 

It seems as though everyone knows each other so nobody sits 
quietly by themselves, cause Rangers are too friendly for that! 







The annual Mississippi Junior College 

Press Association Fall Conference was 

held at DeSoto Center for the third 

consecutive year. 

Newspaper and yearbook staffs from 

throughout the state converged on the 

campus Oct. 6-7 to attend workshops 

and business sessions. 

Rheta Grimsley Johnson (right) of the 

Commercial Appeal; Jack Gurner (above 

left), Press Scimitar; Peggy McCollough 

(above center), the Commercial Appeal; 

Wanda Adams (above right), Taylor 

Publishing Company, Dallas; Martha 

Fondren, DeSoto County Tribune; Angie 

Summers, Dan Turner, Ole Miss 

journalism majors; and Roselyn Eberle, 

Ole Miss journalism instructor conducted 

workshops concerning different phases of 

student publications. 


¥ A 

1 C 


Friendly Faces! 

Friendly faces begin at the front desk at DeSoto Center and extend down the halls and 
into the classrooms. 

Whether greeting visitors or students, everyone is quick to smile and say, "yes, we 
ARE Northwest!" 



" Him iiami 




ii I 

* •* > ... 

Two Years of Education 
for a Lifetime of Knowledge 




Faculty — 
of the 

How does a branch center provide a quality 
education despite the diverse range of class times 
and lengths? 

It requires a special type of instructor dedicated to 
the welfare of the student. 

DeSoto Center faculty have this kind of dedication 
and combine it with a thorough knowledge of their 
subjects to give efficient and quality instruction. 

They are able to not only teach the large group, 
but also relate to the individual students who might 
need extra help. 

DeSoto Center faculty — Qualified, Dedicated 
and Good! 

Sally Askew 

Lela Delaney 

Lillian Harris 
Social Science 

Lavonia Bell 
Office Manager 

Dennis Fondren 
Dist. and Mkt. Tech. 

George Hertl 

Edward Cash 
Professional Staff 

David Haraway 
Asst. Director 

Charles Ingram 
Social Science 



Fay Johnson 

James McCormick 
Dir. of Instruction 

Richie Lawson 
Mortuary Science 

Sarah Middleton 

Mary Leavell 

John Mitchell 
Mortuary Science 

Betty McCollough 

Marvin Reid 

Rosie Smith 

Scottye Stewart 
Secretarial Science 

William Thornton 

Sharon York 

Faculty, Staff 


Jacqueline Bolds, Memphis 
Angie Brower, Memphis 
Rene Bucacz, Memphis 
Carolyn Cross, Southaven 

Tim Curtis, Olive Branch 
Dana Davis, Horn Lake 
Dayna Dawley, Southaven 
Debbie Farris, Hernando 


Mary F/inn, Hernando 
Anita Hall, Byhalia 
Deborah Hall, Nesbit 
Donna Haves, Southaven 

Bonnie Helms, Southaven 
Marilyn Hodges, Memphis 
Johnna Jeans, Olive Branch 
Sabra Johnson, Southaven 

Patti Maxwell, Southaven 
Vicki McKnight, Southhaven 
Carole McPhail, Southaven 
Ophelia Mickens, Memphis 

Jeff Morgan, Southaven 
Teresa Osborne, Southaven 
Amy Pettit, Hernando 
Gregory Phillips, Olive Branch 

Ricky Reeves, Southaven 
Alvin Rice, Nesbit 
Danny Schenzel. Southaven 
Jane Shields, Horn Lake 


Fair Booth Receives First Place 

During the Mid-South Fair in Memphis, Northwest displayed a booth featuring photographs 
and an audio-visual slide presentation of student life at the Ashland, Oxford, Senatobia and 
Southaven campuses. Northwest personnel and students were available to answer questions 
about the college. 

Northwest received the first place award for having the best exhibit in the Youth Building 
during the fair. 

The judges were impressed with the photography used in the exhibit, which highlighted stu- 
dent life and course offerings at the four Northwest campuses. 


Laura Akers, Horn Lake 
Greg Aldridge, Olive Branch 
Karen Anderson, Horn Lake 
Chris Baker, Olive Branch 

Sharon Barnes, Southaven 
Renee Belk, Southaven 
Sheri Berryhill, Memphis 
David Berryman, Memphis 



Stephen Boren, Southaven 
JoAnn Bratton, Southaven 
Nana/ Brew, Southaven 
Brooke Broughton, Memphis 

Renee Brownlee, Olive Branch 
Rhonda Bulimore, Walls 
Angie Burger, Southaven 
Dena Burrow, West Memphis 

Covin Case, Southaven 
Charles Cantrell, Southaven 
Brian Carmon, Southaven 
Melanie Cheshier, Southaven 

Tammie Childress, Southaven 
Betty Coad, Horn Lake 
Bi//y Coleman, Southaven 
Lucy Correro, Cleveland 

Bryon Davis, Southaven 
Harold Davis, Bartlett 
Kelly Davis, Nesbit 
Darren Downen, Hernando 


Kim Dunn, Southaven 
Sherry Dye, Walls 
Kimberly Edding, Southaven 
Kenny Estes, Tupelo 

Michelle Farris, Southaven 
Mark Flowers, Horn Lake 
Kathleen Gillespie, Olive Branch 
Marilyn Givens, Horn Lake 

Allison Goodnight, Southaven 
Sandy Goodwin, Southaven 
Lois Guy, Olive Branch 
Carole Hamberlin, Nesbit 

Lorry Harrell, Southaven 
Laura Hartman, Walls 
Tina Herndon, Southaven 
Beth Holt, Olive Branch 

Donna Ivy, Southaven 
Jill James, Walls 
Ida Johnston, Southaven 
Karen Joiner, Horn Lake 

Andrea Jones, Southaven 
Foresteen Jones, Nesbit 
Rodney Jones, Horn Lake 
Renee Joyner, Memphis 

Carole Manning, Southaven 
Pam Marshall, Southaven 
Judy Martin, Southaven 
Janet Moore, Memphis 

Kim Mote, Olive Branch 
Janet Neal, Southaven 
Lori Nobles, Memphis 
Lonna Null, Walls 


Keith Owens, Walls 
Joyce Peters, Memphis 
Melissa Pierce, Southaven 
Pam Pierce, Southaven 

Tami Plunkett, Southaven 
Leann Reed, Southaven 
Regina Rhea, Horn Lake 
Leigh Rounsaville, Southaven 



Jerri Rowberry, Memphis 
Barry Schmitz, Water Valley 
Tommy Shannon, Coffeeville 
Stacy Sharp, Olive Branch 

Dorothy Shifflett, Horn Lake 
Karen Shipp, Memphis 
Christiane Steiner, Southaven 
Doug Stephen, Southaven 

Chris Stewart, Southaven 
Selena Tankersley, Walls 
Cedric Tate, Nesbit 
Felesia Taylor, Southaven 

Denise Thornton, Memphis 
Debbie IVatson, Southaven 
Robert Weathers, Memphis 
Elizabeth Whitwell, Horn Lake 

Diane lVi//iams, Olive Branch 
Judie Wilson, Southaven 
Kay Wilson. Ashland 
Kimberley Wilson, Southaven 


John Wise, Eupora 
Joan Wooley, Southauen 
Thad Wynn, Memphis 
Tina Zellers, Southauen 


1 JWiNw^fov^ '"H-*- 



The Benton-Marshall Center offers 
vocational training in carpentry, 
cosmetology, electronics, industrial sew- 
ing, and truck driving. 


Mr. and Miss Benton-Marshall 


Thelma Lee 


Major: Welding 

Johnny Nunnally 

Holly Springs 

Major: Commercial 

Truck Driving 





. ^jggfr ** 

w w w' v mwmy y ' iiiin w ff -'!|i" ». 'w 'W ' "iw- yTtni>ti;iir-T-wr-iB i m ii nm i i iriiif f fiV fYryf" -rt f'fr 1 ■ — «*»—* ■ #i|i,^if.«p.«fii.wi!jiiii 


Director Charles Ainsworth 



> 4 

.-' / 

4a*/ 1 .. 



» > 














Can Be 



Curtis Allen, Lamar 
James Allen, Michigan City 
Rose Anderson, Byhalia 
Sindey Balfour, Holly Springs 

Evonne Batts, Grand Junction 
Helen Bennett, Ripley 
Drew BoBack, Ash/and 
Bet Bolden, Holly Springs 


Stein Briggs, Slayden 
Tammy Briscoe, Hickory Flat 
Willie Brown, Ashland 
Thomas Cagle, Blue Mountain 

Florida Campbell, Lamar 
David Cochran Holly Springs 
James Crawford, Ashland 
Walls Curry, Holly Springs 

Gary Darnell, Independence 
Cindy Daugherty, Lamar 
Jan Dortch, Holly Springs 
Mary Edwards, Hickory Flat 

Mickey Elliot, Ashland 
Beverly Faulkner, Lamar 
Nita Faulkner, Lamar 
Lou Faulkner, Lamar 

Virgie Young, Ashland 


Shelia Faulkner, Lamar 
Van Faulkner, Holly Springs 
Bet Fortner, Ashland 
Lillie Garmon, Lamar 

Josie Gorman, Holly Springs 
Kermie Gowdy, Hickory Flat 
Randy Hamilton, Ripley 
Margie Hampton, Ashland 

Tim Hannah, Holly Springs 
Terry Henderson, Holly Springs 
Annie Hodges, Ashland 
Lester Holbert, Lamar 

Jeff Hollingsworth, Holly Springs 
Terry Hollingsworth, Holly Springs 
Clyde Holmes, Holly Springs 
Chemice Holpe, Victoria 

Sandra Holpe, Victoria 
Eric Howell, Potts Camp 
James Howell, Lamar 
Rick Hoyle, Ashland 

Mark Huddleston, Ashland 
Mike Huddleston, Ashland 
Dorothy Hursey, Ashland 
Rita Hutchens, Holly Springs 

Beatrice Isom, Holly Springs 
Eddie Jefferson, Holly Springs 
Annette Jones, Holly Springs 
Bobbie Jones, Benton 

Betty Joyner, Ashland 
Dorlean Lawson, Holly Springs 
Thelma Lee, Byhalia 
Winfred Lee, Victoria 


Gordon Lollar Hickory Flat 
Ton Manning, Hickory Flat 
Nathanial McCook, Hernando 
Patricia McKinney, Holly Springs 

Vaitor Morgan, Ashland 
Tammy Motes, Hickory Flat 
Betty Mull, Holly Springs 
Betty Nabor, Holly Springs 

Tracy Nickson, Ashland 
Francis Norman, Byhalia 
Johnnie Nunally, Holly Springs 
Flora Pruitt, Ashland 

Gary Pegues, Holly Springs 
Ronald Rayford, Byhalia 
Abigail Reed, Victoria 
Marsel Reynolds, Ashland 

Betty Richmond, Byhalia 
Bob Roberts, Ripley 
Shelia Stanton, Holly Springs 
Beatrice Shelton, Benton 

Odessa Thompson, Ashland 
Kenneth Trainum, Ashland 
Darlean Tunstall, Victoria 
JoAnn Tunstall, Victoria 

Christie Turner, Grand Junction 
Michelle Warrington, Blue Mountain 
Bonnie Watkins, Michigan City 
Danny Wells, Michigan City 

Essie Willis, Red Banks 
Sharon White, Holly Springs 
Melody Yates, Blue Mountain 
Pennie Yeager, Mt. Pleasant 


A New Beginning . . . 

««...• '"»• 

. ..' — 
'•V '/. 

■f \ jifTVf 

A New Beginning . . . the Lafayette- Yalobusha Technical Center in Oxford opened in the fall 
of 1983. As a result of a feasibility study, the major career interests for this area would be in the 
health-related fields. 




In addition to the practical nursing 
program which started in 1967, the new 
center offers cosmetology, medical clerical, 
nursing assistant, and technical business. 






Twelve month vocational courseland two-year technical programs train students for direct entry to the market. 
Students receive their training inlhe new 22,000 square-foot, energy-efficient facility. 





a Break! 

During lunch time, students grab a bite to 
eat and enjoy discussing the topics of the 






Practice on dummy heads 
and hands-on work with real 
customers provides students 
invaluable experience. 



Outstanding Students 

Eline Thornhill 

jM • 







^ ^ 

* . 




►^ ^4 ^k 




lical Business 

Lisa Briscoe 


All Part of the Group! 

When the school day ends, another phase of the student's life begins. He/she goes home for dinner, household responsibilities, and 
study. The next day the routine starts all over again, but all agree that it is all worth the time and effort to be a part of the group that 
says, "We ARE Northwest!" 













• UtLOl 

•U'LOfNS 00 — 1 1 I SI 

J. M. ASM 
O. 0. NAMBttN 













Pamela Addington, Senatobia 
Kathleen Alberson, Ashland 
Mary Alberson, Ashland 
Johnnie Avant, Holly Springs 

Sandy Bishop, Oxford 
Mary Booker, Oxford 
Charles Boston, Oxford 
Kinia Bowles, Oxford 


Lisa Briscoe, Oxford 
Bonnie Brown, Oxford 
Corrine Burt, Oxford 
Reatha M. Butler, Oxford 

Mary Caldwell, Pontotoc 
Carolyn Campbell, Oxford 
Bonnie Carruthers, Oxford 
Minnie Cooper, Abbeville 

Debra Corothers, Oxford 
Ilene Donnelly, Oxford 
Anne Edington, Oxford 
Ellouise Evans, Ashland 


Charles M. Fleming, Oxford 
Tina Goforth, Oxford 
Becky Hancock, New Albany 
Amy Hill, Oxford 

Winda Hill, Oxford 
Janice Holley, Abbeville 
Richard Hubbard, Batesuille 
Bobbie Hunt, Byhalia 

Cassandra Ivy, Oxford 
Mildred Ivy, Oxford 
Sharon Jackson, Potts Camp 
Brenda Jones, Hickory Flat 

Delia Jones, Oxford 
Floretta Jones, Oxford 
Hazel Jones, Coffeeuille 
Lource Jones, Batesuille 

Cindy Jordan, Hickory Flat 
Bulah Kinard, Oxford 
Linsey Lacy, Oxford 
Debra Lloyd, Batesuille 

Florida Marion, Waterford 
Gilbert Merritt, Oxford 
Marteen McKinley, Oxford 
Betty Myrick, Oxford 

Barbara Orange, Oxford 
Darlynn Pegues, Oxford 
Peggy Penamon, Oxford 
Shelia Perkins, Crenshaw 

Nellie K. Pettis, Oxford 
Sandra Presley, Charleston 
Deana Prestage, Oxford 
Dwanh Reese, Oxford 


Diana Smith, Oxford 
Jackie Steed, Bruce 
Teresa Tedford, Bruce 
Vickey Thompson, Oxford 

Elaine Thornhill, Pope 
Curtis Turner, Oxford 
Sarah Vaughn, Oxford 
Carolyn Wadlington, Oxford 

Lisa Walls, Oxford 
Marilyn Ware, Batesville 
Debra Whisenant, Holly Springs 
Linda Whitehead, Coldwater 

Mary Whiteside, Water Valley 
Debbie Williams, Thaxton 
Dorothy Willingham, Batesville 
Hazel Yates, Dyersburg, TN 

Students enjoy a quick snack between classes. 


Sit Down, Relax, Remember! 

My goal, as editor of the 1984 Rocketeer, was to compile a book of colorful memories for North- 
west students. With the help of my staff, we selected the theme: "WE ARE NORTHWEST" from the 
winning tradition that Northwest has established. We knew we had a difficult task to preserve the 
events that happen daily on a college campus, but each member of the staff used his/her talent to 
produce an outstanding yearbook. 

I would like to say a heartfelt "thanks" to Mrs. Diane Sanders for her advice, hard work and moral 
support. Also, "thanks" to Mr. Nicky Drake, our Taylor representative, for his encouragement. 

Now, sit down, relax, look through the pages of this book and remember — "We ARE Northwest!" 

t-o ^ 

CO * 


Yes, We ARE Northwest! 

- A - 

Abram Jr., Bennie Frank 
Abu-Shanab, Ezaldeen M. 
Acree, Sandra Kay 
Acup, Helen Renee 
Adams, Brenda Carolyn 
Adams, David Walker 
Adams, Denise Milan 
Adams, Diane 
Adams, Linda 
Adams, Mattie Bell 
Adams, Maywye Coers 
Adams, Peggy Keylon 
Adams, Sue Howell 
Adams, Virginia Helm 
Adams, Willie Gene 
Addington, Christopher Tod 
Addington, Pamela D. 
Adkins, Ruth Shelton 
Adkinson, Valerie 
Affuso, Theresa 
Agnew, Houston L. 
Aikens, Elbert 
Ainsworth, Chris Michael 
Aker, Laura R. 
Akers, Laura Lee 
Akins, Maurice 
Al-Jafari, Jodie Karen 
Alberson', Kathleen Jean 
Alberson, Mary Lee 
Aldridge, Gary L. 
Aldridge, Greg Kenneth 
Aldridge, Mickey R. 
Aldridge, Spencer Ray 
Ales, Lonnie Dwayne 
Alexander, Lee Ralph 
Alexander, Martha A. 
Alexander, Patricia 
Alexander, Retha Renee 
Alexander, Sidney 
Alford, Gayla Denise 
Alford, Margaret Ann 
Alford, Patrick David 
Alford, Tommy Jerome 
Algee, Mary Childress 
Alger, Adam Robert 
Allen, Andrew Perkins 
Allen, Brenda Lynn 
Allen, Diane 
Allen, Gracie Elizabeth 
Allen, Jacqueline 
Allen, James Leslie 
Allen, Michael L. 
Allen, Cynthia Denise 
Allgood, Penny Rachelle 
Allison, Teretha 
Allison, Tracy 
Allred, Evelyn 
Allred, William T. 
Ambrose, Kenneth Vincent 
Anderson, Darnell 
Anderson, Dorothy 
Anderson, James Darren 
Anderson, Karen Renee 
Anderson, Kikita Valdes 
Anderson, Majorie Bailey 
Anderson, Mary R. 
Anderson, Renee J. 
Anderson, Robert Lynn 
Anderson, Rosie Mae 
Anderson, Shelia Lynn 
Anderson, Thomas Mark 
Anderson, William E. 
Andrews, Julie Dee 
Andrews, Mary Jean 
Apel, Robert Michael 
Appling, Jr., A. Allen 
Archer, H. Frenchshella 
Archie, Patrick E. 
Armistead, Cindy N. 
Armstead, Claude Edward 

Armstrong, Billy Wayne 
Armstrong, John E. 
Armstrong, Lucinda 
Armstrong, Phyllis L. 
Armstrong, Randy Lee 
Arnold, Joseph Gray 
Arnold, Malcolm W. 
Arnold, Michael Harold 
Arnold, Peggy Weeks 
Aron, Linda Susan 
Arrington, Smiley Eugene 
Ash, Beverly Kay 
Ashcraft, Elise Michele 
Ashby, Pamela R. 
Ashe, Martha B. 
Ashford, Charlie Jr. 
Ashford, Christy Melinda 
Ashley, Laura Lorraine 
Ashley, Sandra Louise 
Ashworth, Emily C. 
Aston, Linda 
Atchley, Teresa Tabor 
Atkins, Rose M. 
Augustine, Juanita H. 
Austin, Billie A. 
Austin, Charles Allen 
Austin, Dianne McKie 
Austin, Donna Sue 
Austin, John S. 
Austin, Karen 
Austin, Kimberly Joy 
Austin, Patrick 
Austin, Randy 
Austin, Sharon D. 
Avant, Johnnie Lester 
Avant, Windolyn 
Avent, Angela Rae 
Avent, James H. 
Aycock, Diann 
Ayers, George 
Ayles, Benjamin McNeal 
Azlin, Linda Evans 


Backon, Cindy L. 
Baecher, Julie Ann 
Baenke, Rose Gerke 
Baggett, Ronald Lee Jr. 
Baggett, Vera Ellen 
Bagley, Elizabeth D. 
Bailey, Darron Lane 
Bailey, Dorsey Harry 
Bailey, Ester Mae 
Bailey, Hulett Elwood 
Bailey, James Kenny 
Bailey, John Avery 
Bailey, Kathy Katrina 
Bailey, Linda Joyce 
Bailey, Sammie Donell 
Bailey, Jr, Donald Elmer 
Baird, Brenda Sullivan 
Baird, Ive Ester 
Baker, Bettye A. 
Baker, Gaines 
Baker, James Ellis 
Baker, Jeanie Calglazier 
Baker, Karen L. 
Baker, Martha Jane 
Baker, Melissa Gail 
Baker, Nancy J. 
Baker, Patrick Christopher 
Baker, Peggy J. 
Baldinger, John Andrew 
Bales, Marvin 
Balfour, Dora Valentina 
Balfour, Sidney B. 
Banks, Lynne Marie 
Baptist, Cheryl Elaine 
Baptist, Willette 
Barber, Monta 

Barber, Pamela Denene 
Barber, Rodney J. 
Barclay, Jay Randolph 
Barham, Delia Sue 
Barker, Eric L. 
Barkley, Josephine 
Barksdale, Alvin Latroy 
Barksdale, Bobby 
Barksdale, Henry Jr. 
Barksdale Lisa Strong 
Barksdale, Luther Lamar 
Barlow, Bobbie R. 
Barlow, Tammy Lynn 
Barmer, James Carlton 
Barnes, Eugenia Anne 
Barnes, Marilyn 
Barnes, Patricia Shannon 
Barnes, Richard T. 
Barnett, David L. 
Barr, Amy Marie 
Barr, Teresa A. 
Barrett, Rickey Bernard 
Bartholomen, David A. 
Bartholomew, Jerry Lynn 
Bartlett, Mildred L. 
Barton, Charles 
Bates, B. J. 
Batts, Evonne 
Beals, Deventa Fenta 
Beard, Eleanor Joy 
Beard, Tim 
Bearden, Jimmy C. 
Beasley, Jeffrey Ray 
Beaver, Christopher N. 
Beavers, Betty E. 
Bechel, Barton Lee 
Bechel, Jeffrey Alan 
Belcher, Maria Anne 
Beckley, Spencer Glenn 
Balfour, Teresa Michelle 
Belfoure, Barbara 
Belk, Frank III 
Belk, Richard 
Belk, Sydney Renee 
Bell, Annette T. 
Bell, Dorothy Jean 
Bell, Hiawatha 
Bell, Jacqueline Jane 
Bell, James Wilburn Jr. 
Bell, Jelicia Lolita 
Bell, Lavonia H. 
Bell, Leazer 
Bell, Michael 
Bell, Michael Glenn 
Bell, Mike 
Bell, Robert H. 
Bell, Sharon 
Bell, Timothy Dewayne 
Bellew, Karen Elizabeth 
Beloate, Arthur Franklin 
Beloate, Jacqueline Carol 
Belote, Arthur Franklin 

Benefield, Patricia Suzann 
Benjamin, Chris Wade 
Bennett, Helen Jeanette 
Bennett, Patricia 
Bennington, James A. Jr. 
Benson, Deborah Kay 
Benson, Freddie Lee 
Benton, James Steve 
Berry, Alice Storey 
Berry, Amanda M. 
Berry, J. Douglas 
Berry, Michael Ray 
Berry, Robert Vernon 
Berryhill, Janie Eileen 
Berryhill, Michelle Deon 
Berryhill, Sheri Letitia 
Berryhill, Theresa Shery 
Berryman, David Michael 
Best, Cathy Lynn 
Best, Mark Anthony 
Beverly, Dennis 

Biddle, Kathryn Denise 
Bierman, Brenda Bee 
Biggert, Paula Kay 
Billingsley, Debbie 
Billingsley, Mildred B. 
Bills, Larry Edward 
Bingham, Betsy C. 
Bishop, Charles Edward 
Bishop, Sandra Simmons 
Black, Arnetta 
Black, Brenda Renee 
Black, Pamela Denise 
Black, Sandra Lee 
Blackburn, Albert Wayne 
Blackburn, Deborah R. 
Blackburn, Lisa Carol 
Blackmon, Clara Etter 
Blackmon, Martha L. 
Blackmond, Joyce 
Blackwelder, Lorie Marie 
Blackwood, Leonard Wess 
Blackwood, Michael Patrick 
Blair, David Glynn 
Blair, Debra 
Blair, Don Allison 
Blair, Dorothy Faye 
Blair, Stacy Marie 
Blake, Jerlyn 
Blake, Joyce Ann 
Blakely, William Ellis 
Bland, Barry 
Bland, James Leonard 
Bland, Kenneth Parell 
Blankenship, Renee L. 
Blankenship, Scarlett 
Blann, John T. 
Blanton, Karen Christine 
Blaylock, Ralph H. 
Bledsoe, Jo Carol 
Bledsoe, Robert Dell 
Blinder, David Alan 
Blount, Janice Gilmer 
Blount, Micheal A. 
Blount, Rhonda Lynn 
Blue, Barry Dean 
Boback, Andrew G. 
Bobbitt, Angela Kay 
Bobo, Earlene 
Bobo, Michael Harold 
Bobo, Sarah Anne 

Bobo, Shirley Denise 
Bobo, Timothy Lee 
Boehm, Virgina Kay 
Boga, Donna 
Boga, Willie T. 
Bogard, Janice Deniece 
Bogarth, Rhonda 
Boland, Danny Ray 
Bolden, Betty A. 
Bolden, Frank Jr. 
Bolds, Jacqueline Diane 
Bolen, Alan Keith 
Bolen, Vicki Denise 
Boling, M. Lucille 
Bolton, Eva Remel 
Booker, Charles R. 
Bond, Rhonda 
Bond, Tamela J. 
Booker, Clarence 
Booker, Genel 
Booker, Gerald Gerome 
Booker, L. T. 
Booker, Pamela Jo 
Booker, Mary Wright 
Booker, Sabrina Mae 
Boone, Michael Ray 
Booth, Patsy L. 
Boothe, Sue Wilson 
Boothe, Will Otis 
Boren, Ceiia Blake 
Boren, Stephen Mitchell 
Bortters, Emily Elaine 
Boston, Angela Dawn 

Boston, Charles Sherell 
Boston, Flora Leann 
Boston, Louise 
Boston, Margaret 
Boswell, Patricia 
Botto, Cynthia Diane 
Bouchillon, Wiley Andrew 
Bouee, Billy 
Bougard, Sherry 
Bounds, Lisa Marie 
Boutwell, Jerry D. 
Boutwell, Jerry Dean 
Bowen, Eloise 
Bowen, Gail Burnette 
Bowen, Georgia Lee 
Bowen, Tammy 
Bowens, Mack Arthur 
Bowler, Kimberly Ann 
Bowles, Kinia 
Bowman, Jodi Elizabeth 
Boyd, Evie Brooks 
Boyd, Joe Ann 
Boyd, Leemar 
Boyd, Lisa Rena 
Boyd, Tammy Denise 
Boyd, William Jerome 
Boyle, John Thomas 
Boyle, Patricia Gayle 
Boyles, Thomas Gregory 
Bracken, Donna Christine 
Bracken, Evelyn Bridgwater 
Braddock, Julia Annette 
Bradford, Randy 
Bradley, Curtis Daniel 
Bradley, Debra Kaye 
Bradley, Kevin D. 
Bradley, Mary Scott 
Bradley, Michael 
Bradley, Tim Duane 
Bradshaw, Larry A. 
Brame, Susan Curl 
Bramlitt, Kay Ford 
Bramlitt, Tina Cherie 
Brand, Eric 

Brandon, Nelda Causey 
Brandon, Raiford Orr, Jr. 
Brandon, Timothy Edward 
Brandon, Virgil Morris 
Brannon, Robert 
Brantley, Billy T. 
Branum, Jean Lawrence 
Brasel, Timothy Wade 
Brasher, Kay Kidd 
Brassell, Connie Lynn 
Braswell Jr., Walter Denon 
Braswell, William Jason 
Bratton, Joann M. 
Bray, Tommy Wayne 
Brazeal, Rodney Mitchell 
Braziel, Larry James 
Breazeale, Susanne 
Brewer, Gunter Scott 
Brewer, James Devi 
Brewer, Jimmy Lee 
Brewer, Nancy Ann 
Bridgeforth, Edith 
Bridgeforth, Kathy M. 
Bridgemon, Geredine 
Bridges, Janie Mae 
Briggs, Earnestine 
Bright, Jo Lynne 
Bright, Lisa 
Briscoe, Lisa Mosley 
Briscoe, Tammy R. 
Brisendine, Arthur Randall 
Britt, Flora J. 
Britt, Sue M. 
Britt, Jr., Charles D. 
Brooks, Sharon 
Brooks, Tammy Michelle 
Brooks, Willie Gene 
Brothers, Cherry 
Broughton, Brooke Allison 




, Angela Gay 
, Melinda Sue 
, Stanley Dean 
Beverly Y. 
Bonnie Faye 
Cynthia Darlene 
Donald W. 
Ira Lee 
Jeffery Glenn 

Jerolyn Justine 
Jerry Lynn 
Joey Oil 
John B. 
Joyce Renee 
Jr., Walter David 
Kennie Elizabeth 
Leigh Anne 
Linda Jean 
Loretta L. 
Marcus Gordon 
Marquita D. 
Mary A. 
Preston Danial 
Richard Dean 

Brown, Ronald Paul 
Brown, Sandra Jean 
Brown, Sharil Watkins 
Brown, Tammie Ree 
Brown, Tommy Lee 
Brown, Virgia Lee 
Brown, Willie Lee 
Brown, Willie Mae 
Brown, Zina Mae 
Brown, Jr., Tony Arnold 
Browner, Gerald Efrem 
Browning, Barbara Mae 
Browning, Bentley Owen 
Browning, Jennifer Chris 
Brownlee, Bonnie Renee 
Brownlee, Caroline Lewis 
Brownlee, Jeffrey Ray 
Brownlee, Jonelle R. 
Brownlee, Robert T. Sr. 
Bruce, Mary Alice 
Bruce, Patricia Ann 
Brumbelow, Karen L. 
Brunner, Rita Louise 
Bruno, Carla Alene 
Brunson, Olmia Wood 
Brunt, James Scott 
Brunt, Vedia Monette 
Bryan, Harry Brooks 
Bryan, Jan Tramel 
Bryan, Jimmy Forrest 
Bryan, Marc Karr 
Bryant, Debra Lynn 
Bryant, Leah K. 
Bryant, Sonya White 
Bryant, Tammy Rene 
Bryant, William Brett 
Bryson, Bessie Denise 
Bryson, Mary Nell 
Bucacz, Rene Marie 
Buchanan, Karen 
Buck, Jr., Frank Elliott 
Buck, Lawana Janell 
Buckley, Renee 
Buffington, Shirley 
Buford, Cara Lisa 
Buford, Willie Kay 
Buice, Alice Hoop 
Bulimore, Rhonda Kaye 
Bullard, Bernice 
Bullard, Craven K. 

Bullard, Debbie E. 
Bullard, Donna Sue 
Bullard, Donna Wharton 
Bullard, Kathryn 
Bullard, Reda F. 
Bullard, Sherry Turner 
Bullock, Shirley 
Bundren, Shelley 
Burchfield, Janes H. 
Burford, Ann 
Burford, Pamela G. 
Burger, Angela Michelle 
Burgess, Artis Lewis 
Burgess, Pamela G. 
Burgess, William Larry 
Burke, Eddie Lamar 
Burke, Jacqueline K. 
Burkley, James Albert 
Burkley, Joyce Willette 
Burkley, Vivian Marie 
Burks, Letitia B. 
Burnell, Annie L. 

Burnett, Amy Dianne 
Burnette, Mary Lou 
Burney, Jerry Michael 
Burney, Robert 
Burns, Ferderick MacRae 
Burns, Patsy Gail 
Burns, Susan Vira 
Burnside, Dorothy J. 
Surress, Ruby S. 
Burrow, Dena Lynn 
Bursi, Charlotte A. Jones 
Burt, Corrine Shurron 
Burt, Danny Renardo 
Burt, Linda Jean 
Burt, Rosie Lee 
Burt, Teri Lynn 
Burton, Connie Joe 
Burton, Elnora 
Burton, Gayle 
Burton, Leonard B. 
Buskirk, Janice Gayle 
Butler, Barbara Joyce Maso 
Butler, Billie Ruth Shield 
Butler, Danny Phillip 
Butler, Dorothy K. 
Butler, Leroy Jr. 
Butler, Michael Allen 
Butler, Reatha Mae 
Butler, Sheila Irene 
Butler, Vennie Bestune 
Butts, Michael M. 
Byard, Debby 
Byars, Donna Lee 
Byers, Cassandra Faye 
Byers, Gwendolyn 
Byers, Rose Mary 
Byers, Sylvester 
Byford, Carla Renee 
Byno, Ernest 
Bynum, Denise Tidwell 
Bynum, Ronald Terry 
Byrd, Angie Sue 
Byrd, Cornelius 
Byrd, Ilene 
Byrd, A. Ilene 
Byrd, Mary Kathleen 
Byrd, Robert L. 
Byrd, Wendy Phillips 


"5- ' ''* 


Cade, Cheryl Lynn Foster 
Cady, Robin Stantan 
Cagle, Thomas Allen 
Caine, Brenda Gail 

airns, Tony Dwayne 
Calabro, Domingo 
Caldwell, James W. 


Caldwell, Tammy Cochran 
Callis, William B. II 
Calvert, Michael Stephen 
Calvert, W. W. 
Cameron, Angela Dephane 
Camp, Brenda Meeks 
Campbell, Carolyn Hobson 
Campbell, Cyneitha Renee 
Campbell, Debra 
Campbell, Elbert 
Campbell, Florida B. 
Campbell, Jerold Allen 
Campbell, Joann 
Campbell, Kenneth Wayne 
Campbell, Robert A. 
Campbell, Shelly L. 
Campbell, Tracy Glenn 
Cannon, Prentiss Lee 
Cantrell, Billy Keith 
Cantrell, Charles Wayne 
Card, Nancy Yvonne 
Carey, Willie B. 
Cargile, Ruth Weaver 
Carlisle, Carol Ann 
Carlock, Marilyn Lee 
Carlock, Melvin Rhodes 
Carmichael, Lynda K. 
Carmon, Brian Justice 
Carner, Jimmie Land 
Carner, Renee S. 
Carothers, Rosie Marie 
Carpenter, Curtis Clay 
Carpenter, Harold W. 
Carr, Jimmy Arnold 
Carr, Patrick Darnell 
Carr, William T. 
Carrington, Dale Garner 
Carroll, Angela Jean 

Carroll, James Britt 
Carroll, Stanley 
Carruthers, Bonnie 
Carruthers, Carolyn Louise 
Carson, Keith Wayne 
Carson, Vickie Nabors 
Carter, Aaron Franklin 
Carter, Barry Adolph 
Carter, Debra Denise 
Carter, James 
Carter, Larry D. 
Carter, Marsha Ann 
Carter, Mary Frances 
Carter, Milton 
Carter, Robert L. 
Cartlidge, Daniel Dee 
Cartwright, Cecil John 
Carver, Elizabeth Anne 
Case, John Cavin 
Casey, Robbie Gayden 
Cash, Carol Jeanette 
Casoli, Mary S. 
Castle, Donna L. 
Cathey, Jimmy Daron 
Cathy Jeffie Lynn 
Cato, Virginia Denise 
Catron, Jacquelyn Y. 
Caudle, Noel Martin 
Cavett, John Clayton 
Certion, Lillie Marie 
Chaffin, Carolyn Kay 
Chain, Gary Mitchell 
Chain, Tony Steven 
Chalk, Charles Richard 
Chalmers, Michael Durrell 
Chamberlin, Robert Porter 
Chan, Sara Ann 
Chancellor, Wiliam S. 
Chandler, Anita Dawn 
Chandler, Corinne H. 
Chandler, George W. Ill 
Chandler, Melvin J. 
Chandler, Patricia L. 
Chaney, E. Geraldine 
Chaney, Pamela Joyce 


Chapman, Charlene G. 
Chapman, Holly Hill 
Chapman, Stacy 
Chappell, Anita Gayle 
Cheatham, Craig 
Cheshier, Melanie 
Childers, Michelle 
Childers, Rose Suzanne 
Childress, Barry 
Childress, Lisa Carol 
Childress, Paula H. 
Childress, Rhonda Rene 
Childress, Tammie Lynn 
Chimahusky, David Evan 
Choate, Donna. Lane 
Chouamon, Janet B. 
Chrestman, Christopher K. 
Christian, Betty 
Christian, Robert Lee 
Christian, Tracy Denine 
Chunn, George D. 
Churchill, Janet B. 
Churchill, Sandra Karen 
Churchwell, Robert Earl 
Clark, Billy Glen 
Clark, David Micheal 
Clark, David Rayburn 
Clark, Delane A. 
Clark, Linda J. 
Clark, Marie Blackburn 
Clark, Minnie L. 
Clark, Zina Renee 
Clarke, Debi Carter 
Clarke, Gene Edward 
Clay, Billie Stuard 
Clay, James Larry Jr. 
Clay, Tena M. 
Clay, Theresa Sands 
Clay, Wanda B. 
Clayton, Lisa Joann 
Clayton, Roger Lewis 
Clayton, Stephanie Felis 
Cleaves, Carolyn Harper 
Clemens, Jeptha Clark 
Clement, Jane Marie 
Clements, Lisa Gayle 
Clements, Sara Ellen 
Clements, Thomas M. 
demons, Delois Martin 
Clift, Charles Louis 
Cline, Bradley Gayle 
Clines, Betty Jo 
Coad, Betty Dacus 
Cobb, Clyde Massey 
Cobb, Sylvia Corrine 
Cochran, Connie Lynn 
Cochran, David 
Cochron, Perkins P. 
Cochran, Terri Gail 
Cocke, Earline 
Cocke, Joy Virginia 
Cockerell, Kevin Louis 
Cohran, Georgia M. 
Coker, Gregory Alan 
Cole, Angela Marie 
Cole, Catherine 
Cole, Cathy Elizabeth 
Cole, Danny R. 
Cole, Daron Kim 
Cole, Donna Pryor 
Cole, John W. 
Cole, Larry Donel 
Cole, Lori Giget 
Cole, Marcieta 
Cole, Pamela Carol 
Cole, Richard Eric 
Cole, Rickey 
Cole, Robert G. 
Cole, Scott Vincent 
Cole, Tammy Gail 
Coleman, Barbara Ann 
Coleman, Billy Gene 
Coleman, Carl Rickey 

Coleman, Carolyn Annette 

Coleman, Charles Anthony 

Coleman, Connie York 

Coleman, David 

Coleman, Dorothy B. 

Coleman, Gerald Patrcik 

Coleman, Henrietta 

Coleman, Judith Nell 

Coleman, Ken 

Coleman, Margaret B. 

Coleman, Melodie 

Coleman, Randy N. 

Coleman, Robert Willie 

Coleman, Sidney 

Coleman, Vernessa 

Coley, Bernard A. 

Coley, George Willie Jr. 

Collier, Fred H. 

Collier, Jack Lee 

Collier, Robert K. 

Collins, Adriane Michelle 

Collins, Carlean Yvonne 

Collins, Danny Carl 

Collins, Lisa L. 

Collins, Scotty Green 

Collins, Shelia Rochelle 

Collins, Tiney Sherman 

Collins, Virginia A. 

Collum, Sandra Deanne 

Collums, Lisa Rene 

Combs, Jeannie 

Combs, Steve L. 

Conard, Jeannette 

Conatser, Anne Adams 

Conatser, Victoria A. 

Conley, Evelyn 

Conner, Andrew 

Conner, Cindy K. 
Conrad, Sheila Romarne 
Cook, Allen F. 
Cook, Barry D. 
Cook, Billy Eugene Jr. 
Cook, Charles Williams Jr. 
Cook, Chuck Sheldon 
Cook, David E. 
Cook, Delois 
Cook, Ginger Anto 
Cook, Jimmy Lee 
Cook, John Howard 
Cook, Nolan T. 
Cook, Randy Powell 
Cook, Rodney D. 
Cook, Susan 
Cook, Jr., Billy Eugene 
Cook, Martha Johnson 
Cooke, Charlotte M. 
Cooke, Ched 
Coomer, Linda S. 
Cooper, Angela Denise 
Cooper, David Leland 
Cooper, Edwin Scott 
Cooper, Jackie Carol 
Cooper, Lezlye Waters 
Cooper, Minnie Tores 
Cooper, Vanessa 
Copeland, Paul 
Coppage, Raymond T. 
Corbitt, Vermacy Egerson 
Corothers, Debra Hodges 
Correale, Louis George 
Corridon, James 
Correro, Lucy 
Corrothers, David Craig 
Cosby, Gwendolyn Benell 
Cosby, Ouida Joyce 
Cosby, Pennie Jo 
Cossar, George P. Ill 
Cossitt, Arlene 
Cothern, Kathy C Byrd 
Cotton, Jr., David William 
Cotter, John L. 
Couch, Charles E. 
Coughran, Lisa Gail 




Courts, Christopher M. 
Covington, James Willie 
Cowan, Darlene J. 
Cowsert, Lori Jan 
Cox, Barry Meade 
Cox, Chris Paul 
Cox, Christopher 
Cox, Clint 
Cox, Eveatina C. 
Cox, Jo E. 
Cox, Lisa 
Cox, Mack Earl 
Cox, Marty Glenn 
Cox, Matthew Thomas 
Cox, Patrick Dwane 
Cox, Robye Golden 
Cox, Thomas Clyed 
Craig, Brenda Faye 
Craig, Charles William 
Craig, Leslie Ann 
Craig, Robert Scott 
Crane, Evelyn Felica 
Crane, Sandra Gail 
Crater, Wayne David 
Crawford, Faila Smith 
Crawford, Gilbert B. 
Crawford, Herman Lee 
Crawford, James I. 
Crawford, Jennifer Lynn 
Crawford, Latia Monanette 
Crawford, Mary Elizabeth 
Crawford, Mary V. 
Crawford, Ray Ed 
Crawley, Shelia Still 
Creasy, Deborah V. 
Creasy, Mary Dolores 
Cregar, Lori 
Crenshaw, Joe I. 
Cridden, Lisa A. 
Crider, Arthur D. 
Crider, Bobbie McKee 
Crocker, Selena 
Crockett, James Mark 
Crockett, Tina Mae 
Croft, Lisa Jane 
Croft, Wilma 

Cromwell, Terry Dewayne 
Cross, Carolyn Anne 
Cross, Ian 

Crosswhite, Elwin Kiern 
Crow, Brian David 
Crow, Patricia Ann 
Crowder, Stanley L. 
Crowe, D wight Randal 
Crowley, Timothy Lee 
Crum, Pamela Jean 
Crump, James Earl 
Crump, Lee A. 
Grumpier, Mary Boyette 
Crumpton, Kim McAlister 
Culotta, Jo Ellen 
Cummings, Carmell A. 
Cupp, Lisa Michelle 
Cupp, Michael Ralph 
Curbo, John Robert 
Currie, Carlton Rene 
Curry, Kevin Bernard 
Curry, Miranda Ora 
Curry, Wall Doxey 
Curtis, Allen Jr. 
Curtis, Fairy Fay 
Curtis, James Albert 
Curtis, Nell 
Curtis, Randy 
Curtis, Timothy Eugene 

Dahl, William H. II 
Dale, James Graig 
Dalrymple, William Timothy 
Dalton, Jeffrey Scott 
Dancy, Bette Lou 
Dandridge, Abigail 
Dandridge, Gala Lavern 
Daniel, Phyllis Denise 
Daniel, Verneice 
Daniels, Judy P. 
Daniels, Mary C. 
Daniels, Micheal Jerome 
Daniels, Ronald Dean 
Daniels, Woodrow Wilson 
Daponte, Lyndall J. 
Darby, Dianne M. 
Darby, Margaret B. 
Darby, Gary Lynn 
Darby, Mary 
Darby, Randy Lee 
Darby, Sandra M. 
Darling, Penny Dawn 
Darnell, Gary 
Darnell, James M. Jr. 
Darnell, Mary Kelsey 
Darnell, Patricia Carol 
Darnell, Robert E. 
Daughdrill, Alma Jean 
Daugherty, Cynthia Denis 
Daugherty, Judith 
Daughtrey, Shelia G. 


- D- 

Daffron, Jessie Rodney 
Daffron, Stuart Kimberly 
Dahl, Janice B. 


dson, Michael Ray 

dson, Timothy Scott 

s, Carolyn Lester 

s, Barbara L. 

s, Betty G. 

s, Byron Harold 

s, Carol M. 

s, Chas T. 

s, Charles Allen 

s, Cheryl Ann 

Cheryl McCullar 
Dana Cheryl 
Darvita Renell 
Deanna Faye 
Donald Paul 
Donna D. 
Doris Lee Brown 
Dwayne Eddie 
E. Sharon 
Elizabeth Faye 
Erica Monique 
Gregory Joe 
Harold Lewis 
Hershel L. 
James B. 
Janette R. 
Jennifer Colleen 
Jerry W. 
John A. 
Karen L. 
Kelly Dale 
Kelly R. 
Kelvin D. 
Kevin Randall 
Linda Mary 
Lisa Lovette 
Marshall Mitch 
Melanie Valentine 
Michael Andri 
Patricia Ward 
Rebecca Miller 
Richard Lowell 
Robert L. 
Robert Michael 
Shirley Ann 
Shirley Rena 
Thomas C. 
Timothy Lynn 

Dawley, Dana Jeane 

Dawson, Annette 

Dawson, Gwendolyn M. 

Day, Jerry Bruce 

Dean, Fred Junior 
Dean, Kenneth Earl 
Dean, Sherry Ann 
Dear, Felicia 
Deaton, Dedra A. 
Deaton, Margie P. 
Deen, Carlton Foster 
Dees, Martha Brewer 
Defries, Sherry Jones 
Delbert, Joseph Lee 
Deloach, Deborah Gwyn 
Dempsey, Joseph B. 
Demshar, Donna Karen 
Demuth, Raydel Miller 
Denio, Brenda Carpenter 
Denio, Bruce Dwayne 
Dennis, Brenda Diane 
Dennis, Cynthia D. 
Dennis, Patricia Ann 
Dennis, Rose Marie 
Dennis, Vanessa 
Denny, Donna Gayle 
Denton, Cynthia L. 
Denton, Robert R. 
Dettor, James Robert 
Dettor, Mary Jeanette 
Devazier, Dave A. Jr. 
Dever, Kelley Diann 
Devereaux, Cheryl Denise 
Dhority, Patricia 
Dias, Marian F. 
Dickerson, Donald Hyde 
Dickerson, Gary Clayton 
Dickerson, Jerry B. Jr. 
Dickerson, Letanshia Chalo 
Dickerson, Tina Brewer 
Dickson, Jennifer Mize 
Diebold, Bobbie Ann 
Dillon, Cristina Anne 
Dillon, Leslie B. 
Dino, Doris Ann 
Dishmon, Danny K. 
Dixon, David Webster Jr. 
Dixon, Gloria Dean 
Dixon, Ray Michael 
Deleonardo, Frank Richard 
Dockery, Carl Devole 
Dockery, Carolyn Janice 
Dockery, Deborah Annette 
Dockery, Demetrice Ann 
Dockery, Mary O. 
Dockery, Renee L. 
Docter, Ruby B. 
Dodson, Margret Callicutt 
Dodson, Sharon Cathey 
Doles, Dana Renee 
Donaldson, Christa Cay 
Donaldson, Cindy M. 
Donaldson, David R. 
Donaldson, Jeffery Glenn 
Donaldson, Kenneth Milton 
Doolie, Charlie Earl 
Doolin, Linda Diane 
Dorr, James Stewart 
Dorris, Tommie L. 
Dorse, Berneal Calvin 
Dorteh, Janice H. 
Dotson, Eddie T. 
Douglas, George Nia 
Douglas, John Steven 
Douglas, Linda Koelz 
Douglas, Myron 
Douglas, Vera Ann 
Douglass, Charles R. 
Dover, Betty Sue 
Dover, Theresa Ann 
Dowdy, Barbara Claire 
Dowdy, Bryan Herman 
Dowdy, Michael Wynn 
Dowell, Keith 
Dowery, Henry Tyrone 
Downen, Darren Hamilton 
Downs, Amaryllis Renee D. 

Downs, Joy Janette 
Doyle, Karen Sue 
Drake, Billie Stuard 
Drake, Mark W. 
Draper, Donald 
Draper, Jacqueline L. 
Draper, Ronald 
DuBois, Paula Anne 
Dugger, William Chris 
Duke, James Andrew 
Duke, Robert Alan 
Dukes, Brenda Renia 
Dulaney, Loretta L. 
Dulaney, Rita Marcell 
Dunaway, Rebecca J. 
Dunaway, Robert S. 
Dunaway, William Glenn 
Duncan, Marcus Edward 
Duncan, Mary Lynnette 
Duncan, Melvin Ray 
Duncan, Melynda Inez 
Duncan, Michael Bruce 
Duncan, Patricia B. 
Duncan, Robert Buck 
Dunigan, Vicki H. 
Dunlap, Gary Thomas 
Dunlap, Linda 
Dunn, Kimberly Suzanne 
Durbin, Johnny Ray 
Durdin, Patrice Moncelle 
Durham, David Royce 
Durley, Gina Marie 
Durrett, Dawna Laquann 
Durrett, James R. 
Dye, Brian Richard 
Dye, Laura 
Dye, Sherry Lynne 
Dye, Tamela Denise 

E - 

Eads, Gina R. 
Earnhart, Wayne 
Earwood, Susan Copeland 
Easley, Billy Jene 
Easley, Rachelle 
Eason, Linda Dale 
East, Angela Jayne 
East, Melissa Lynn 
Eaton, Rose Luann 
Eaves, Mary 

Echols, Cassandra Michele 
Echols, Cunthia Gwenna 
Echols, Joseph 
Echols, Morris 
Eddings, Kimberly L. 
Edge, Estella Elizabeth 
Edington, Lawanda Anne 
Edlin, Sherry Melissa 
Edmonds, Robert Allen 
Edwards, Allie Burnice 
Edwards, Janice Burnett 
Edwards, Judy Allyn 
Edwards, Kathryn Love 
Edwards, Mary Lois 
Edwards, Priscilla Anne 
Edwards, Priscilla 
Edwards, Ramona Markham 
Edwards, Sarah Louise 
Edwards, Sarah Luci 
Edwards, Tina Lynn 
Edwards, Wendy Machelle 
Ehney, William H. Jr. 
Eisenbets, Sharon Kaye 
Eisenman, Monica Ann 
El Dib, Candace L. 
Elam, Karole Kaye 
Elam, Sandra Jean 
Elam, Vernice N. 
Elion, Donna D. 
Elion, Terrell Connell 

Elliott, Andrea Ruth 
Elliott, Christopher N. 
Elliott, Lynn McCain 
Elliott, Nickey Owen 
Ellis, Deronda Sue 
Ellis, John Robert 
Ellis, Julia Ann 
Ellis, Patti O'Neal 
Elmore, Brenda Sue 
Elmore, Johnny L. 
Elmore, Reginald V. 
Elmore, Renee Elizabeth 
Eloby, Larry Arelius 
Embrey, Deborah Dianne 
Embrey, Thomas Michael 
England, Melanie Jean 
Enlow, Carol Andrea 
Epps, Cooper Lee 
Epps, Deloise 
Erber, Christian Scott 
Erber, Susan Crawford 
Ervin, Charles A. 
Ervin, Hazel J. 
Ervin, Henry Wilson 
Essary, Edwin J. , 
Essary, Tom C. 
Estes, Charles K. 
Estes, John Robert 
Estes, Michael Wayne 
Estey, Charles I 
Estridge, David Morris 
Etheridge, Lynn 
Etheridge, Stacey Adams 
Eubanks, Jerry Wayne 
Evans, Altheia 
Evans, Aza Denise 
Evans, Carol Suzanne 
Evans, Ellouise M. 
Evans, Jimmy Dale 
Evans, Larry 
Evans, Levonzell A. 
Everett, Alfred Roger 
Everett, Barbara Whitworth 
Everett, Rosemary Strickla 
Evins, Faye Golden 
Exson, Dorothy Ann 

- F- 

Fagan, Wendy Dee 
Fair, Karen Marie 
Fairley, Lowell Franklin 
Falkner, Lin M. 
Falkner, Van 
Faris, Charles Richard 
Farmer, Angelina Robinette 
Farmer, Beverly 
Farmer, Verda Lee 
Farnell, Katheryn E. 
Farr, Michelle Lynn 
Farris, Barbara Jo Cursey 
Farris, Deborah Lagwin 
Farris, Gary D. 
Farris, Michelle L. 
Farris, Terry Lee 
Farrow, Bessie Blair 
Farrow, Connie Turnage 
Farrow, Rhonda Renae 
Farrow, Sandra Lynn 
Faulkenbery, Joe Thomas 
Faulkner, Anita 
Faulkner, Beverly Kay 
Faulkner, Charles 
Faulkner, Jacqueline 
Faulkner, James Stephen 
Faulkner, Julia Louise 
Faulkner, Luedella 
Faulkner, Patricia Carolee 
Faulkner, Romus 
Faulkner, Sheila Ray 
Faulkner, Shoron Lavet 


Faultne, Rosie L. 
Ferguson, Don Harold 
Ferguson, Gayle D. 
Ferguson, Jill G. 
Ferguson, James Russell 
Ferguson, Jimmy I. 
Ferguson, Newton C. Jr. 
Ferguson, Rhonda Ann 
Ferguson, Travis Gwynn 
Ferrell, Mark W. 
Fields, Norris Willis Jr. 

; ? Fillyaw, Carol Lynn 
Fillyaw, Marilyn G. 
Finley, Lena | 
Finner, Darren Pernell 
Fisher, Larry Wayne Jr. 
Fitzgerald, Kelste Ann 
Flaherty, Lisa Darlene 
Fleming, Charles Martin 

^ Fleming, Susan Lynn 
Flinn, Ida M. 
Flinn, Mary Leeann 
Flint, III, Calvin E* 
Flint, Wesley Lynn 
Floied, Calvin Wayne 
Flowers, Mark Eugene 
Flowers, Terry Joe 
Floyd, Donna W. 
Floyd, John Michael 
Floyd, Stacy L. I 
Floyd, William David 
Folkerts, Bernie A. 
Follis, Charlotte Marie 
Folson, Vanessa Renee 
Fondon, Charles Edward 
Fondren, Aurther 
Fondren, Freda Sharon 
Fondren, Russell Jr. 
Force, Charles Ray 
Ford, Anthony Decinthy 
Ford, Barbara Janine 
Ford, Donna J. 
Ford, Elizabeth Mae 
Ford, Pamela Lynn 
Forman, William M. 
Forrest, Michael Wayne 

Fortner, Betty Sue 
Foshee, Betty L. 
Foster, Brock 
Foster, Joyce Ann S 
Foster, R. E. 
Fowier, Brenda Little 
Fowler, David Elliot?* 
Fowler, David Thomas 
Fowler, James Scott 
Fowler, Steven Douglas 
Fowler, Sue Ann 
France, Harold Edward 
Franklin, Gregory A. 
Franklin, Ingrid Miranda 
Franklin, Joan Hannaford 
%anklin, Lisa Rena 
Franklin, Wallace Sidney 
|Franks, Robbie 
Franks, Roger Dale 
Frayser, Ronda D. 
Frazier, Mariam Cheryl 
Freely, Michael Gene 
Freeman, Buryl 
Freeman, Carlton Wayne 
Freeman, Cynthia Renea 
Freeman, George N. 
Freeman, Larry 
Freeman, Lisa Jay 
Freeman, Melissa A. 
Freeman, Phylis E. 
Freeman, Regina K. 
Freeman, Sandra Martin 
Freeman, Terrell F. 
Freeman, Verna Mae 
Freeze, Rita Walker 
French, Brenda 
Friedman, Alan C. 

Frith, Delores Lee 
Frossard, Patricia Sue 
Frost, David Earl 
Frost, Gracie Lee 
Fugler, Dianne Janet 
Fuller, Glenn Tod 
Fuller, Tammy Lynn 
Fullerton, Kathy O. 


Gabbert, Terry Lynn 
Gadd, Tony G. 
Gafford, June Hollowell 
Gaines, Jr., James Grady 
Gallaher, Barbara J. 
Garcia, Freddy R. 
Gardner, Joyce W. 
Gardner, Lisa G. 
Garey, James Edwin 
Garman, Lillie Mae 
Garmon, Josephine 
Garner, Donna L. 
Garner, Lula B. 
Garner, Sara F. 
Garrett, Janet Fay 
Garrett, Joseph 
Garrett, Ricky Wayne 
Garrett, Sandra Dee 
Garrett, Sandra Denise 
Garrett, Dexter Gerrome 
Garrison, Lewis 
Garrison, Michael Anthony 
Garrison, Vanessa 
Garrison, Wendy L. 
Gary, Pamela Meeks 
Gates, Jackie 
Gates, Juanita Marie 
Gate wood, Janeise 
Gatewood, Sharon Deneise 
Gatewood, Sherrillar M. 
Gatlin, James L. 
Gee, Don Carter 
Gee, Laurie 
Geiger, Fred J. 
Gentry, Rhonda L. 
George, Barbara 
George, Edward L. 
George, Linda 
George, Linda Sue 
George, Melvin Frederick 
Gerard, Jeanette 
Geriner, Linda Townsend 
Geriner, Susan F. 
German, Vernon Joe 
Germany, Catherine Hubba 
Gex, Walter Joseph 
Ghettie, Lynda C. 
Gholson, Denise Davidson 
Gibbs, Beverly Ann 
Gibbs, Phyllis 
Gibson, Susan 
Gidden, James Fonda 
Giddens, Darrell Blaine 
Gilbert, Richard W. 
Gilbert, Shelley M. 
Gilbreath, Gerald Duane 
Giles, Deloris 
Gill, Frances Swindoll 
Gill, Jo Langley 
Gill, Melinda Girdley 
Gill, Ruth Ann 
Gillespie, Bevelin D. 
Gillespie, Corenna 
Gillespie, George P. 
Gillespie, Gwendulyn 
Gillespie, Kathleen" 
Gilliom, Archie Clyde 
Gilliom, Illean 
Gipson, Hammond 
Givens, Janet 

Givens, Marilyn Marie 
Glass, Bobbie Jean 
Glassman, Michael Stuart 
Glebus, Kerin Marie 
Glenn, Jeffrey Allen 
Glenn, John Andrew 
Glick, Addie Lou Hayles 
Glick, Judy Kay 
Glidewell, Wanda Elaine 
Glover, Anita Rose 
Glover, David Jr. 
Glover, Goston 
Glover, Joann McGarrity 
Glover, John Mike 
Glover, Lisa 
Glover, Melanie D. 
Goad, Theresa Lynn 
Gober, George Marcus 
Goff, David Wayne 
Goff , Rheda Faye 
Goff, Sara Lynn 
Goforth, Angela Kay 
Goforth, Kristina Karr 
Golden, Dorothy Jean 
Goldsmith, E. Brian 
Gooch, Robert Jr. 
Goode, Anita Lashon 
Goode, Chris Kimberly 
Gooden, Andrea Darnell 
Gooden, Dwayne B. 
Goodman, Jerry Wayne 
Goodman, John 
Goodman, Lynn Mansfield 
Goodnight, Allison Denise 
Goodrum, Maudie Sue 
Goodson, Carolyn Young 
Goodson, Charolette Jane 
Goodwin, Alan Lee 
Goodwin, Betty Lane 
Goodwin, David 
Goodwin, David Stanley 
Goodwin, Sandra Jo 
Goolsby, Alvin 
Goolsby, Fannie Catherine 
Goolsby, Gloria Annette 
Goolsby, Paul D. 
Goolsby, Willie R. 
Gordon, Debra Deneise 
Gordon, Gary Duncell 
Gordon, Gregory 

Gordon, James Robert 
Gordon, Kyle Ford 
Gordon, Polly Thomas 
Gore, Connie Renee 
Gorham, John Lloyd 
Gorman, Josephine 
Goss, Donna Haggard 
Goss, Tommy L. 
Gourley, Ladonis 
Govan, Author W. 
Govan, Barbara Deneal 
Gowdy, Kermie K. 
Gowen, Jerry H. Jr. 
Gower, Terri W. 
Graham, Bryant Lee 
Graham, Kimmie K. 
Graham, Larry J. 
Graham, Michael 
Graham, Sonja Kay 
Graham, Wanda Annette 
Gramlich, Laura Lynn 
Granbery, Elizabeth A. 
Grant, Charles 
Grant, Dennis Everitt 
Grant, Edna Bea 
Grant, Rosemary C. 
Grantham, Steven Wayne 
Graves, Shirley Ann 
Graves, Thomas Benjamin 
Gray, Bruce T. 
Gray, Catherine Marie 
Gray, Charles Stevn 
Gray, Cynthia Dianne 

Gray, Donna Dee 
Gray, Gaylan Luther 
Gray, Leigh Anne 
Gray, Patricia 
Gray, Regina Yvette 
Green, Eric 
Green, Gloria Ann 
Green, Samantha Gaye 
Greene, James Kenneth 
Greenwood, Robyn Beth 
Greer, Cynthia Elaine 
Greer, Donna Kay 
Greer, Statcy Angelia 
Gregg, Tonya Lynn 
Gregory, Elton Ray 
Gregory, Iva Leona 
Gregory, Leora 
Gregory, Lorine 
Griffin, Adriana G. 
Griffin, David Michael 
Griffin, Gwendolyn 
Griffin, Julia Annette 
Griffin, Otis Jr. 
Griffin, Sheley Rena 
Griffin, Matthew 
Griffis, James E. 
Griffis, Jeannette Lynn 
Griffis, Sharon Townsend 
Griffis, Susan Ann 
Griggs, Tommy 
Griggs, William Calvin 
Grilliette, William D. 
Grimes, Josephine 
Grimes, Quintin 
Grimm, Charlotte O'Bryant 
Grimm, Donald W. 
Grisham, Guy Whitten 
Grisham, Ken 
Gronke, Ruth L. 
Guckert, Karen Marie 
Guest, Beatrice Kay 
Guglielmo, Elizabeth Lea 
Guin, Richard Lane 
Guinn, Jeff Thomas 
Guinn, Pamela Leigh 
Gullett, Emily Virginia 
Gullick, Tammy Camille 
Gunn, Barbara J. 
Gunn, Kelly Dilayne 
Gunter, Judy D. 
Gunter, Paul Edward 
Gurley, Lewis F. 
Gurner, Stacy Martin 
Gustafson, Anita 
Guthrie, Amy Carolyn 
Guthrie, F. E. 
Guthrie, David Thurman 
Guy, Constance 
Guy, Daphne 
Guy, Lois P. 
Guy, Patrice Rashamiya 
Guy, Sandi Elaine 
Guy, Sharron Marie 
Guyton, Deneend 
Gyetvay, Jeanne 


Hadaway, Tammy Carter 
Haffer, Katherine Ann 
Hagerty, Robert E. 
Haglund, Sherry L. 
Hahn, Carol Kratz 
Hairston, Fredinia 
Hairston, Mary Annette 
Hairston, Phyllis 
Hale, Lyndoll W. 
Hale, Ruth Felix 
Haley, Tammy 
Hall, Anita Lucille 

Hall, Corrie Hallum 
Hall, Cleaster Clayton 
Hall, Deborah Anne 
Hall, Jean M. 
Hall, Julia 

Hall, Leanne Brasher 
Hall, Mitchell K. 
Haii, Shari 
Hall, Sherry L. 
Hall, William E. 
Halliburton, Jeri Lynn 
Halliburton, Sammy Lee Jr. 
Hamberlin, Carole Ann 
Hamer, Annie Jean 
Hamilton, Debra Diane 
Hamilton, Elizabeth 
Hamilton, La Angela 
Hamilton, Randy Joe 
Hamilton, Suzette 
Hamilton, Wade 
Hamm, James T. 
Hammond, Donna Renee 
Hammond, James Paul 
Hammond, Lyndra J. 
Hammond, Robin Renee 
Hammond, Thomas Grant 
Hammond, Tim 
Hammond, Vivian Jean 
Hammons, Donna S. 
Hampton, Aice Dell 
Hampton, Margaret Sureen 
Hancock, James Eugene 
Hancock, Rebecca Moody 
Haney, Margaret Alice 
Haney, Patricia Roberson 
Hanks, William Robert 
Hankins, Barbara Ann 
Hankins, Betta Kasell 
Hankins, Patricia 
Hankins, Paul Devid 
Hankins, Stephanie Lynn 
Hankins, Steven Gregory 
Hanna, Connye Jean 
Hanna, Sammy Joe 
Hanna, Susan Carol 
Hannah, Dawn A. 
Hannah, Karen 
Hannah, Tammy 
Hannah, Timothy Earl 
Hannon, Ervin Lee 
Hansen, Jill Janie 
Hansen, Joseph Jumes 
Harbin, Rebecca Ruth 
Harbour, Lisa Marie 
Hardin, James Terry Jr. 

Hardin, Scott 
Harding, Charles D. 
Harding, Jennifer Anne 
Hardison, Eugene Peete 
Hardison, Martha H. 
Hardy, Gregory 
Hardy, Susan Koelz 
Hargett, Michael Mathews 
Hargrow, Donald 
Harlow, Denise Renee 
Harper, Clyde 
Harper, Ricky Charles 
Harper, William Demetrius 
Harreld, John C. 
Harrell, Floria Lorraine 
Harrell, John Henry 
Harrington, Susan Gail 
Harris, Cartrell Loretta 
Harris, Craig Lamar 
Harris, Curtis Lewis 
Harris, Davis Payne 
Harris, Dorothy 
Harris, Dorothy Ann 
Harris, Harry Lynn 
Harris, Florence 
Harris, George Gran 
Harris, Georgie L. 
Harris, Harlen Jr. 


larris, Harry Lynn 
Karris, Herbert Gene 
Harris, Jerry Lynn 
Harris, Lanell 
Harris, Melvin 
Harris, Scotty Marvell 
Harris, Steve 
Harris, Sylvia Ann 
Harris, Terrie Lynn 
Harris, Thomas Clinton 
Harris, Tony 
Harris, Travis 
Harris, Vickie M. 
Harris, William Neal 
Harrison, Andy Lamar 
Harrison, Debbie 
Harrison, Dewitt B. 
Harrison, Earnie M. 
Harrison, John 
Harrison, Jeanette 
Harrison, Pricilla 
Harrison, Vikki M. 
Harrison, Virginia 
Hart, Jimmie A. 
Hartman, Laura Renna 
Harty, Troy V. 
Harville, Alice Elaine 
Haskins, Janice M. 
Hassell, Glen Tarion 
Hatley, Regina Dianne 
Hauss, Jeffrey Thomas 
Haven, Jill 

Havens, Tommy Wallace 
Hawkes, Jeffrey W. 
Hawkins, Edmund Garland 
Hawkins, Howard 
Hawkins, Regina 
Hawkins, Rose Mary 
Hawkins, Shirley Jean 
Hawkins, W. H. Jr. 
Haworth, Deborah Ann 
Hayes, Cherie Coke 
Hayes, Donna Jo 
Hayes, Gregory T. 
Hayes, Harry 
Hayes, Kelly Jean 
Hayes, Patricia Lynne 
Hayes, Robert Alan 
Hayes, Stephen Edward 
Hayhurst, Verner Wayne Jr. 
Haynes, Myron Lindsey 
Haynes, Rex Raye 
Hays, Deborah D. 
Hays, Dennis Ray 
Hays, Donna Childress 
Hays, Glynn Taylor 
Hazlerig, Barbara F. 
Heafner, Alison Robison 
Heafner, Paula Carpenter 
Heard, Cynthia Denise 
Hearn, Nancy 
Heliums, Penny 
Heliums, Susan Hudspeth 
Helm, Wanda Carr 
Helmes, Cynthia Renee 
Helms, Bonnie Jean 

ims, Rebecca 
Henard, Carolyn Sue 
Henderson, Bobby Dean 
Henderson, Dorthy 
Henderson, Jacqueline 
Henderson, Jean Ella 
Henderson, Perry Lee 
Henderson, Rodney 
Henderson, Sammuel Dorff 
Henderson, Terry Gene 
Hendricks, Julie Cursey 
Hendrix, Micheal L. 
Hendrix, Paul Anthony 
Henry, Betty Walker 
Henry, Gene F. 
Henry, Jo Ann Watson 

Henry, Peter O. 

Hensley, Mary Elaine 
Henson, David A. 
Henson, James Bryan 
Henson, William Russell 
Henthorne, Mary Ellen P. 
Hentz, Billy Fred 
Hentz, Rodney Glenn 
Herndon, Phyllis L. 
Herndon, Tina Fay 
Herod, David Randal 
Herring, Bruce Randal 
Herring, Charles Edward 
Herring, Hal Leslie 
Herring, Kelly P. 
Herring, Lorin Edward 
Herring, Patricia A. 
Herring, Ricky 
Herring, Shirley Jean 
Herring, Tammy 
Herrmann, Penny Kay 
Herron, Carla Dean 
Herron, Jim W. 
Herron, Wanda Lee 
Hervey, Llewellyn D. 
Hester, Gary Scott 
Hester, Larry Dean 
Hester, Mark Ferrell 
Hester, Timothy Eugene 
Hibbler, Gail Dean 
Hibbler, Louise Sanders 
Hibler, Calvin 
Hibler, Shelia R. 
Hickey, Joan McMinn 
Hicks, Celestine 
Hicks, Robert Lesley 
Higganbottom, Debbie G. 
Higgenbottom, Teresa M. 
Higginbotham, Gary Dean 
Highfill, Betty J. 
Highfill, Marvin C. Jr. 
Hightower, David Earl 
Hightower, Pamela Louise 
Hightower, Willie 
Hill, Amy Celene 
Hill, Anita Lashell 
Hill, Beverly A. 
Hill, Beverly Harbour 
Hill, Elizabeth Ann 
Hill, Frank 
Hill, Lynn 
Hill, Otis 
Hill, Patricia Ann 
Hill, Ronald Kelly 

Hill, William G. 
Hill, Winda Lura 
Hill, Winford 
Hillhouse, Billy Roger 
Hillhouse, Gail 
Hillhouse, Lisa Michelle 
Hillhouse, Sandra Anthony 
Hindman, Patsy Lynn S. 
Hinkle, Margie Helen 
Hipp, Paul Howard 
Hix, Odesser L. 
Hobbs, Mary 
Hodges, Annie Gail 
Hodges, Jean Michelle 
Hodges, Jonette Hester 
Hodges, Jean Michelle 
Hodges, Marilyn Denise 
Hodo, Anita 
Hoffer, Alice A. 
Hogan, Vicky 
Holbert, Lecester Jr. 
Holbrook, Clifford D. 
Holcomb, Tammy N. 
Holcombe, Alex Boyd 
Holcombe, Stephen Craig 
Holcombe, Jr. Bobby Dean 
Holden, Angela K. 
Holden, Kenneth Wayne 
Holden, Renee Gravelle 
Holland, Lee Otis 


Hollenbeck, John K. 
Holley, Barbara Harmon 
Holley, Janice Kay 
Holliday, Allen Heber 
Holliday, Cynthia Adams 
Holliday, Edna Mayo 
Holliday, Tim Allen 
Hollingsworth, Jeff 
Hollingsworth, Mark A. 
Hollingsworth, Mary Lou 
Hollingsworth, Melissa J. 
Hollingsworth, Terry V. 
Hollins, Mildred 
Hollis, Gladys 
Holloman, Amonte C. 
Holloway, Timothy Edward 
Holloway, Vicki Denise 
Hollowell, Samuel K. 
Holmes, Anthony Warren 
Holmes, Clyde Henery 
Holmes, Jr., Clyde H. 
Holmes, Sylvia Carol 
Holmon, Jerdean 
Holpe, Cherrice 
Holpe, Sandra F. 
Holt, Elizabeth A. 
Holt, Jessie 
Holt, Wanda Lynn 
Holts, Loretta Ann 
Honeycutt, Ann Marie 
Hood, Crystal 
Hood, Linda Ann 
Hood, Lisa Umstattd 
Hood, Livia Marie 
Hooks, Mary A. 
Hooper, Ritchie Darden 
Hooper, Walter V. Jr. 
Hoover, Debbie Anne 
Hope, Rickey Bernard 
Hopkines, Gene Steven 
Hopkins, Bruce Myron 
Hopkins, Sophia Lauada 
Hopper, Ritchie Darden 
Hopson, Corene 
Hopson, Terri 
Home, Bentley Kevin 
Horton, Crystal 
Horton, Joanna 
Horton, Sam Doyle 
Horwy, David W. 
Hoskins, Tammie Renae 
Hoskin, Valarie Annette 
Houck, Paulette 
Hough, Robert Emerson 
Houpt, Michael Glen 
House, Christopher Bryan 
House, Florence Marie 
House, Norris 
House, Patricia Ann 
House, Stanley S. 
Houston, Eva M. 
Houston, James Clark 
Houston, Marilyn 
Houston, Mark A. 
Houston, Marty Alan 
Houston, Sandra Lee 
Houston, Walter Stafford 
Howard, Mitzi Dawn 
Howard, Richard Lance 
Howard, Terry Lee 

oward, Thomas L. 

owe, Paula Jean 

owe, Ronald Allen 
Howell, Calvet P. 
Howell, Catherine 
Howell, Ellen Elizabeth 
Howell, Eric Gray 
Howell, Frances Evelyn 
Howell, James Edward 
Howell, James Mack Jr. 
Howell, Janice Marie 
Howell, Robert D. 
Howell, Rupert K. 

Howington, Deb 
Howlett, Suzanne Marie 
Howorth, Andrew 
Howry, David W. 
Hoyle, Anthony Quinn 
Hoyle, Debris Jeanette 
Hoyle, Laura Ann 
Hoyle, Rickey Nathaniel 
Hubbard, Kim 
Hubbard, Richard T. 
Huckaby, Jess W. 
Huckaby, Judy Dale 
Huckaby, Kathy B. 
Huckaby, Patsy Faye 
Huddelston, David Michel 
Huddleston, Luther Mark 
Huddleston, Robert A. 
Huddleston, Stanley 
Hudson, Cynthia Lenease 
Hudson, Johnny Ben Jr. 
Hudson, Marietta 
Hudson, Sallie L. 
Hudson, Sandra Elaine 
Hudson, Sharon Kay 
Hudson, William S. 
Hudspeth, Gerri Lynn 
Hudspeth, Jane R. 
Hudspeth, William Norris 
Huestis, Jim Albert 
Huffaker, Timothy 
Huffstatler, Billy Austin 
Huffstatler, Sandra D. 
Huffstarter, Bessie Ellen 
Huggins, Joe 
Huggins, Louis Martin 
Huggins, Zama Elizabeth 
Hughes, David 
Hughes, James Arnold 
Hugh, John F. 
Hughes, Lisa K. 
Hughes, Todd Spencer 
Hughes, Veanna Deniece 
Hull, Patricia Ann 
Hullett, Mark 
Hullette, Alitisia Jones 
Hullette, Shirley J. 
Humphrey, Annette L. 
Humphreys, Barbara 
Hunsucker, Angelia Kay 
Hunsucker, Lisa A. 
Hunsucker, Tammy E. 
Hunsucker, William Herman 
Hunt, Bobbie K. 
Hunt, Brenda Lee 
Hunt, Carlotta 
Hunt, Dorothy Ann 
Hunt, Jeanette Ann 
Hunt, Jeffrey Craig 
Hunt, Mary A. Taylor 
Hunt, Willie Jean 
Hunter, Burl Grant 
Hunter, Randy Edward 
Hunter, Verna Lasha 
Hurdle, Connie 
Hurdle, Steve D. 
Hursey, Dorothy P. 
Hurt, Linda Kay 
Hurt, Marlene Denise 
Hutchens, Rita A. 
Hutchinson, Jennifer Lynn 
Hutchison, Lisa Kimberly 
Hutt, Carolyn Ann 
Hutton, Deborah Louise 
Hyneman, Jeanne Cox 

Inman, Pamela Jane 
Inman, Scottie Way 
Irby, Robert Joseph 
Irons, Susan P. 
Ishee, Judy M. 
Island, Johnny Lee 
Isom, Beatrice 
Isom, Leon 
Iverson, Karla Ann 
Ivey, Tina Marie 
Ivy, Cassandra 
Ivy, Donna Dovetta 
Ivy, Johnnie 
Ivy, Mildred Mae 
Ivy, Vernita Joan 


- I - 

Ingram, Charles Kendall 
Ingram, Sheila 
Inman, Barney Eric 
Inman, James A. 

Jack, Mary Shelley 
Jackson, A. B. 
Jackson, Anthony Bernard 
Jackson, Belinda Adair 
Jackson, Belinda S. 
Jackson, Betty Jean 
Jackson, Betty Jean 
Jackson, Charles H. 
Jackson, Clinton Douglas 
Jackson, Darryl 
Jackson, David 
Jackson, Dennis Ray 
Jackson, Derwin Kent 
Jackson, Dianna Tidwell 
Jackson, Donald 
Jackson, Dorothy Ann 
Jackson, Dwayne Anthony 
Jackson, Edward 
Jackson, Ester Lee 
Jackson, Freddie L. 
Jackson, Harold Kennieth 
Jackson, Hazel Lorraine 
Jackson, Izolia 
Jackson, Jimmy A. 
Jackson, John Cleland 
Jackson, John Everett 
Jackson, Johnny H. 
Jackson, Linda Joyce 
Jackson, Linda M. 
Jackson, Lonnie Glen 
Jackson, Lorie Diane 
Jackson, Lucy Magness 
Jackson, Luke 
Jackson, Mark Catledge 
Jackson, Mary Aneice 
Jackson, Mary Lee 
Jackson, Patricia Faye 
Jackson, Pennye Carol 
Jackson, Robert Baxter 
Jackson, Robert Wayne 
Jackson, Rosa Lee 
Jackson, Russell R. 
Jackson, Sharon Celest 
Jackson, Sharon Denise 
Jackson, Sharon Elaine 
Jackson, Sheri Lynne 
Jackson, Terrance 
Jackson, Terry Lee 
Jackson, Vincent Odell 
Jackson, Virginia Jane 
James, Anthony Lamar 
James, Bobbye Janet 
James, Dianne R. 
James, Jill Druann 
James, Paul Edward 
James, Thomas Gregory 
James, Tony O'Neil 
Jamison, Shirley Deloris 
Jamison, Valerie Overstree 
Jarjoura, Boulos Tanios 
Jarrell, Eddie Edward 
Jeans, Alonzo David 
Jeans, Johnna M. 


Jefferies, Susan D. 
Jefferson, Eddie 
Jefferson, Eissie Mae 
Jefferson, Nancy 
Jeffries, Alvin Gregory 
Jeffries, James 
Jeffries, June Lee 
Jeffries, Paul Clinton 
Jenkins, Connie Linda 
Jenkins, Elisa Ann 
Jenkins, Jackie Anderson 
Jenkins, Judy L. 
Jenkins, Maudie Lavern 
Jenkins, Nan B. 
Jenkins, Roy Jeffery 
Jenkins, Susan Jeannine 
Jennings, Lynancy Leah 
Jensen, Terrance Christoph 
Jobe, Nell E. 
Jobe, Paul Wayne 
Johnkin, Charles Anthony 
Johns, Joan 

j Johnson, Alfreda 

' Johnson, Antoniette 
Johnson, Barbara Ann 
Johnson, Bonnie H. 
Johnson, Brenda Joyce 
Johnson, Cecelia Ann 
Johnson, Charles Cecil 
Johnson, Clarence Alan 
Johnson, Clinton D. 
Johnson, Cora Mae 
Johnson, Craig M. 
Johnson, Debbie Jo 
Johnson, Dorothy 
Johnson, James Alvin 
Johnson, James Rodney 
Johnson, Jeffrey Nelson 
Johnson, Kathryn Irene 
Johnson, Kenneth Earl 
Johnson, Linda Jeanette 
Johnson, Lonnie Derell 
Johnson, Mardis E. 
Johnson, Marilyn Jean H. 
Johnson, Nora Alexander 
Johnson, Nora V. 
Johnson, Patricia Ann 
Johnson, Percy 
Johnson, Phyllis Wanda 
Johnson, Ralph David 
Johnson, Richard Edward 
Johnson, Robbie Jean 
Johnson, Rosemary 
Johnson, Sandra Kay 
Johhson, Sherrion Annett 
Johnson, Terence Avery 
Johnson, Tilmus Laverne 
Johnson, Vanessa 
Johnston, David G. 
Johnston, Ida Marie 
Johnston, Mariah Lee 
Johnston, Robert F. 
Johnston, Sabra Ann 
Joiner, Bettie Campbell 
Joiner, Elizabeth H. 
Joiner, Jacqueline Yvonne 
Joiner, Michelle 
Joiner, Sylvester 
Jolley, Charles Ronald 
Jolliff, Lynda Phillips 
Jolliff , Richard Carlton 
Jolly, Sue 
Jones, Amita J. 
Jones, Andrea Marchel 
Jones, Annette 
Jones, Beverly V. 
Jones, Bobbie Jean 
Jones, Brenda S. 
Jones, Brenda Sue 
Jones, Charlene T. 
Jones, Chester Ray 
Jones, Cynthia 
Jones, Danny 

Jones, Debra Ann 

Jones, Debra Sue 

Jones, Dedrick Eugene 

Jones, Delia M. 

Jones, Don Wilson 

Jones, Doris 

Jones, Ervin Lamar 

Jones, Floretta 

Jones, Foresteen 

Jones, Hazel Wright 

Jones, Jeannette Shipp 

Jones, Joyce Brenette 

Jones, Leon 

Jones, Linda Carol 

Jones, Linda Gail 

Jones, Linda L. 

Jones, Lou Verne 

Jones, Lource Williams 

Jones, Loyd C. 

Jones, Mamie 

Jones, Marcellas 

Jones, Mark Graham 

Jones, Mary Elizabeth 

Jones, Mary Joyce 

Jones, Mary Lou 

Jones, Micheal W. 

Jones, Milton Floyd 

Jones, Myra Eugenia 

Jones, Nellie Jean 

Jones, Nikito 

Jones, Oliver 
Jones, Patty Jo 
Jones, Pearlie Mae 
Jones, Penny Caffey 
Jones, Pernell 
Jones, Phyllis Gee 
Jones, Randale 
Jones, Regenia Denise 
Jones, Regina A. 
Jones, Ricky Ricardo 
Jones, Rodney 
Jones, Rodney Allen 
Jones, Rose Marie 
Jones, Ruby Jean 
Jones, Sandra 
Jones, Shelia Ann 
Jones, Sheryl Regina 
Jones, Shirley Ann 
Jones, Susan Levette 
Jones, Suzette 
Jones, Tina K. 
Jones, Victor H. Jr. 
Jones, Viki Lynn 
Jones, Vincent C. 
Jones, William Joseph 
Jordan, Cynthia Kay 
Jordan, Edwin Ray 
Jordan, Lu Ann 
Jordan, Paulette 
Jordan, Ronald Carlton 
Jordan, Stacy 
Joy, Carol Diane 
Joyner, Betty Lou 
Joyner, Catherine Renee 
Joyner, Cindy Jo 
Joyner, Gunnette M. 
Joyner, Todd Cole 
Judy, L. Huddleston 
Justice, LaRhonda L. 

- K - 

Kahlor, Beverly Marie 
Karakurt, Jeanne S. 
Kareotes, Anthony 
Kavyas, Elaine A. 
Kavyas, Leaine A. 
Kay, John Andrew Kay 
Kee, Betty Medlin 
Keel, Sharon Coulson 
Keen, William K. Jr. 

eller, Constance S. 
Kelley, Darren Todd 
Kelley, Janice Marie 
Kelley, Keith 
Kelly, David 
Kelly, David D. 
Kelly, Dorothy Ann 
Kelly, Noble Leigh 
Kelly, William K. 
Kelso, Sandra Lee 
Kelson, Larry Calvin 
Kendall, Judith E. 
Kendall, Pamela Joy 
Kennedy, Brian 
Kennedy, John M. 
Kennell, Caroline Sue 
Kent, Ilene Lamar 
Kerby, Mike Wayne 
Kesler, Phyllis A. 
Keys, Jerry Leon 
Keys, Ronnie Darnell 
Kiefer, Patrick Michael 
Kimmett, Kirk Anthony 
Kinard, Bulah Mae 
Kincaid, Karen Michelle 
King, Stacy Allen 
King, Aubrey Eugene 
King, Billy Carrelton 
King, Cathy 
King, Chester Ray 
King, Cindy Kay 
King, David Ray 
King, Edward Moody IV 
King, Jerry Wayne 
King, Joel Dean 
King, Odessa L. 
King, Patricia Ann 
King, Robbie Louise 
King, Sherry Bland 
King, Sherry Lynn 
King, Tommy S. 
King, William D. 
Kirk, Joyce F. 
Kirk, Lisa Gaye 
Kirry, Ray Lewis 
Kiser, Shelia S. 
Kisner, Christy 
Kisner, Deneise 
Kisner, James David 
Kitchens, Ellen Lorraine 
Kizer, James W. 
Kizziah, Thomas Patton 
Kizziah, Kimberly Beaumon 
Klepper, James D. 
Klepzig, Suzanne 
Knichel, Jimmy G. 
Knight, Barbara Ann 
Knight, Elizabeth Maria 
Knight, Jerri A. 
Knight, Mary 
Knight, Michael Kennon 
Knight, Roger Clark 
Knight, Virginia Lucile 
Koeppel, Christopher David 
Kopf, Cheryl B. 
Kopf, Danny 
Kramer, Fred Karl 
Kramer, Jean Shumpert 
Kruse, John David 
Kuehndorf, Peggy Roth 
Kueter, Keith Lawrence 
Kyles, Anthony Quincy 



Lacy, Linsey M. 
Lacy, Lynda Hope 
Ladd, James Anthony 
Ladd, John Henry 

Ladd, Raymond E 
Lafayette, Carla (Midyett) 
Lafever, Kathleen I. 
Lahatte, Robert Michael 
Lahmon, James Sidney 
Lake, Alice Fae 
Lamar, Alice R. 
Lamar, Earnestine 
Lamar, Juliana 
Lamb, Charles Russell 
Lamb, Pamela Lynn 
Lambert, Donna Gayle 
Lambert, James H. 
Lambert, Kim 
Lancaster, Cedric 
Lane, Carolyn Faye 
Lane, Clifford M. 
Lane, Kenneth Wayne 
Lane, Mary Dean 
Lane, Patricia McDaniel 
Lane, Peter 
Lane, Willie A. 
Lang, Mary Gladys 
Langston, Debra Susan 
Lantrip, Dolores Jean 
Larkin, William A. 
Lasseter, Steele 
Lassetter, Janet Elizabeth 
Laster, Robbin Leigh 
Lathan, Karl 
Lauderdale, Zandra Lee 
Laughlin, Jerri Lynn 
Laughter, Marti Flinn 
Laureles, Gary Stevens 
Lawrence, Betty J. 
Lawrence, Cedric Dwayne 
Lawson, Dorlean E. 
Lawson, Dorothy Mae 
Lawson, Henrietta 
Lawson, Marilyn Gay 
Layton, Janice Marie 

Leake, Angela Cheryl 
Leary, Scott F. 
Ledbetter, Mabel Wilson 
Ledford, Ronnie C. 
Lee, Antoinette 
Lee, David 
Lee, Harvey W. 
Lee, Linda 
Lee, Michael Gaines 
Lee, Ruth W. 
Lee, Thelma 
Lee, Windfred 
Leedom, Linda Hurst 
Leeper, Daphlyn 
Legge, Byron C. 
Leggett, Sherry Lynn 
Lehman, Gina L. 
Leike, Carlton 
Leitschuh, Pauline 
Lemmons, Michael Kevin 
Leon, Ramsey Victor 
Leonard, Susan Kaye 
Leonard, Timothy D. 
Lester, Ketrina Yolanda 
Lester, Nellie 
Lester, Norris 
Lesueur, Daniel 
Lesure, David 
Lesure, Joyce M. 



s, Anthony Paul 
s, Brenda Joyce 
s, Colletta Maria 
s, Dana Darlene 
s, Ilean 
s, Jackie A. 
s, James Russell 
s, Jeanette 
s, Joe L. 
s, Joe Willie 
s, Julia Pena 
s, Larry Pomell 
s, Lynn 

Lewis, Maggie Nell 
Lewis, Michelle Denise 
Lewis, Robert Scott 
Liggins, Edward Anthony 
Liggins, Nelson 
Liggins, Lavetta 
Lightner, Leona Fay 
Liles, Audry H. 
Liles, Perry L. 
Lindley, Bruce Allen 
Lindsey, Jr., Max Raymond 
Lipe, Angela Eliz 
Lipsey, John Michael 
Lipsey, Walter 
Lipsey, William J. 
Lisco, Stephen Scott 
Lisenby, Tony Lynn 
Little, David Ernest 
Little, Paul A. 
Little, Paula J. 
Little, Susan A. 
Livingston, Gregg 
Livingston, Linda Gail 
Lizano, Rolando Jose 
Lloyd, Debra 
Lloyd, Janie M. 
Lloyd, Joe Edward 
Lloyd, Sandra 
Lockett, Michael Dawyane 
Loftis, Don 
Lofton, Angela Beth 
Logan, Betty Mae 
Logan, Carole Jeane 
Logan, Cynthia Kay 
Logan, Hoyt W. 
Logan, Mary S. Ward 
Logan, Samuel L. 
Lollar, William Gordon 
Long, Edgar Gaal 
Long, Jeffery Charles 
Long, Julie Linn 
Longstreet, Debra 
Loomis, Terri M. 
Looney, Martha 
Loosier, Sylvia Colleen 
Lord, Lisa Michelle 
Love, Anthony Ray 
Love, Billy Wayne 
Love, Eugene 
Love, Gloria S. 
Love, Juanita Henderson 
Love, Patricia Felecia 
Loveberry, James 
Lovelady A. Jill 
Lovelady, Janie Harriet 
Lovelady, Jr. Frank 
Lovelady, Sylvia Dianne 
Lovelady, Thomas Cyrus 
Lovett, Helen 
Lowe, Jr., Joseph D. 
Lowery, Aubra Jean 
Lowman, Jesse Lee 
Lowrance, James Robert 
Lucas, Virginia 
Lucius, John Edward 
Ludwig, Betty B. 
Luellen, Gina 
Lumpkin, Barbara Anne 
Lunceford, Janice 
Lusk, Mary Anne 
Lust, Gloria Denise 
Luster, Mary 
Luther, Ceslie Gibson 
Luther, Laura Lambert 
Lynch, Betty 
Lynch, Lynda 
Lyons, Beverly J. 

- M- 

Mack, Elizabeth C. 


Mack, Roy Lee 
Mackey, William Mark 
Mackey, Malvin S. 
Maddox, Cheryl Renee 
Maddux, Laura Marie 
Madkins, Forstine M. 
Mahan, Virginia Feltus 
Mahaffey, James T. 
Maharrey, Wendy 
Maholm, Gregory Leonard 
Major, Nancy Sissell 
Malone, Brenda Carol 
Malone, Deborah S. 
Malone, Linda Edwards 
Malone, Lori Anne 
Malone, Marsy Sarette 
Malone, Stephen Wade 
Maners, Janice A. 
Maners, Lisa Annette 
Maness, Phil Shayne 
Mangrum, Donald 
Manley, Felicia 
Manning, Curole Diana 
Manning, Toni 
Manuel, Theresa M. 
Maples, Bradley Jennings 
Maples, Carol Jean 
Maples, Sandra Sue 
Marascalo, Joan Marie 
Marcus, Miles Lee 
Marion, Florida Bell 
Marion, Gwendolyn Marie 
Marion, Patricia Diana 
Markwell, Anneliese T. 
Markwell, John Thomas 
Marmino, Nancy Elizabeth 
Marsh, Charles Wayne 
Marshall, Jimmy Robert 
Marshall, Pamela Denise 
Marshall, Sandra Renee 
Martin, Alan E. 
Martin, Andre 
Martin, Barbara M. 
Martin, Edith Sue 

Martin, Effie Ruth 
Martin, James Paul 
Martin, Judy R. 
Martin, Linda F. 
Martin, Lucy Pearl 
Martin, Marty Dewitt 
Martin, Morgan Alfred 
Martin, Ollie B. 
Martin, Peggy Jean 
Martin, Regenia 
Martin, Robyn Lynne 
Martin, Roosevelt Jr. 
Martin, Travis A. 
Martin, Walter Michael 
Martin, Wanda Jean 
Martindale, Michael Shaun 
Martinez, Victor Roberto 
Marton, Sandra Dannett 
Mason, Jacqueline Renee 
Mason, James Barry 
Mason, Margaret Putman 
Mason, Shirley 
Mason, Tami D. 
Massey, Lori Beth 
Massey, R. Sterling 
Massey, Tonia R. 
Massey, Unie Carol 
Massie, Jacquline 
Masterson, Debra Lynette 
Mathew, Frankye C. 
Mathews, Georgia 
Mathis, Dorothy 
Mathis, Ferlinda 
Matthews, Cathy Lynn 
Matthews, Janet McGregor 
Maxwell, Edwin Noah 
Maxwell, Patti 
May, Gary W. 
May, Jeanmarie 

Mayhall, Cynthia L. 
Mayhall, Theodore Wayne 
Mayo, Carla Lynette 
Mayo, Melody Ann 
Mays, Donald 
Mays, Van Louis 
McGlothin, Bettie Maple 
McAfee, James Allen 
McAlexander, L. Diane 
McAlister, Robin Turner 
McBrayer, Terry J. 
McCain, Cornelia Ann 
McCain, Judy 
McCaleb, Janet Leigh 
McCallen, Janice G. 
McCann, Gina Ann 
McCarley, Barbara 
McCarley, Karen France 
McClain, Leslie Bryan 
McClain, William A. 
McClinie, Cedric Anthony 
McClusky, Micheal G. 
McCollins, Gloria Yvonne 
McCook, Nathaniel 
McCord, Peggy S. 
McCorkle, Edgar 
McCraw, Wythal Hulett 
McCrite, Curtis D. 
McCullar, Amy Renee 
McCullar, Charlotte 
McCullock, Barbara 
McCurdy, Shayne Marie 
McCutcheon, Greg 
McDaniel, Jacquelyn Leigh 
McDaniel, June Lindsey 
McDermott, James B. 
McDonald, Erlando Rene 
McDonald, Jacqueline K. 
McDoniel, Edgar Ray 
McDonough, Ann 
McDowell, James Cole 
McDowell, Norma Jean 
McEacharn, Allyson 
McElhaney, Donna Jo 
McElhaney, James Glenn 
McElhaney, Robin Gwen 
McElreath, Lillian Leigh 
McElroy, Laura Stacy 
McEwen, Chester Lee 
McEwen, David Bernard 
McEwen, Willie Mae 
McFarlin, Greg Scott 
McFerren, Dennis 
McGee, Anthony 
McGee, Buford Lamar 
McGee, Paula R. 
McGee, Sandra M. 
McGee, William Allen 
McGehee, Susan Collins 
McGhee, Lonnie Edward 
McGloson, Brenda Kaye 
McGlowan, Brenda 
McGoldrick, Debbie Lynn 
McGoodwin, Faye 
McGougan, Virginia Magness 
McGowan, James Edward 
McGowen, Laura Diane 
McGowen, Sandra Denese 
McGrath, Robert James Jr. 
McGregor, Mary Beth 
McGuire, Michael Kelly 
Mcllwain, Rhonda 
McJunkins, Alice 
McJunkin, Ardelia 
McKay, Carl 
McKay, Hank 
McKay, Leslie Susan 
McKay, Melissa 
McKay, Sharry Denise 
McKee, Jean 
McKelroy, Patricia Rae 
McKenzie, Julie Fortner 
McKenzie, Katherine Lynne 



McKinley, Marteen Kay 
McKinney, Cynthia Dyneet 
McKinney, Ehtel Wright 

cKinney, Ida Mae 

cKinney, Marci 
McKinney, Patricia L. 
McKinney, Phillis Elaine 
McKnatt, Tina Marie^ *. 
McKnight, Vicki Annett 
McLain, Bridgette Lee 
McLarty, Tony Eugene 
McLaurin, Walter R. 
McLendon, Stephen Keith 
McMaster, Carla Michelle 
McMasters, Christopher G. 
McMillan, Fane 
McMillen, Mary Janie 
McMinn, David Scott 
McMinn, Judy G. 
McMinn, Lee 
McMinn, Linda Loui 
McMullen, Daniel 
McMullen, Jane Elizabeth 
McNail, Angela Renee 
McNairy, Kimberly Denise 
McNamee, Micheal Ray 
McNeely, Glenn 
McNeil, Michael Wayne 
McNeil, Willie E. 
McNeill, Robin Holbrook 
McPhail, Carole A. 
McPhail, James Allen 
McPhail, Jennifer A. 
Mea, Karen Lynn 
Mea, Robin Lincoln 
Medlin, Tonia Denise 
Meeks, Renee Thompson 
Meeks, Sharon Smith 
Meeks, Jr. Robert T. 
Melton, Hughey 
Menne, Anthony Bryan 

Merrell, Joe Chandler 
Merriman, Angela Gwen 
Merritt, Gilbert Ronnie 
Merritt, Harolyn H. 
Mertz, Stacy Jean 
Messer, Glen Allen 
Metts, Kerry Stephan 
Metts, Robbie Sandra L. 
Michael, A. Brown 
Mickens, Adam Clayton 
Mickens, Ophelia 
Micou, Ricky Keith 
Middleton, Judy A. Carr 
Middleton, Patricia Ann 
Middleton, Randy Wayne 
Middleton, Robie Rosetta 
Middleton, William Russell 
Mikes, Rhonda Kaye 
Milam, Debra Kaye 
Milam, George Edward 
Milam, Harriet 
Milam, Jane Kelsay 
Milam, Lelia E. 
Milam, Lula Ladora 
Milan, Guiendolyn 
Miles, Charles Ray 
Miles, Margaret Louise 
Millender, Charles D. 
Miller, Annettia 
Miller, Anthony H. 
Miller, Betty 
Miller, Charlotte R. 
Miller, Cheryl Lynn 
Miller, Ida O. 
Miller, Jacqueline Vivian 
Miller, Katherine D. 
Miller, Laura Hoffman 
Miller, Liley James 
Miller, Sarah Ann 
Miller, Scarlett J. j 

Miller, Scottie Keith 
Miller, Stacey Carol 

Miller, Terry Len 

Miller, Walter C. 

Miller, Warren Ellis 

Miller, William Stanley 

Milliken, Shelia Ann 

Mills, Billie M. 

Mills, Melanie Renee 

Mills, Melanie Suzette 

Mills, Ronnie Marvin 

Mills, Shirley D. 

Mills, Timothy Brian 

Mills, William Talmadge 

Millwood, Leann 

Mims, Tracy Treon 

Minga, Reba Lantrip 

Minor, Barry Joe 

Minor, Samuel Dubois Jr. 

Minor, Trudy Lynn 

Minyard, Nathan Christop 

Mister, Teresa Ann 

Mistilis, Joseph Angelo 

Mitchell, Avril Hershell 

Mitchell, Chrystal Dawn 

Mitchell, Dedric 

Mitchell, Delinda Kay 

Mitchell, Gary Oneal 

Mitchell, John Samuel 

Mitchell, Monica Cheryl 

Mitchell, Peggy Kimery 

Mitchell, Sally M. 
Mitchell, Sherry Jenning 
Mitchell, Thomas Lynn 
Mitchell, Victory Ann 
Mitchell, Wayne Byron 
Mitchusson, Carolyn L. 
Mixon, Patti Lynn 
Mize, Linda S. 
Moak, Andrew David 
Mobley, Rita Gale 
Mock, Penny Frances 
Modica, Terry 
Mohamad, Mofred 
Mohundro, Curtis Felten 
Monaco, Ronnie C. 
Montenegro, Galindo 
Montgomery, Kenneth Wayn 
Montgomery, Micheal 
Montgomery, Richard D. 
Montgomery, Robert L. 
Moody, Alfreda 
Moody, Carl Nelson 
Mooney, Brenda 
Mooney, Mary Katherine 
Moore, Alice Avent 
Moore, Annie Lynn 
Moore, Carol (Nance) 
Moore, Carolyn Jean 
Moore, Cheri Greer 
Moore, Debbie Lynn 
Moore, Elaine 
Moore, Frankie L. 
Moore, Glenda Marie 
Moore, Hazel Elaine 
Moore, James L. 
Moore, Janet Leigh 
Moore, Joe Calvin 
Moore, Kelly Lou 
Moore, Lionel Hampton 

Moore, M. Charisse 
Moore, Melanie N. 
Moore, Michael Keith 
Moore, Rhonda Kay 
Moore, Shelly Denise 
Moore, Teresa Lajean 
Moore, Vencent Glynn 
Moore, Waymon Elton 
Moore, Jr. Humphrey T. 
Morano, Jamie Cheryl 
Morehead, Bobby Malcolm 
Morehead, Carol Ann 
Morehead, Patricia 
Morgan, A. Louise Cssa 

Morgan, David Wayne 

Morgan, Debra 
Morgan, Dolly Sanford 
Morgan, Helen 
Morgan, Jeff L. 
Morgan, Jessie M. 
Morgan, Louis Gregg Jr. 
Morgan, Raymond Steve 
Morgan, Stephanie Renee 
Morgan, Tony Lynn 
Morgan, Vaitor Lee 
Morris, Charles Arnold 
Morris, Corlis Bertina 
Morris, Leonard 
Morris, Lisa O. 
Morris, Mericka A. 
Morris, Norris James 
Morris, Pamela Ann 
Morris, Sherron Jean 
Morris, Shirley 
Morris, Tami Lynn 
Morris, Tracy Glenn 
Morrow, Devonia Reed 
Morton, Valorie 
Morvan, Barbara 
Mosby, Teresa Renae 
Mosley, Baretta 
Mosley, Larry Lane 
Mosley, Peggy 
Moss, Barbara Lois 
Moss, Charles Edward 
Moss, Dan Edward 
Moss, David William 
Mote, Kimberly 
Motes, Tammy Lynn 
Mothershead, Valera A. 
Mouser, Gary C. 
Mull, Betty 
Mullen, Curtis H. 
Mullen, Robert Wayne 
Muller, Lawrence J. Ill 
Mullock, Jewel 
Murphey, Julian Ryan 
Murphree, Brenda Gail 
Murphree, Gregory Benett 
Murphree, Linda S. 
Murphy, Patsy Diane 
Murphy, Vackie David 
Murrah, Deanna 
Murray, Brenda Jean 
Murray, Christopher L. 
Musgrove, Maxine Edris 
Myers, Donna J. 
Myers, Norma J. 
Myles, Tommy Gleen 
Myrick, Betty Jo 
Myrick, Perry 


Nabor, Terry 
Nabors, Bettie Mae 
Nabors, Lisa Ann 
Nabors, Penny 
Nails, Debra Diane 
Nancy, L. Warren 
Napier, David Ray 
Naramore, Bylinda Harwell 
Naramore, Valerie Jean 
Nardozzi, Joseph Arthur 
Nash, Aretha 
Neal, B. Janet 
Neal, Pamela Kay 
Neal, Paula Ann 
Nease, James 
Nease, Kelly Jf 
Neeley, Clarence Richard 
Neeley, Susan V. 
Neergaard, Sarah Lynn 
Neilson, Mary Beth 
Nelson, Gregory A. 
Nelson, Johnny Albert 


Nelson, Paul Damon 
Nelson, Thomas Ray 
Nesbitt, Katherine D. 
Nevils, Angela Michele 
Newcomb, Rhonda Gale 
Newman, Robert Allen 
Newman, Teresa Lynn 
Newman, Valeria Leigh 
Newsom, Brenda B. 
Newsom, Lucretia Kaye 
Newsom, Ricky Bernard 
Newsom, Travis Glen 
Newson, Marsha A. 
Newson, Robert A. 
Newson, Samuel T. 
Newton, Glenda Gail 
Newton, Jere B. 
Newton, Kelvin Micheal 
Newton, William Davis 
Neyland, Lacy Darnell 
Niblett, Steve Louis 
Nichols, Barry Emmett 
Nichols, Bryan T. 
Nichols, Earl O. 
Nichols, Mary Angela 
Nichols, Phelan Dunn 
Nichols, Sheri Lynn 
Nickelberry, Wanda 
Nickle, Sally Catherine 
Nicks, Brenda A. 
Nickson, Marie Angenette 
Nickson, Tracy L. 
Nicoli, Richard 
Nix, Melinda B. 
Nix, Don 
Nix, Jay Scott 
Nix, Jean M. 
Nix, Melinda B. 
Nobles, Greg Allen 
Nobles, Linda Watson 
Nobles, Lori Ann 
Noblin, Jeff 

Nolen, Josephine Grayson 
Nolen, Ora Louise 
Nordam, Beth 
Norman, Frances Denise 
Norman, Milton Gale 
Norton, Betty Jean 
Norwood, Donna Jo 
Null, Lonna K. 
Nunnally, J. G. 
Nunnally, Diane 
Nunnally, Johnny Boyd 


O'Bryant, David 
O'QuJn, Charles Cecil 
Oaiya, Ehigiator I. 
Oassis, Martha 
OBryant, Lily Catherine 
Odom, Jamie Dee 
Odom, Lisa Michelle 
Ogg, Fred Travis 
Oglesby, Theresa S. 
Oglesby, Timothy Wayne 
OHalloran, Christopher F. 
Oigbokie, Clement A. 
Oigbokie, Peter O. 
Olawole, Cecilia M. 
Oliver, Billie Lee, Jr. 
Oliver, Bridget Barnett 
Oliver, Johnie Michelle 
Oliver, Pamle Elaine 
Oliver, Paula Kay 
Oliver, Sheiia Vernett 
Oliver, Steven Karl 
Oliver, Timothy 
Ondo, Susan Ann 
Orange, Annie Marie 
Orange, Barbara Gail 

Osborn, Betsy D. 
Osborn, Lisa Hutchins 
Osborne, Teresa Ann 
Osby, Evelyn Ann 
Osby, Mae Ella 
Ostrander, Christopher P. 
Overton, Hugh W. Jr. 
Owens, Ann Linda 
Owens, Callie Maie 
Owens, Curtis 
Owens, Diane L. 
Owens, Eller Weed 
Owens, Gregory L. 
Owens, Thomas Keith 

Paige, Patricia Ann 
Palazzolo, John Damian 
Palmer, Pat 
Palmertree, Jeff Glen 
Pannell, Sarah E. 
Parham, Cindy Burns 
Park, Bobby George Jr. 
Parker, Angela M. 
Parker, Bonnie Ellzey 
Parker, Craig L. 
Parker, Henry 
Parker, John Mallory 
Parker, Karen V. Iversen 
Parker, Larry Wayne 
Parker, Lisa Paige 
Parker, Michelle 
Parker, Rebecca J. 
Parker, Vickie 
Parker, Wanda 
Parks, Ralph Yager 
Parks, San HI 
Parks, Wilbur James 
Parris, Randall C. 
Parrish, Corinne 
Parrish, Letha 
Parrish, Terry Wayne 
Pass, Jeryl Lynn 
Pass, Karen Jeannell 
Pass, Sharon Jeanneen 
Pate, Robert Ray 
Paterson, lola McClurkin 
Patrick, Timpthy Shawn 
Patterson, Yancy Daniel 
Patton, Cynthia 
Patton, Michael Bernard 
Paul, Jennifer Lucille 
Pavone, Anna Julia 
Payne, James Keith 
Payne, Jannie I. 
Payne, Mark Adam 
Payne, Robert S. 
Peagues, Patricia 
Pearman, Daryl Jean 
Pearson, Brian Kieth 
Pearson, Paul William 
Pearson, Ray 
Pease, Stephanye 
Peel, Jack Michell 
Peeler, Laura Smith 
Peeler, Randy 
Peeler, Warren C. 
Peete, Howard Burton 
Pegram, Susan Ward 
Pegrim, William Andrew 
Pegues, Cajewel Anise 
Pegues, Darlynn 
Pegues, Freddrick 
Pegues, Fredrick 
Pegues, Gary L. 
Pegues, Sylvester Dobbie 
Penamon, Anna B. 
Penamon, Peggy Jean 
Pender, Brabara R. 
Pennington, Burla Jean 

Penson, Linda Ruth 
Perkins, Elizabeth 
Perkins, John Swayne 
Perkins, Lisa Mischel 
Perkins, Lori 

Perkins, Mamie T. Walton 
Perkins, Michael 
Perkins, Mike R. 
Perkins, Nancy 
Perkins, Sheiia Dianne 
Perry, Alecia F. 
Perry, Carol Ann 
Perry, Kenneth C. 
Perry, Terry Lewis 
Person, Debra L. 
Person, Nancy Carol 
Person, Patricia McCullar 
Peters, Joyce A. 
Peterson, Callie Hanlon 
Pettengill, Susan Nagle 
Petties, Jackie Denise 
Pettis, Larry Lee 
Pettis, Martha Jean 
Pettis, Mary Thompson 
Pettis, Nellie 
Pettit, Amy E. 
Pew, Dorris Ann 
Phelps, Amy Caroline 
Phelps, Bobby 
Phifer, Tammy Lynne 
Philley, Tresea A. 
Phillippari, Dolores E. 
Phillips, Brenda D. 
Phillips, Cheryl 
Phillips, Fran Ray 
Phillips, Gene B. 
Phillips, Gregory Gene 
Phillips, Janet L. 
Phillips, John Robert 
Phillips, Kathy 
Phillips, Kimberly Epting 
Phillips, Nellie M. 
Phillips, Theresa 
Phillips, Jr., Thomas Ley ton 
Phipps, Vernon Lee 
Pickens, Kelly 
Pickens, Michael Carl 
Pickering, Donnell Frankli 
Pickering, Mary E. 
Pickering, Rodney Lee 
Pickett, Dianne Marie 
Pickle, Walter A. 
Pickney, John L. 
Pickney, Michele C. 
Pierce, Alice F. 
Pierce, Guy Russell 
Pierce, Melissa Kay 
Pierce, Pamela Fay 
Pighee, Caron Christine 
Pilch, Franklin Dale Jr. 
Pilcher, Darin Wade 
Pilkinton, Laura Gail 
Pinner, Teresa Anne 
Piper, Cynthia Ann 
Pittman, Kenneth W. 
Pittman, Linda 
Pittman, Mark Kevin 
Pittman, Nancie Cecillia 
Pittman, Randa Lynn 
Pitts, Margaret Drummer 
Plunkelt, Tami Sue 
Plunkett, Gregory S. 
Poag, Frances 
Poe, Bennie Donald, Jr. 
Poirier, Tommy 
Pokes, Jerome 
Pollan, Rodney Curtis 
Pollard, Sharon Annette 
Polston, William Taylor 

Polston, Zina Grosser 
Poole, Benetha Carolyn 
Poole, Charles H. 
Poole, Joanna 


Dole, Paul E. 
Poole, Ray Jr. 
Poplar, Jacqueline Jane 
Porter, Diana Lynn 
Porter, Gussie 
Porter, Sherri Denise 
Portis, Alma R. 
Potts, Belinda Bryan 
Pounders, Amy Jo 
Pounds, Alan Jay 
Powell, Pat Wilson 
Powell, Patricia P. 
Powell, Ron Perrnnoski 
Powell, Sanford 
Powell, Woodrow Jean 
Powers, Carolyn 
Powers, Cornelia Chalmers 
Poynor, Sharon Jo 
Pratt, David Gary 
Pratt, George H. 
Presley, Deborah 
Presley, Irma Jean 
Prestage, Deana Katherine 
Preston, Robert H. 
Prewitt, H. Michael 
Prewitt, Martha Louise 
Price, Angie 
Price, Toni Renee 
Pride, Donald 
Pride, Larry Wayne 
Pride, L. C. Ill 
Pride, Willie Lee Lawson 
Prince, Charles Nicholas 
Prince, Karen 
Pritchard, Elizabeth 
Pritchard, Robert Winston 
Proge, Linda Ruth 
Provenza, Patricia Ellen 
Pruitt, Odis Mitchell 
Pruitt, Phyllis 
Pruitt, Timothy Roy 
Pruitt, Timothy Scott 
Pryor, Gwendolyn Woods 
Pryor, Shirley Faye 
Pryor, Teresa Wells 
Puddephatt, Scott 
Pulley, Deborah Ryan 
Pulliam, Claire 
Pulliam, Paul Alan 
Purdy, Melodye Lea 
Purnell, Melvin Lee 
Puryear, Calvin Lenard 
Putman, Rhonda Lannelle 
Pyron, Larry T. 


Qawasmi, Salah B. 
Quarles, Larry Williams 
Quinn, Anne 
Quinn, James Reece 
Quinn, Sandra Lynn 

- R - 

Raburn, Alicia Lorraine 
Rachels, Mirian 
Ragon, James E. Jr. 
Raiteri, Kurt Edward 
Rampy, Clifford C. Jr. 
Ramsey, Lillie B. 
Ramsey, Robyn Louise 
Ramsey, Shannon 
Ramsey, Sharon Janice 
Randolph, Todd Arnold 
Rankin, Ronny 
Rankins, Keith Marvell 
Ranklin, Marilyn 

Rasberry, John O. 
Rasberry, Randall E. 
Ray, Billy C. 
Ray, Chuck 
Ray, Dana Alanne 
Ray, Elizabeth 
Ray, Gary Alan 
Ray, Jame Brown 
Ray, Janet Sue 
Ray, Mary E. 
Ray, Phyllis Dickerson 
Ray, Robyn Leigh 
Ray, Sandra Maclin 
Ray, Sandra Michelle 
Rayborn, Casey Andrew 
Rayborn, Jacqueline A. 
Rayburn, Karen Suzanne 
Rayford, Donna T. 
Rayford, Ronald 
Read, Bobbie Marie 
Reaves, Katie F. 
Reaves, Van Vanesta 
Redd, Leann Maloney 
Redmond, John P. 
Redmond, Patricia Edwards 
Redwine, Luther Gene 
Reed, Abigail 
Reed, Christine Lavern 
Reed, Daphene D. 
Reed, Fannie Ann 
Reed, John Flynn 

Reed, Juelene Kelly 
Reed, Mildred 
Reed, Noel K. Jr. 
Reed, Randall Paul 
Reed, Willie Ray 
Reese, Dwanh Enita 
Reeves, Craig 
Reeves, Jeanne Carroll 
Reeves, Ricky Duane 
Reeves, Tammy Brite 
Regel, Teresa Ann 
Reichert, Kathy Anne 
Reid, Cherry Beth 
Reid, Stephen W. 
Reinking, Paul Arthur 
Reliford, Mechelle Denise 
Renfro, Onia Hathcock 
Reynolds, Carol Denise 
Reynolds, Marcel 
Reynolds, Vernell 
Rhea, Regina Abernathy 
Rhodes, James 
Rhodes, Teresa 
Riales, Richard Lynn 
Rice, Alvin 
Rice, Michael Lee 
Rich, Marshall Allen 
Richard, Joyce A. 
Richard, Keith 
Richardson, Jeffery B. 
Richardson, Page W. 
Richardson, Tommy Edward 
Richmond, Betty 
Richmond, Mary Jackson 
Richmond, Melanie R. 
Richmond, Patricia 
Rickman, Shirley P. 
Rider, Jim G. 
Ridgway, James Michael 
Riley, Brenda Sydow 
Riley, Curtsy Mae 
Riley, Lee Ferguson 
Riley, Mack A. 
Riley, Melissa 
Riley, Michael 
Riley, Rose Marie 
Riley, Sandra Ophelia 
Riley, Shirley McClellan 
Rinehart, Crystal 
Rines, William Franklin 
Rives, Mary Donna 
Roane, Sherri Lyn 


Robb, Mary Victoria 
Robbins, Mark Antony 
Roberson, Kenneth I. 
Roberson, Thomas A. 
Roberson, Venail 
Roberts, Belinda Rowland 
Roberts, Bob Gordon 
Roberts, Cary G. 
Roberts, Mary 
Roberts, Richard Aylor 
Roberts, Susan Richelle 
Robertson, Dorothy Jean 
Robertson, Jacqueline P. 
Robertson, Robert Daniel 
Robertson, Sandra Pricilla 
Robertson, Sheila Elayne 
Robinette, Linda Taylor 
Robinson, Angelo R. 
Robinson, Ann R. 
Robinson, Debbie Elaine 
Robinson, Dorothy 
Robinson, Ethel 
Robinson, Felix Edward 
Robinson, Forest Scott 
Robinson, Jeannette 
Robinson, Keith A. 
Robinson, Marilyn E. 
Robinson, Pamela Dawn 
Robison, Cindy Grace 
Robison, Treva Bailey 
Robrinzine, Ivetta M. 
Roby, Cedric Todd 
Rockhold, Debbie Davis 
Rodgers, Brenda Joyce 
Rodgers, Kelly Dean 
Rodgers, Sharon 
Rodgers, Timmy Louis 
Rogers, Andrew L. 
Rogers, Henrine B. 
Rogers, John Carlton 
Rogers, Raymond L. 
Rogers, Rose Lee 
Rogers, Sherdian 
Rogers, Steven M. 
Rogers, Tammy 
Roland, Wanda K. 
Romanack, Sean A. 
Rone, Alan Douglas 
Rooker, Lois Madewell 
Rooks, Gloria Jean 
Roop, Rebecca Jean 
Rose, Anna Kathryn 
Rose, Dale Edward 
Rose, Thomas Aaron 
Roseberry, Patricia Kersey 
Ross, Anne Dorris 
Ross, Marcus Anthony 
Ross, Margaret D. 

Ross, Melvin 
Ross, Michael A. 
Ross, Teresa Jean 
Ross, Teresa Norris 
Ross, Margaret F. 
Ross, William Jeffrey 
Rossell, Ronald Bernard 
Rounds, Carrie Mae 

ids, Rosa Lee 
Rounsaville, Leigh Ann 
Rowberry, Terri Lynn 
Rowe, William K. 
Rowell, Lisa 

Rowland, Benjamin Thomas 
Rowsey, Hozelda 
Rowsey, Kent Lynn 
Rowsey, Thomas Brent 
Roy, Kathy Ann 
Rozier, R. Keith 
Rucker, Loretta Faye 
Rudd, Bessie Lee 
Rudd, Jimmy 
Rudd, Wanda Carolyn 
Rummels, Ronnie Eugene 
Rush, John V. 

Rushing, Kate Durham 
Rushing, Norma Dye 
Russell, Cynthia Dawn 
Russell, David Alan 
Russell, Helen Renee 
Russell, Holly Delona 
Russell, Martha F. 
Russom, Betty Johnson 
Rutledge, James Clinton 


Sales, Erma Mershell 
Sallinger, Jackie S. 
Salter, Randy Laundelle 
Salvaggio, Kerri Lynn 
Samsel, Richard S. 
Sanders, Alonzo Lucius 
Sanders, Deosha D. 
Sanders, Donald 
Sanders, Fred Alvis Jr. 
Sanders, Herbert Windham 
Sanders, Kathy Corrothers 
Sanders, Larry Scott 
Sanders, Marilyn 
Sanders, Masharril 
Sanders, Odell E. 
Sanders, Robert 
Sanders, Theressa Jo 
Sanders, Thomas Harry 
Sanders, Winifred Anne 
Sanderson, Ricky S. 
Sandridge, Tony McGail 
Sanford, Nancy Mae 
Sansom, Gary Lynn 
Santina, Ahmad M. 
Sappington, Stanley Stev 
Sartain, Lawrence Edward 
Sartain, Steven Jay 
Sartin, Edward Renaid 
Satcher, Joyce Howard 
Satchfield, Karen F. 
Saucier, Dan H. Jr. 
Saulsberry, John Earl 
Savage, Carolyn M. 
Savage, Holly Howell 
Savage, Jeffrey Allen 
Savage, Rhonda Lee 
Sawyer, Danny Wayne 
Sawyer, John R. 
Sayle, Ike Whitten 
Sayle, Johnny Green 
Scales, Leopold 
Scallorn, Christopher S. 
Scallorn, Ursula Marie 
Scarborough, Gary Dale 
Scates, Smith Deborah K. 
Schaffer, William Mark 
Schenzel, Danny R. 
Schmitz, Barry Jones 
Schmitz, Linda Glick 
Schneider, Sandra Christel 
Schoggen, Paula Dawn 
Schultz, Carl Bryan 
Schultz, Marcia D. 
Schultz, Mark David 
Scott, Allison Michelle 
Scott, Anita Simone 
Scott, Annie Pearl 
Scott, Barbara J. 
Scott, Billy Ray 
Scott, Christopher Rod 
Scott, Daryl Joe 
Scott, Jeraldine 
Scott, Paul Randolph 
Scott, Susan Ann 
Scott, William Cliff 
Scott, William Deloyd 
Scruggs, Debbie Louise 
Scruggs, James H. 
Scruggs, Keith Wayne 

Scruggs, May Frances 

Silvers, Bridget Michele 

Smith, Patricia Ann 

Scruggs, Robert Curtis 

Simmerman, Bonnie Lynelle 

Smith, Patricia D. 

Scruggs, Steven Kenneth 

Simmons, Daniel Connell 

Smith, Paul David 

Seale, Robert Anderson 

Simmons, Fredrick Earl 

Smith, Phyllis Kay 

Sealy, Debra Boling 

Simmons, Kimberly Ann 

Smith, Preston Tyrone 

Seay, Norris Maurice 

Simmons, Linda Gail 

Smith, Ralph Levan 

Seay, Robert Marc 

Simmons, Michelle Marie 

Smith, Rebecca Ann 

See, Carla Jean 

Simmons, Robert Kelvin 

Smith, Robert E. 

Selby, Alice F. 

Simmons, Stacye Marie 

Smith, Robert Wayne 

Selby, Billy J. 

Simmons, Vance Allen 

Smith, Rosie Lee 

Selby, Jeri Alice 

Simonetti, Robert Bryan 

Smith, Russell Lee 

Selby, Pamela D. 

Simpson, Dawn Michelle 

Smith, Sharon A. 

Self, Michael Wayne 

Simpson, Dennis Alan 

Smith, Sonja K. 

Selley, Phyllis Ann 

Simpson, Sharon 

Smith, Teri Durley 

Serpas, Steve C. 

Simpson, Sheila H. 

Smith, Terry Glenn 

Sesson, Dena Kay 

Simpson, W. M. Brady 

Smith, Virginia 

Sewell, William E. 

Sims, James Richard 

Smith, Walter Lee 

Seymour, Patsy B. 

Sinquefield, Bruce Steven 

Smith, Willie C. 

Shackleford, Cammie Floyd 

Sisco, James E. 

Smithson, Shelia J. 

Shackleford, Harriet 

Sisk, Earnestine 

Smithson, William Keith 

Shackleford, Ken Lanier 

Sisk, Jane M. 

Sneed, Evelyn 

Shaheen, Robert W. 

Sisk, Joanna 

Sneed, Natalie Arlene 

Shankle, John Lee 

Sisk, Thomas Lee 

Snider, Frances E. 

Shanley, Betty K. 

Sistrunk, Will 

Snider, Peggy Simmons 

Shannon, Debbie Ann 

Siyers, Bradley Joe 

Snow, Glenda Dale 

Shannon, Eone Carver 

Skeen, Tracey Dawn 

Snow, Queen E. 

Shannon, Gregory S. 

Skelton, Melinda Jo 

Snyder, Richard Allen 

Shannon, Thomas Rex 

Skelton, Stephen Charles 

Sommer, Claudette 

Sharp, Daniel Bryan 

Skillern, Joyce T. 

Sommer, Richard Darryl 

Sharp, Dianna Kay 

Skinner, Ray Gregory 

Sorrells, Linda S. 

Sharp, Richard 

Sledge, Norfleet Ruffin 

Sowell, Anita V. 

Sharp, Richard H. Jr. 

Sloan, Carol 

Sowell, Bubba 

Sharp, Stacy Lee 

Smart, Garry Lloyd 

Sowell, Donna Eatwell 

Sharp, Tony Wayne 

Smith, Angela E. 

Sowell, Lynda Gayle 

Sharp, Vanessa Christine 

Smith, Anita Gayle 

Sowell, Marsha R. 

Shaw, Daniel R. 

Smith, Anna Claire 

Sowell, Tamera Carter 

Shaw, Delia Ann 

Smith, Annette V. 

Sowell, Teresa Ann 

Shaw, Elizabeth Leigh 

Smith, Benjamin Alan 

Spain, Glenda J. 

Shaw, Joseph Maurice 

Smith, Bettina Helene 

Sparkman, Mary Malinda 

Shaw, Karen 

Smith, Betty H. 

Sparks, Ronnie E. 

Shaw, Kelly D. 

Smith, Betty Joe 

Sparks, Taryn Marie 

Shaw, Kim A. 

Smith, Brian Keith 

Spears, Carla E. 

Shaw, Larry Charles 

Smith, Calrenease 

Spears, Carol Ann 

Shaw, Martha Jean 

Smith, Charles T. 

Spears, Christine D. 

Shaw, Phyllis 

Smith, Claudia L. 

Spears, Erick Jerome 

Shaw, Robert Alonzo 

Smith, Daniel Elliott 

Spears, Felecia 

Shaw, Robert Howard 

Smith, Danny Taylor 

Spears, Renee 

Shaw, Susan Michelle 

Smith, Denise 

Spears, Terrence Renee 

Shaw, Jr., Harry Russell 

Smith, Dianne 

Spencer, Ann Simmons 

Sheeks, Barbara Hendricks 

Smith, Donna Faye 

Spencer, Carol Ann 

Sheets, Rob M. 

Smith, Elana Hale 

Spencer, Connie Faye 

Shegog, Jeanette 

Smith, Glenda Gail 

Spencer, Cynthia Jeanette 

Shegog, Len Franklin 

Smith, Greg 

Spencer, Paula Lane 

Shegog, Ronald 

Smith, Gregory 

Spencer, Peggy 

Shegog, Sadie Lee 

Smith, Gretta H. 

Spell, Robert 

Sheild, Eddie Jr. 

Smith, Henry 

Spoon, Patricia Diane 

Shelton, Beatrice 

Smith, Jacqueline Deneen 

Spragins, John Richard 

Shelton, Hugh Lawrence 

Smith, Janet 

St. John, Susan Diane 

Shelton, Marian Oates 

Smith, Jerry Thomas Jr. 

Stafford, Jon 

Shelton, Teresa E. 

Smith, Jerry Wayne 

Stage, Gloria D. 

Shepard, Bud 

Smith, Joey Neil 

Standard, Kelly Wayne 

Sherard, Patricia Anne 

Smith, John Randall 

Standard, Lisa Jean 

Sherman, Deborah 

Smith, Johnny E. 

Standard, Randy Arnold 

Sherrod, Michael 

Smith, Jonathan 

Stanford, Bradly Clay 

Shervington, Bettie J. 

Smith, Judith Pulley 

Stanford, Denise Marie 

Shettles, Gary Kenneth 

Smith, Judy H. 

Stanford, Diane Kay 

Shettles, James Stanley 

Smith, Karen Renee 

Stanford, Marlin Coker Jr. 

Shields, Alexa Yvonne 

Smith, Kathryn B. 

Stanford, Sherry Kaye 

Shields, Mary Louise 

Smith, Kathryn Victoria 

Stanford, Shirley Lorance 

Shields, Norma Jane 

Smith, Ladina 

Stanford, William Michael 

Shifflett, Dorothy Raley 

Smith, Laura Ellen 

Stanley, Janice B. 

Shipley, Kathy Ann 

Smith, Leotis 

Stanton, Bobby Robertson 

Shipp, Patricia 

Smith, Lisa Renee 

Stanton, Sandy Jane 

Shipp, Karen Karstien 

Smith, Lisha Inman 

Stanton, Sheila Marie 

Shippie, Phil 

Smith, Marcel Renee 

Stanton, Stephen Wayne 

Shirey, Alice 

Smith, Mary Catherine 

Stark, Paulette Box 

Shirey, James Allen 

Smith, Michael Edward 

Starks, Angela Leigh 

Shiverick, Susan M. 

Smith, Mildred Odester 

Starks, Dyann 

Shivers, Theresa Lee 

Smith, Millard Charles 

Stavig, Evelyn Myrtle 

Short, Betty Jean 

Smith, Mona Tressa 

Steed, Jackie Bollinger 

Shorter, Jimmie Andrew 

Smith, Morris E. 

Steele, Esther J. 

Shows, Angie Brown 

Smith, Murray William 

Steiner, Christiane Henrie 

Sigler, Elizabeth June 

Smith, Nellie Dale 

Steinman, Gregory John 


Steinman, Marvin Lawrence 
Stephen, Douglas Lee 
Stessney, Margaret Anne 
Stevens, Stephanie F. 
Stevenson, Annie J. 
Stevenson, Karen Leigh 
Stevenson, Stephen M. 
Steward, Elite 
Steward-Miller, Eunice F. 
Stewart, Alton Glenn 
Stewart, Anita Deniece 
Stewart, Billy Gene 
Stewart, Carol Ann Ehney 
Stewart, Chris 
Stewart, Christopher M. 
Stewart, Diane T. 
Stewart, Gregory Allen 
Stewart, Joan 
Stewart, Maribeth 
Stewart, Paula Dee 
Stewart, Sally Lee/Pugh 
Stewart, Suzanne 
Stifolter, Richard Morri 
Still, James Winford 
Still, Trina Leann 
Still, Zora Oleane 
Stinson, Wayne 
Stitts, Jr., Leroy 
Stocks, Pamela Diane 
Stockton, Walter T. 
Stogner, Carl W. 
Stokes, Richard Steven 
Stokes, Sharon H. 
Stokes, Shirley Faye 
Stokes, Wanda Jean 
Stone, Ernest C. 
Stone, Karl Hoyt 
Stone, Shirley Faye 
Stone, Susan B. 
Storey, Diann Lauderbaug 
Storey, James Stacy (Jimmy) 
Story, Cathey 
Story, Regina Carol 
Stott, Charles J. 
Strange, Joe 
Strange, John Ronald 
Street, Dorothy 
Street, Gloria Lenell 
Street, Jerome Doss 
Street, Sheila Marie 
Strickland, James Homer 
Strickland, Jeanine 
Stringfellow, Katrinia Kay 
Strode, Robert Garrard 
Stroud, Sharon Leigh 
Stroupe, Annette Wilborn 
Sturdivant, Catherine 
Sturdivant, Connie 
Sturdivant, Robert C. 
Stutts, Patti 
Styers, Carolyn J. 
Suggs, Pamela D. (Ward) 
Sullivan, Angela Shelby 
Sullivan, Kevin Ray 
Sullivan, Mark Keith 
Sullivan, Sandra 
Sullivant, Debra Ann 
Sultan, Sandra Kay 
Summerford, Howard Russell 
Summers, Aline 
Summers, Flourine 
Surrette, Richard David 
Sutterfield, Anthie G. 
Sutton, Dedrick B. 
Sutton, Leigh Ann 
Sutton, Stephen Shea 
Swan, Glynda Dale 
Swan, Kenneth Wayne 
'Swanger, Brenda Ryan 

Swanson, Wendy J. 
Sweeney, Patricia Denton 
Swift, Christie G. 
Swift, Jobie King 

Swindle, Annie R. 
Swindle, Patricia Diane F. 
Swindle, Ricky Lane 
Swinney, Ronald M. 
Sykes, Delois Ann 
Sykes, Michael Shame 
Sykes, Sally F. 
Sylvester, Carolyn L. 
Sylvester, Jon M. 


Tabor, Theresa Jo 
Talley, Denice Jane 
Tallie, Earline 
Tallie, Ollie Mae 
Tamke, Elizabeth Jones 
Tankersley, Selena G. 
Tanksley, Beverly Ann 
Tanksley, Helen Marie 
Tanner, Bruce Wendell 
Taper, Defrance L. 
Tapley, Merita Mitchell 
Tapp, Lizanne Ruff in 
Taras, William M. 
Tarrant, Jr., Joe A. 
Tartt, Jimmie P. Jr. 
Tarver, Lory Ammons 
Tash, Don Floyd 
Tate, Alvin M. 
Tate, Cedric L. 
Tate, Clarence Vinson 
Tate, Danny C. 
Tate, Julius L. 
Tate, Lois 
Tate, Sherry Rena 
Tate, William S. 
Tate, Willie Ruth C. 
Tatum, David Graham 
Taylor, Becky Ann 
Taylor, Bennie C. 
Taylor, Betty Jean 
Taylor, Cathy 
Taylor, Darin Ray 
Taylor, David 
Taylor, Elizabeth Johnette 
Taylor, Felesia Renae 
Taylor, Joyce Rodgers 
Taylor, Kathryn K. 
Taylor, Marilyn Long 
Taylor, Martha Ann 
Taylor, Mary Ann 
Taylor, Patricia 
Taylor, Patricia L. 
Taylor, Rachel Twilley 
Taylor, Reginald E. 
Taylor, Roberta 
Taylor, Robin Vanessa 
Taylor, Rosa Jane 
Taylor, Ruth Dunn 
Taylor, Sharon Ann 
Taylor, Shirley Jean 
Taylor, Stephen Allen 
Taylor, Steve C. 
Taylor, Terry Allen 
Taylor, Tina Boling 
Taylor, Travis H. 
Taylor, Verna Clara 
Tedford, Richard Russell 
Tedford, Teresa A. 
Teel, Emily R. 
Teel, Lisa Faye 
Teleton, Dianne 
Tennyson, Jacquelin H 
Tennyson, Jason 
Terry, Allison Lee 
Terry, Barbara L. 
Terry, Columbus 
Terry, Dorothy 
Terry, Janice Marie 
Terry, Moses Ondra 

Terry, Rubysteen 
Tettleton, Nancy Jo 
Thach, Lena K. 
Thaggard, Frances P. 
Thibaut, Stephanie Ann 
Thomas, Ada 
Thomas, Angela C. 
Thomas, Angela Lynne 
Thomas, Annette 
Thomas, Barbie Humphrey 
Thomas, Beverly Maria 
homas, Charles Wylie 
Thomas, Cindy Salata 
Thomas, Crystal Tracy 
Thomas, Cynthia Rena 
Thomas, Donald Ray 
Thomas, Donnie Sue 
Thomas, Essell Jr. 
Thomas, Gerald Bernard 
Thomas, Jean 
Thomas, Kellye Renee 
Thomas, Lou Ann 
Thomas, Patricia Ann 
Thomas, Rose Ann 
Thomas, Sherrie Renee 
Thomas, Shirley Jean 
Thomas, Stacilyn Harrison 
Thomas, Terrence Lynn 
Thomas, Theria Jean 
Thomas, Tony Bryant 
Thompson, Alonzo 
Thompson, Angela 
Thompson, Betty Sue 
Thompson, Beverly Vance 
Thompson, Brenda 
Thompson, Catherine S. 
Thompson, Charles Edward 
Thompson, Cindy K. 
Thompson, Claude Steven 
Thompson, Donna Annette 
Thompson, Elmer Wayne 
Thompson, James Lewis 
Thompson, Martha Jean 
Thompson, Odessa 
Thompson, Sandra June 
Thompson, Sharon Ray 
Thompson, Sharon Rene 
Thompson, Todd Edward 
Thompson, Vickey Vernette 
Thornhill, Elaine Harcrow 
Thornton, Brenda Denise 
Thornton, Charles Dan 
Thornton, Cynthia R. 
Thornton, Dana C. 
Thornton, Louis Milton 
Threadgill, Ben E. 
Thweatt, Danny Lynn 
Thweatt, Deedie Michelle 
Tibbs, Dianne Harris 
Tidwell, Annie Sue 
Tillman, Sandy 
Tilson, Catherine M. 
Tilson, Kristin 
Tindall, Douglass 
Tinkle, James Robert 
Tippitt, John W. 
Toblert, Phil 
Todd, Annette Sawyer 
Todd, Fannie White 
Todd, Lorie Alice 
Todd, Sharon Jo 
Toler, Katherine Walne 
Toles, Samantha Liggins 
Tomlin, Dale 
Toole, Charles Clayton 
Toole, John Rupert 
Townes, Andrew R. 
Towns, Mark A. 
Townsend, Deborah Lynn 
Townsend, Dianta Yvonne 
Townsend, Georgia 
Townsend, James Edward 
Townsend, Lou Ann Leray 

Townsend, Prescilla Anit 
Trainum, Kenneth 
Traylor, James Lee 
Traywick, Rachel Marie 
Treadway, Adrian Scott 
Treadway, Tina Elizabeth 
Treadwell, Sheryl Lee 
Trentman, Sharon V. 
Tribble, Anita Rice 
Tribble, Jamie Ellen 
Triggs, Melony L. 
Tropp, Randall W. 
Trotter, Blythe Scott 
Troutt, Harry Lee 
Troxler, Sharon Ann 
Trundle, Lynda T. 
Tubbs, Susie 
Tucker, Deborah Giles 
Tucker, Donna Sherwood 
Tucker, Robert Alan 
Tucker, Valeria 
Tucker, Vivian Sowell 
Tuggle, Annette 
Tuggle, Denise 
Tuggle, Shelia Ann 
Tuggles, Casey Anthony 
Tunstall, Angela 
Tunstall, Barbara 
Tunstall, Calvin 
Tunstall, Darlean 
Tunstall, Emily 
Tunstall, Joe Ann 
Tunstall, Joe Ann 
Tunstall, Linda Faye 
Tunstall, Mia Lametrice 
Tunstill, Calvin 
Turman, Janet Ann 
Turman, John Thomas 
Turner, Amy Bruckner 
Turner, Christie Lee 
Turner, Curtis Wayne 
Turner, Edward James 
Turner, Julia Parham 
Turner, June Hillyer 
Turner, Margaret 
Turner, Michael Jerome 
Turner, Nellie Mae 
Turner, Pennie 
Turner, Randall K. 
Turner, Sandra Ann 
Turner, Stacy Jo 
Turner, Tony Lee 
Tyler, Diane 
Tyson, Laura Anne 


Umeh, Helen N. 
Underhill, Danny Joe 
Underwood, Ann Laura 
Ungurait, John Bentley 
Upshaw, Emanual Jr. 
Uptain, Kristie Jo 
Upton, Michael Lane 
Usher, Annie Marie 

- V- 

Van Cleave, Clifton W. 
Vance, Bobby Taylor 
Vance, Curtis Lynell 
Vandenburg, Robert 
Vanderburg, Susan Kathleen 
Vann, Darrell D. 
Vanzandt, Kimberly Diane 
Varner, Lisa Renee 
Vaughn, Edwin K. 
Vaughn, Sarah Gibbs 
Vaughn, Susie Mae 

Vawter, Robert Daniel, Jr. 
Veazey, Patrum Booth 
Vega, Frank T. 
Venney, Carmen Webber 
Verret, Lisa Michelle 
Vick, Calvin Conner 
Vick, David Thomas 
Vick, Dwight Harold 
Vick, Jamie Lou 
Vick, Philip Edmund 
Vickers, Thomas E. 
Vickery, Barbara F. 
Vincent, William O. 
Vinson, Donna Kay Burleson 

- w- 

Wadley, Josephine 
Wadley, Linda Marie 
Wadlington, Carolyn 
Wage, Micki Lea 
Wages, Francis Gail 
Wages, Patsy Gail 
Watt, Phyllis Kirk 
Waldo, Rhonda Sue 
Waldrip, Thomas Ken 
Waldrop, Peggy Nell 
Walker, Annette Garvin 
Walker, Darryl C. 
Walker, Doris H. 
Walker, Eric Keith 
Walker, George Silvernail 
Walker, Helen Jones 
Walker, Marilyn Leavell 
Walker, Mattie P. 
Walker, Patricia Gail 
Walker, Valerie Kay 
Walker, Victoria Diane B. 
Wallace, Geraldine 
Wallace, Juanita James 
Wallace, Louise 
Wallace, Mona Lisa 
Wallis, Connie Delaine 
Walls, Anita Gail 
Walls, Dianne 
Walls, Kathi D. 
Walls, Karen A. 
Walls, Lisa Kay 
Walters, Cindy 
Walters, David Russell 
Walters, Jerry Ray 
Walters, Rhonda 
Walton, Cynthia Rena 
Walton, George W. Jr. 
Walton, Jerita L. 
Walton, Kathryn Renae 
Walton, Patsy Ann 
Walton, Thomas Earl 
Ward, Larry Donell 
Ward, Linda Faye 
Ward, Steven Haward 
Ward, Teresa 
Ward, Vivineese Yvette 
Wardlow, Keith Rosemond 
Ware, La Sonya Andrea 
Ware, Lee Andrew 
Ware, Marilyn Kay 
Ware, Rosie L. 
Warlick, Anne F. 
Warlick, Frank Hall 
Warner, Melanie Kaye 
Warren, Brenda 
Warren, Douglas 
Warren, Harry Micheal 
Warren, Janet Samples 
Warren, Joyce Lanier 
Warren, Rickey 
Warrington, Michelle C. 
Washington, Carl Lee 
Washington, Jacquelyn M. D, 
Washington, Oliver Sylve 





Washington, Sherry M. 
Washington, Sherrye R. 
Washington, Sylvester 
Washington, William Earl 
Waterberry, Donna Christ 
Waters, Janie Carol 
Watkins, Bonnie 
Watson, Debbie Lajune 
Watson, Henry 
Watson, Marvin Lynn 
Watson, Robert Earl 
Watson, Shelbia 
Watson, Virginia Ruth 
Watson, William T. 
Watts, Babette Denise 
Waynie, Tim 
Weatherall, Robert P. 
Weathers, Robert 
Weathersby, Paul 
Weathersby, John M. 
Weatherspoon, Gary 
Weaver, Donna Hunt 
Weaver, Joyce 
Weaver, Linda Jean 
Weaver, Regina Frances 
Webb, Bernadine 
Webb, Catherine Yvonne 
Webb, Dianne 
Webb, Dwight Benard 
Webb, George 
Webb, Lucille 
Webb, Luther Scott 
Webb, Patricia Joyce 
Webb, Stanley 
Webb, Timothy Wayne 
Weeden, Clote 
Weekly, Robert Lee 
Weeks, Janice Baker 
Weeks, Johnna 
Weeks, Margie Lynn 
Weems, Timmy Guy 
Weich, Barnard Nichols 
Welch, Brandi 
Welch, Cary G. 
Welch, Kirk C. 
Welch, Linda Vernicee 
Welch, N. Michael 
Welch, Patsy 

Wellington, Debra LaJean 
Wellington, John Bouvier A. 
Wells, Danny A. 
Wells, Essie B. 
Wells, Lenora 
Wells, Nita Sue 
Wells, Peggy Jean 
Wells, Richard Allen 
Wells, Susan Mixon 
Wells, Teresa Jean 
Wells, Thomas Anthony 
Wentworth, Ezra A. 
Wesley, Theo 
West, Luella 
Westbrook, Anthony G. 
Westbrook, Gloria J. 
Westmoreland, Darlene 
Westmoreland, Francyne 
Westoby, Carrie Sullivan 
Weston, Augustene 
Weston, Joe B. 
Whalen, Cindy Parks 
Wheatley, Debbie Marie 
Wheeler, Jacqueline Dawn 
Wheeler, Michael B. 
Wheeler, Michael Gerard 
Wheeler, Patricia Ann 
Whisenant, Debra Smith 
White, Alice Faye 
White, Area C. 
White, Bonnie S. 
White, Bowius J. 
White, Deborah Warner 
White, George Wallace 
White, Guy Hyde 

White, Jacqueline Ann 
White, James Austin 
White, Janice Michelle 
White, Johnny Lee 
White, Kenneth Leon 
White, Kenny 
White, Leah Lucille 
White, Leon 
White, Leslie G. 
White, Linda Webb 
White, Louise Sarah 
White, Margaret 
White, Meta Jan 
White, Missy Mary 
White, Mitchell Keith 
White, Pamela Mathis 
White, Rodney Lynn 
White, Sharon I. 
White, Shellie Meressia 
White, Timothy Oneal 
White, Toney Lee 
White, Troy Oconnon 
White, Virginia J. 
White, Velma Ree 
White, William David 
Whitehead, Linda Russell 
Whitehead, Wanda Diane 
Whitehorn, Marie 
Whiteside, Mary 
Whitfield, Dorothy Jackson 
Whitfield, Janet 
Whiting, James Lee 
Whitlock, Robert Cary Jr. 
Whitman, Wyneth Faye 
Whitney, Jolipew 
Whitsell, Angela Dale 
Whitsell, Danny Wells 
Whitsell, Sherry Easley 
Whittaker, Patricia Jean 
Whitten, Ann M. 
Whitten, Malcolm Daniel 
Whittle, Claude Echols 
Whitwell, Elizabeth 
Whitworth, Teresa Faye 
Wiginton, John Franklin 
Wilbert, Sammie Lee 
Wilborn, Linda Sue 
Wilbourn, Alan Dale 
Wilder, Billie R. 
Wildmon, Terry Lee 
Wiley, Jeffery 
Wiley, Roaslind Michell 
Wiley, Shari Diane 
Wilkins, Barry Charles 
Wilkins, Michael Oharry 
Wilkinson, Claude Henry 
Wilkinson, Heather Noel 
Wilkinson, Sandra Carol 
Willey, Christi M. 
Willey, Clara Reese 
Williams, Andrea C. 
Williams, Annette 
Williams, Brenda G. 
Williams, Callia Mae 
Williams, Carla Renee 
Williams, Carolyn Deniece 
Williams, Charles Van 
Williams, Cynthia Denise 
Williams, Cynthia Lanae 
Williams, David Blain 
Williams, Debbie Simmons 
Williams, Debra Davis 
Williams, Diane 
Williams, Douglas M. 
Williams, Elizabeth Rice 
Williams, Emma Celisa 
Williams, Emma Renna 
Williams, Eunice Verlene 
Williams, Frank 
Williams, George Willie 
Williams, Glenda Bennett 
Williams, James Jr. 
Williams, John Roy 

Williams, Juanita O. 
Williams, Judy Claire 
Williams, Keith Arnold 
Williams, Kenneth Ott Jr. 
Williams, Linda D. 
Williams, Lue Wheatha 
Williams, Marilyn Elaine 
Williams, Marion Carol 
Williams, Mona Lisa 
Williams, Nell L. 
Williams, Nila Quails 
Williams, Pamela Kay 
Williams, Patrick N. 
Williams, Patsy Marie 
Williams, Rachel 
Williams, Ralph 
Williams, Rhonda Lea 
Williams, Richard Dale 
Williams, Richard K. 
Williams, Roberta Love 
Williams, Rosie L. 
Williams, Shielder A. 
Williams, Shirley 
Williams, Shirley Ann 
Williams, Shirley Jean 
Williams, Stanley Bernard 
Williams, Sybil Carolyn 
Williams, Wallace 
Williams, Walter L. 
Williams, Wanda Ann 
Williams, Wayne A. 
Williams, William Duaine 
Williamson, Calvin Levon 
Williamson, Doris Lone 
Williamson, Jane W. 
Williamson, Karen Michelle 
Williamson, Linda Sue 
Williamson, Marie C. 
Williamson, Nila Quails 
Williamson, Monnis 
Williamson, Teresa Gayle 
Williamson, Tracey 
Williford, Sharyn Wright 
Willingham, Dorothy Lee 
Willingham, Joe Wade 
Willingham, Rickey Clay 
Willis, Johnny Wayne 
Willis, Shirley Lane 
Willis, Sketa Joy 
Wilson, Ava Lynette 
Wilson, Bedeliah 
Wilson, Brenda Kaye 
Wilson, Cynthia S. 
Wilson, David Keith 
Wilson, Dinna Marie 
Wilson, Elisa Robbins 
Wilson, Jimmie Lewis 
Wilson, Joann 
Wilson, Judie Tucker 
Wilson, Kimberly E. 
Wilson, Lennon Lee Sr. 
Wilson, Michael L. 
Wilson, Michael Ray 
Wilson, Robert Keith 
Wilson, Ronald 
Wilson, Rosemary Taylor 
Wilson, Sandra Kay 
Wilson, Shirley B. 
Wilson, Shirley Page 
Wilson, Tracy Lynn 
Wilson, Vickie Delorse 
Wiltshire, Jennifer Conway 
Windham, Laura Peddle 
Windless, Katie Lee 
Wineberg, Stephen 
Winfrey, Jeannette Deloise 
Winston, Howard 
Winters, Fredrick Lee 
Wise, Elizabeth 
Wise, John Dorrough 
Wise, Susan Mae 
Womack, Ricky Lee 
Wood, Theresia Michelle 

Woodard, Darell Ward 
Woodard, Debra A. 
Woodard, Ernestine 
Woodard, Gail Trussell 
Woods, Anthony Blane 
Woods, Audrey 
Woods, Charles F. 
Woods, Doris 
Woods, Emund Ivan 
Woods, Gloria Sharron 
Woods, Kenneth M. 
Woods, Linda Fay 
Woods, Mitzi T. 
Woods, Selena 
Woods, Shelly M. 
Woods, Terry L. 
Woods, Vera Mae 
Woodson, James Calvin 
Woodson, Mattie M. 
Woody, Sheila K. 
Woody, Spencer H. 
Wooldridge, Sherry Ann 
Woolever, Damon Shawn 
Wooley, Connie Jean 
Wooley, Covie 
Wooley, Vera E. 
Woolfolk, Diana Dee 
Woolfolk, Donna 
Woolfolk, Everette 
Wooten, James Micheal 
Wooten, Nancy Leigh 
Wooten, Patricia D. 
Work, Jennifer Lynn 
Worsham, Judy 
Wortham, Herron 
Wortham, Jeffery R. 
Wray, Angelina Self 
Wren, John William 
Wrenn, Donald Stacey 
Wrenn, Sandra 
Wright, Betty Gay 
Wright, Bobbie 
Wright, Bobby Gene 
Wright, David Lee 
Wright, Debra Henderson 
Wright, Don Fredrick 
Wright, Donald 
Wright, Gwendolyn 
Wright, John Wallace Jr. 
Wright, Judy M. 
Wright, Kennedy Dewayne 
Wright, Kenneth 
Wright, Patsy C. 
Wright, Randy 
Wright, Rickey Lynn 
Wright, Sammie 
Wright, Sheryl Ann 
Wright, Stanley Davis Jr. 
Wright, Sylvia Y. 
Wright, Tim Patrick 
Wright, Troy 
Wylie, Robert Kelly 
Wynn, Darlisa Gail 
Wynn, HI, Thaddeus Kinmen 

— Y — 

Yancy, Jimmy T. 
Yarbrough, Austin Scott 
Yarbrough, Georgia Ann 
Yarbrough, John David 
Yarbrough, Mary Nelson 
Yarbrough, Robert L. 
Yates, Hazel Forbes 
Yates, Melody C. 
Yeager, Pennie Sue 
Yearwood, Sherri Sherrill 
Yerger, Michael Graeme 
York, David Michael 
York, Sharon Lynn 

Young, Alice Marie 
Young, Brenda Diane 
Young, Charol Renee 
Young, Cheryl Elise 
Young, Cliff Ryan 

Young, Denice 
Young, Eunetia F. 
Young, Frances Tanze 
Young, Ida Mae 
Young, Jacqueline 
Young, LawTence W. Jr. 
Young, Lorenzo 
Young, Lula Ann 
Young, Ronnie E. 
Young, Suzanne 
Young, Virgie L. 
Young, Wanda Suzanne 
Young, Winfred 
Youngblood, Peggy G. 
Yount, Karen Wade 

z - 

Zampella, Martha Teresa i 
Zellers, Tina Kay 
Zills, Lynda Manley 
Zinn, Ricky Recondrige 
Zinn, Willie Mae 
Zonboulcos, Anthony 



1 1